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  1. Alot of questions about "What changed?" with the #Chargers bolt update. 1. Didn't want to change the essence of the bolt 2. More natural arc 3. Repair misaligned cutback 4. Balanced the width and horizontal location of the "cutbacks" for more symmetry 4. Remove arduous keyline ️ pic.twitter.com/ZQ53I9KJaZ — Dane Storrusten (@DaneStorrusten) March 26, 2020 If I'd known Dane was working with the Chargers, I'd have known they were in good hands. His work, particularly on the A11FL which never got out the gate, is truly fantastic.
  2. THIS. This, this, this, this, this.
  3. Ugh, I just noticed my typo of 385. You are our resident color expert, so thanks for clarifying. The weird thing is, when I tried to match in both Corel and Illustrator, I got the same results with the 285 being slightly off but 3005 matching perfectly.
  4. Very minor, but from what I can tell from their known blue of 2019, it looks like they went just the smallest shade lighter on blue.
  5. I quit the Chargers, too , when they moved and have been around this board since 2003...actually, before that when we all had to register again when the site was moved, IIRC. There are elements I like and others I don't. I am in the minority that I would have much preferred a return to the bright uniforms that caught my attention in 79...the powder blues have never been my favorite...I think the only powder blue jersey I have was a Merriman jersey I picked up at discount. I fell in love with the royal blue color rush jerseys but oh well. That said, if they had to go the direction of powder blues (which was very obvious it was coming), this is the best way to do it. Hopefully they fixed the bolts on the sleeves. Dean is a moron...actually, king clown of morons. I weep for players wasting their careers for him in futility.
  6. Well, this is certainly better that the original LA logo the Chargers threw out a few years back...at least it ties in.
  7. When I became a fan back in 1979, I thought the Chargers had the best uniforms anywhere, period. While I know a lot of people love the powder blue, I much prefer the days of the royal blue or even the set they're retiring. This just makes me say "meh". And for some reason the flattened logo makes me think "clipart" for some reason. Hmm...this is from the accompanying video. Is this going to be the helmet logo? LOL
  8. I don't hate this logo like the ram-head trainwreck...and would probably actually love it it the shadows and gradients were dropped. That said: I can't stop seeing a crescent moon in this logo. That, or is it trying to say L-A-C? It's distracting.
  9. Let's be honest: If someone on this board posted this in Concepts, this would be a good starting point. It's a hot mess, looking like a kid drew it, it was rendered by a first-day art student and then someone decided to save it by throwing shadows and gradients. Any poster on here would be told to keep working on it because it wasn't ready. Not by a long shot. The shading and gradients need to go. If they're desperate to keep them, the logo desperately needs tweeking so the style matches those modern elements. I thought the Dolphins logo re-brand was a disaster, but it looks golden next to this. i like the colors..that's my only positive out of this one.
  10. OMG...how did I wind up on MySpace?
  11. Granted, but that was still the first thought I had when seeing it. The same thing used to bug me in the 80s and 90s with the Bills and Giants jerseys.
  12. I'm sure I'm in the minority, but I kinda like it although I think black is best. But that logo needs to be bigger...can barely see it.
  13. INHO, the problem with the above new jersey is that at first glance, that could be a Cardinals throwback jersey. It needs the orange number outline as a differentiator. The Super Bowl unis were perfect.
  14. The bottom pic is so clean it's beautiful. Put the modern logo on it with a black facemask and take my money.
  15. Hmm...I didn't see this posted in the last 2 weeks so wanted to share the new Defenders and Dragons secondaries.