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  1. The home uniform looks like they were copying the Giants' look at the time. The road uni is really nice. Dated, but nice.
  2. Hmm. Too busy, But, as I'm looking at this, I'm curious how it would look if you drew a straight line across from underarm to underarm, leaving the panel above with stripes and the panel below black with the numbers. And remove the tiger head.
  3. For Nike, this isn't bad. My biggest gripe is the helmet shine...would look better in matte finish or maybe satin finish, IMHO
  4. Atlanta is a mess from top to bottom. Coaching staff issues aside, the logo is epic inconsistency: There's the first logo of gold crown and white bar, the alternate seen only on certain items with an "A" and then the helmet where the logo's all-gold without the white bar. It's like they can't decide which they want to run with.
  5. Bottom center. Wow...I was saying Atlanta's logo looked unfinished like it was missing something and find something very on a site's clipart. It just seems lazy.
  6. No...my wife was trying to buy a tshirt and the size options were messing up. A number of people complained about the site not working right and then it was taken down for repairs. I don't think one team's possible problem would cause all teams to cease and desist. There's not even a link to their shop today.
  7. I am underwhelmed with most of these, and I'm really behind the AAF. Orlando is really nice and while Memphis name is lazy, I do like the logo....although, the jet will be facing different directions on the helmet to keep the E looking like an E. Someone mamaged to get their hands on the San Antonio logo and it is the one I thought it would be with the sword. Atlanta's FB page is in full meltdown over purple being used...torches and pitchforks. I like it...I don't get the hate. The logo really, really bugs me...it looks unfinished like it had potential left behind on the drawing board. Birmingham loves the name but most with it was Ironmen, Ironhorses, Ironwhatever and I agree. Monochrome logo is boring. So many good names available and I just feel like most unveiled so far are blah.
  8. And no, I have no plans to do uniforms but if I do, I doubt I'll post them.
  9. With the naming of all the AAF cities but the delay in their identities being delayed, I developed my own ideas for the league. All 8 teams as follows:
  10. Atlanta Firebirds Birmingham Bruisers Memphis Pharaohs Orlando Dragons Phoenix Scorpions San Antonio Stallions San Diego Destroyers Salt Lake Tornadoes Concepts going to that board.
  11. The Tampa Bay Pirate Calculators.
  12. Wow. THAT comparison really sticks out. Top look says "Professional NFL Uniform". The bottom look is "Hey, we're an arena team no one's ever heard of!"
  13. One of my all-time favorites, regardless of which city they were in.
  14. Long-term survival, no. But I could see this going for several years if done correctly, and so far it's looking good for them, IMHO. It really is reminding me more of the USFL as these are serious football guys with lots of experience in the game, where the XFL not run by a "football guy" and the UFL was horribly bungled from the start. And then there was the A11FL which gave us cool logos for teams that never had anyone working for them...lol.