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  1. Someone who's written more books than you ever will. Just because you write a book doesn't make you worth listening to, much less worth reading. And this is coming from a guy who HAS written a book. So do tell and show us your book, author.
  2. Is there anything really wrong with this move? It frees up Crowder to do his thing, and Thomas is clearly on the downside of his career. What's the big deal? The NFL is a big business, and i'm sure Zach's a big boy. He'll deal. And if the Pats want to load up on concussion-prone linebackers on the wrong side of 30, then more power to 'em.
  3. There you are. And, who the is Terry Frei? Someone who gets paid to voice his opinions, unlike us here on this board. So yeah, that's who Terry Frei is.
  4. About freakin' time they toned down the garish paintjobs and obtrusive logos that have cluttered NBA floors for far too long.
  5. dammit, and I was just getting used to not having third jerseys pollute my eyesight. ah well. back to the subtle and reserved iconography that is the NHL third jersey.
  6. So they're to blame for my alma mater's "severed head Hey Reb" logo. Granted, it's better than the roided-out Rebel it replaced, but still....
  7. And now the NBA has ruled that any trade can't include Stackhouse because of the 30-day subterfuge. The deal looks deader by the minute.
  8. An organizational flush is just what the doctor ordered. Besides, did he really do all that well last year? Maybe he was part of the problem in the clubhouse... No one on a team as sorely awful as last year's Falcons should have ANY kind of job security, so no tears on Alge Crumpler getting cut.
  9. I like these ASG logos. I wish the hornets would incorporate more of that style in their identity (the fleur-de-bee is a nice starting point), but i fear it is because they're not long for the city anyway.
  10. When was Virginia #1? Wow, they've gone down the crapper a bit. Oh, and that template is terrible. I think that was when Shawn Moore was passing to Herman Moore for the Cavs. The early-90s Cavs were waaay underrated. I think their starting TE ruptured a spleen or something before the GT game, and with him, i'm sure they could have made up the 3 pt loss. Anyway, GT took the momentum and ran to the co-national championship that year.
  11. Call me crazy, but I like these better than the tomahawk-A ones. Simple. The tomahawk just cluttered it up.
  12. I always tear up when I see classic NFL Films footage of the creamsicle unis. What a distinctive, unique look. Probably the one uniform/logo I miss more than any other.
  13. No no no no!!!!! They had some beautiful retro throwback unis in use this past year, why couldn't they just go with those? That is one offensive stripe swoosh across the front of the jersey. :S
  14. Now the NBA is investigating because Stackhouse ran off at the mouth and revealed the plan in which the Mavs pick him up after the Nets cut him. That kind of pre-arrangement is a no-no, apparently.