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  1. First of all note: not 100% sure this topic belongs here but not sure where else it should go. Mods - if this needs to move, please move it. Looks to me like we might be faced with connecting the dots, so to speak when it comes to Minor League baseball histories. Especially now that 2021 has shuffled the deck, a lot of older history might become unconnected if not preserved. So, opening this topic in the hopes we can connect the dots and help out Chris and contribute to the site in some meaningful way. So, up first, it looks like the Columbia Fireflies (2021+ and 2016-2020) used to be the Savannah Sand Gnats (1996-2015). What I didn't know (until recently) was that the Sand Gnats used to be the Savannah Cardinals (1984-1995). Based on the information I saw, here was the chain of custody, so to speak: Savannah Cardinals (1984-1995) -- St. Louis Cardinals affiliate Savannah Sand Gnats (1996-1997) -- Los Angeles Dodgers affiliate Savannah Sand Gnats (1998-2002) -- Texas Rangers affiliate Savannah Sand Gnats (2003-2004) -- Montreal Expos affiliate Savannah Sand Gnats (2005-2006) -- Washington Nationals affiliate Savannah Sand Gnats (2007-2015) -- New York Mets affiliate --> moved to Columbia Columbia Fireflies (2016-2020) -- New York Mets affiliate Columbia Fireflies (2021+) -- Kansas City Royals affiliate Can anyone on the Savannah area (or anywhere else for that matter) confirm the above information I came across is accurate? I live in Atlanta, and don't really have the means to verify this. Baseball Reference (.com) seems to have the connection between the Savannah Cardinals and Savannah Sand Gnats, but not necessarily the Fireflies.
  2. What's even more crazy.....I was doing some more looking around on the Bucs own website, and their media guide from 2015 used an even different version of Bucco Bruce in the Ring of Honor graphic. But at the size it was at, almost no one who is just glancing will notice it's any different. Kinda steamed me a bit as an original Bucs fan that I cannot find a "clean" version of the Bucco Bruce 1.0 and 2.0 helmet logos (from my links above) rendered as high-quality graphics (as opposed to terrible trace-overs). Reference: https://allvectorlogo.com/tampa-bay-buccaneers-ring-of-honor-logo/ Also not correct: https://poshmark.com/listing/Tampa-Bay-Buccaneers-Ring-of-Honor-Selmon-63-Tee-5eef2a74941f17b02e4cac62
  3. Anybody else on here "suddenly" become a new fan of an old team, or at least a team that existed but you didn't follow them because they had nothing to do with you? So for example. You move to a new city (for a job, perhaps?), and start learning about the teams in that area, and instantly become a fan of that team. Or, as in my case, your favorite MLB team gets their minor leagues turned upside down, and you find out who all the new teams are, and are just "wowed"? Well, that just happened to me. With Minor league baseball starting up again, and MiLB getting thrown into upheaval, I recently found out the Augusta GreenJackets were the newest Atlanta Braves affiliate. They have a killer logo, BTW. Can't wait to get me some gear. However, in the mean time, does anyone know of a link to a high-quality graphic (PNG or SVG) for their alternate A-wing logo that's at least 800 by 800 pixels?? I haven't been able to find any on the web. [MODERATOR: if this needs to go to the "Requests" forum, please move. Thanks.] BTW, side note - I have to say, I think from a branding standpoint, I really like what a lot of the minor league affiliates of the Braves had going for a while, with the Florida Fire Frogs (now extinct), Gwinnett Stripers, and now with the Augusta GreenJackets. I'm in the group who thinks all minors teams don't necessarily need to share the names of the parent clubs (in the case of the Braves, maybe they should go with Rome Centurions, and Mississippi Deltas, if I were to be consistent.....) Reference point:
  4. Nominee for post of the year. Excellent, all the way around! Also, Titans is a tough, though reasonable name to deal with, especially considering the New York Titans (see: NY Jets) previously existed. Tennessee Thunder wasn't probably going to work, because, well, the NFL generally does not like non-"S", non-plural nicknames. And I think Blitz was out because of the old Chicago Blitz of the USFL and potential copyright violations. Of those listed, Tennessee Rattlesnakes might have actually worked....(just my 2 cents....)
  5. Interestingly enough, with enough digging, you can find logos for a bunch of the minor league baseball teams that they used in the Latino Heritage games (is that the proper wording??). @ChrisCreamer - is there any thought to perhaps including them on the site here? And, @TruColor, do we know any of the color sets (I realize these may not have been released). ??? Anre they bringing these games back for 2021??? My apologies if this was discussed somewhere else....I didn't see it when I searched for a topic. Examples: vs And vs.
  6. Leipzig changed their logo (still the Kings). Stuttgart changed their name to the Surge with a much better lightning bolt logo. Frankfurt Galaxy logo is a little different from the original. Barcelona Dragons logo is not that good in my opinion. Too cartoonish. And I'm less a fan of the new Cologne Centurions logo. I liked the original better.
  7. I think the Forest Dragons and the Pike still need a little bit of refinement. * I think it's ok if the dragon has flames. Maybe the "forest" can be him breathing fire onto a tree growing footballs or something. * Soomething about the new pike looks "flat". Maybe it's the tan color, not sure. What if you had it catching a football (different from the Miami Dolphins' alternate, of course) in its mouth? Or maybe it's body is arched over a diagonal football instead of catching it (this hides the "back" fin, of course). Just my 2 cents, of course....
  8. What's chrome vs what's pewter on your concepts?
  9. Ok - so in my quest to track down a decent graphic of the Tampa Bay Bucs' Bucco Bruce, I may have (unwittingly) stumbled into a logo controversy. I see multiple versions of the helmet logo on the web (kinda how the Patriots have multiple versions of Patriot Pat). Or maybe I'm wrong here. I was only 2 where the Bucs debutted in 1976, so I wasn't sharp enough to catch the differences. Anybody care to weigh in on what's what? When was each one used?? Here's #1 (notice how the sword handle has grip areas and the earring is white) https://dyn1.heritagestatic.com/lf?set=path[1%2F1%2F2%2F5%2F5%2F11255697]&call=url[file%3Aproduct.chain] And here's #2 (notice how the sword handle is smooth and the earring is orange) https://gamedayconnexion.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/095855976556.png Help please....
  10. Are those XFL Original logos on page 1 traces, or actual huge graphics? Or are they vectors?
  11. OK - so it took me a while to dig into the website to find all of these, but I think I finally got 8 CLEAN AAF team logo .PNG graphics for the community. I honestly didn't see these posted on the site in a consistent size, so I offer them up here. (Note to CCSLC mods - I originally posted the https locations...I think the behind the scenes code auto-converted them to images.) in case anyone wanted to download them for yourself..... they seemed to be at https // shop . aaf . com / wp-content / uploads / 2019 / 01 / <teamname> .png (no spaces) & / 2018 / 09 / AAF-icon-2 . png
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