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  1. this is a great series. Love the Thrashers, but only thing that sticks out in a bad way to me is the gold pentagon of the collar. I'd make it navy. KC, Oakland are my other favorites.
  2. B-mer

    Winnipeg Jets Concept

    I like it. I tried doing something similar with the jerseys to get the Aviator blue to be more prominent while also changing up the look a tad. The collar change on the alt makes a big difference, and it's always been the part that just stuck out as odd to me. The gold maple leaf is an interesting idea and i like the connection to the Blue Bombers. I maybe am just used to the red now so i don't see the need to change it but this works.
  3. I really like the Kraken update. Colors work so well and gives them a little more of a unique identity
  4. Thankfully the white cuffs didn’t stand out too much with the gloves, and it looked like a bunch of guys had them rolled up a little when I don’t think they often do that. At any rate, they definitely looked great. I think they’re wearing them two more times, would love more. Also would like them to wear the socks with their homes a few times.
  5. really liking the Avs burgundy equipment.
  6. I was actually looking at the original and newest one side by side and liked the original better. Some of those extra details just stand out. Plus finally matching the gold on the logo and jersey does it wonders. The RR jersey is nice, but the white throws it off for me. But going back to that look would be an upgrade.
  7. I started this a while ago, before the Reverse Retro was a glimmer in our eyes, and just put it on the back-burner. I got inspired to go back to it with the RR and some talk about the Panthers uniforms. This is very simple tossing back to the classic look, but with some elements from the current uniforms. I put the same updated panther on the alternate, but then switched to the classic logo and numbers to change it up, although maybe it could use the one with the stick.
  8. Coming in a knew it would be a Barons uniform, but wasn't expecting that. Well done.
  9. The Bruins have had a lot of uniforms in their near 100 year history. For whatever reason they don't like to throw back to some of the better options. I'm going through and making some of the ones I'd love to see. First up is a more direct callback to the uniforms of the 40s they based their current alternate on. I wanted to stick with modern arrangement of the logo on the front and not directly use the numbers on the front and B on the arms. It's too much for me. This looks cleaner. I first put the same B logo on the helmet, but wanted to see another option so i pulled the bear off of their original logo. reference image:
  10. I love the Flyers RR. They should switch back to this design, whether new color arrangement or classic.
  11. Those are nice. Really like them. I think it'd look better with the rounded yoke than square but otherwise good. Side note, when did teams start having helmet brands in different colors? I thought those were almost always white or black?
  12. The homes I can accept, but these roads are not working for me. I think to make it work it would require some more changes to the uniforms outside of just the numbers. I think Chris (maybe someone else?) posted some variations a little while back that looked better even though they were a bigger departure from the burgundy. I saw a recent concept too that got me thinking that reversing things a little could work. Picture a blue jersey with burgundy mountain stripes and burgundy pants/gloves/helmet. I was somewhat surprised how much I liked that.
  13. I like them as is, BUT if they did this they could have separated themselves a little more from the same basic design arrangement as Toronto - two stripes on arms and socks, one on hem. I think it would look better if you saw them side by side and had to choose.
  14. I had to watch parts of both Avs games to try and get used to it. There are minor things I don’t like, the white cuffs on the gloves mainly. Anxious to see how the road set looks. Hope they did at least change the black numbers to blue but feel like they won’t until the next season or two.
  15. The blue was definitely strange to watch, but the one thing that stuck out to me was how dark it made the silver look, and i'm not sure why aside from probably just lighting. When trying to look at the set objectively the silver stands out to me now in a weird way that i want it to be lighter or white.
  16. The actual uniform updates. I just expected we'd eventually see some full uniform shots as we get with new uniforms.
  17. That's what i'm wondering for the Lake Tahoe BOS/PHI game. Orange vs Gold doesn't seem like it'd work out well.
  18. so is there any official release expected for the Avs or are we just waiting to see in the game tonight?
  19. That Xtreme set is actually a good example of how they could do the colors for the Avs without black. Very interesting.
  20. I mean, nothing wrong with recycling. Lol. Update is good though. The main logo looks cleaner.
  21. Still think the roads will be the worst. The homes work better.
  22. EA spilling the beans? from this video:
  23. Not really anything new but a picture of McKinnon in most of his blue gear https://www.instagram.com/p/CJKLuqpFBEs/?igshid=mdstmeylr1t4