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  1. I hate them worse seeing them in action, too. They are incredibly BORING. They look cheap like a high school or even middle school should wear. God Awful. And the whole mono-thing blows. They have great potential with their color palette; UGA's new looks for 2020 run circles around this clown-car. As bad as the Rams are...and they've destroyed their uniforms...at least they tried to look slick but failed. I have no freaking idea what the Fal-can'ts had in mind when they went with this vomitous eyesore. Maybe they wanted the uniforms to looks as bad as they play this year.
  2. While I graduated elsewhere, I went to Mercer for my freshman college year. I love this logo and would buy merchandise with it.
  3. I literally LOLed. Seriously, it's a good start with some modifications. My only hesitations is, with the current political & social climate, is "Monuments" going from the frying pan and into the fire?
  4. The bottom of the "W" confuses me. In the circle logo, the bottom appears to come to 2 points, but on the "W" the outlines come to a flat bottom. Minor, but once I noticed it I can't un-see it. Other than that, solid design. Good work!
  5. I like it, particularly the helmet. I miss the silver, though...otherwise, great job!
  6. I miss the turquoise but very nicely executed.
  7. The Sharks and Vulcans were always my favorites and I did a Vulcan's logo modernization a few years ago but never tackled Jacksonville. This uniform is absolute beautiful! The addition of teal makes sense and the shark fin on the sleeve is brilliantly executed. By far one of my all-time favorites on this board. Bravo!
  8. One of my best friends who's lived in Nashville almost 40 years said he and a lot of people he knew were hoping for "Tornadoes", especially after the tornado of 98 that went through downtown Nashville. I think it would've been a good choice, too. But maybe "Moonshiners" should be on that list. LOL
  9. So they went with bold separations on the logo but on the numbers it's so subliminal it makes it pointlessly stupid.
  10. Half the hand-signal is "loser". Doesn't help.
  11. 3 years and THIS is what we got. WOW. Holy ****-fest disasters, Batman!
  12. "Forced errors" are not just in baseball anymore! The batch was a horrible idea, but the execution made it ten times worse. This whole thing is a forced train wreck. The royal blue unis are okay other than the number gradient. The "bone" uni is a complete bone-headed disaster, from a mis-matched stupid patch to Ram horns that while looking good on the royal blue, look like a giant "WTF is that?" mess. The yellow is almost completely faded out against the light background. Someone needs to make Nike cease-and-desist this bastardized terrorism on team unis. What a pile of total crap.
  13. Beat me to it by a minute. LOL
  14. Given the negative fan reaction to the logos, it wouldn't surprise.