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  1. Are those XFL Original logos on page 1 traces, or actual huge graphics? Or are they vectors?
  2. OK - so it took me a while to dig into the website to find all of these, but I think I finally got 8 CLEAN AAF team logo .PNG graphics for the community. I honestly didn't see these posted on the site in a consistent size, so I offer them up here. (Note to CCSLC mods - I originally posted the https locations...I think the behind the scenes code auto-converted them to images.) in case anyone wanted to download them for yourself..... they seemed to be at https // shop . aaf . com / wp-content / uploads / 2019 / 01 / <teamname> .png (no spaces) & / 2018 / 09 / AAF-icon-2 . png
  3. OK - so tell me again why they didn't just make the yellow star thingy the letter "a" in both Hardees and Carl's Jr. and call it a day? Streamlined, efficient, no wasted space. P.S., on a totally different note: I can totally taste the difference the angus beef makes in their burgers. For me, best fast food burger in the business. Trumps (no pun intended) McD, BurgerK, Wendys, and everyone else by a LONGshot.
  4. Anybody got any idea if we got golf or golfers logos anywhere?
  5. My $0.02: Alabama Bears (Note: clandestine Bear Bryant reference) Atlanta Apocalypse Memphis Blues Orlando Lobsters (or) Hammerheads Phoenix Phoenix San Antonio Chillipeppers San Diego Scorchers Salt Lake Railroaders [for Utah]
  6. Hey moderators...didn't see this question anywhere, so I am asking here. I think I saw the "unofficial" tweet from Colorwerx that there might be some synergy between this fine site and his color scheme for graphics. So if we go visit a graphic on this site to look it up (say, from the Arizona Cardinals), how do we know if it is color optimized or not? Is there a tagline somewhere? Secondly, I was wondering if there was some effort to standardize the sizes of the graphics (like 1000 px width or height, for example). I thought all of his graphics were a standard size? Maybe I am way off base, or got my information wrong, or did I? I guess I am asking because it looks like the graphics on this site are widely varying is size. Thx in advance for the answer
  7. Yeah, that was a stupid mistake I made.....
  8. Gotta love the USFL Orlando Thunder - Lime Green, Dark Blue, Columbia Blue, White (the Yellow was only a supporting color, I believe).
  9. So far, for every uniform mockup we have seen, we have matching Helmet/Jersey/Pants. So with that, I will just add the number colors (or expected number colors) based on what we have seen in internet photos: 1. Red (royal blue shoulder) - Royal Blue numbers/White outline 2. Royal Blue (red shoulder) - Red numbers/White outline 3. White (dark blue shoulder) - [guess] Dark Blue or Black numbers/White Outline 4. Black (powder blue shoulder) - [guess] Powder Blue numbers/White outline 5. Grey (dark grey/black shoulder) - Red numbers/White outline 6. Light Green (dark green shoulder) - [guess] Dark Green numbers/White Since we know there are 8 teams, that leaves 2 more base colors. We could easily guess powder blue and dark green, but that's too easy, so I will guess orange w/purple, and yellow w/green. And also, we now know 3 cities: Orlando, Atlanta, Memphis, 2 of which were former USFL cities. So that leaves 5 more. Since we are going from Southeast to Northwest, and logically we need at least 1 Northeast city, I will put in my speculations: DC/Philly/Columbus OH, Austin TX, Omaha NE, Portland OR, Vegas/San Jose/Sacramento.
  10. "The A11FL had some pretty sweet logos...and the league never even took the field!" What's your point?
  11. Orlando Mice? Orlando SunShowers? Orlando Traffic?
  12. Does anyone have a *.SVG of this 100th season logo for the Packers? Or maybe at least a *.PNG bigger than 1000x1000 ??? Would like to add it to my collection and make some wallpapers out of it. Thanks!
  13. It's sarcasm...but no worse than what the new proposal was. Not by much, anyway.....
  14. I think the 49ers All-Blacks will be a big surprise to their fans (not to us, of course, who realize how bad they are gonna look). But my take is most of the casual fans in SF have no idea its coming. They are too worried about the field and the new black end zone paint scheme. Somebody line up the eye doctor visits now......