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  1. i like it, but i feel like you should swap the logos, and perhaps change up the C a little to make it more stylized to work as a primary logo. It's kind of boring that the hawks just keep using their regular logo, regardless of the recolorings. Plus i think it would bring the point of this concept, as the Chicago (city) reference, to the forefront.
  2. Here's one that's not much of a concept, but my probable unpopular opinion is this is my favorite Coyotes look. Couple of small changes are adding the shoulder patch to both shoulders (using their newest version of it), made the red cuffs on the road a little slimmer compared to the proportions of the originals, added a hanger effect with the kachina pattern (my first hanger effect). The kachina jersey can still be the alternate. I know it’s not a major thing but thoughts on the shoulder patches? was there ever a reason they only did one before (or had it move from right to left with the edge rollout)? The only benefit I can see to keeping one is it is a unique feature no one uses often. Think Nashville is the only one currently.
  3. i didn't want to bring it up but since someone else already did, i find it funny that he has red skin... in Washington....
  4. still think this was the way these should have gone if silver wasn't going to be as prominent... props to whoever made it.
  5. Just saw something on twitter the other day where one of the main reporters, forget who, seemingly out of nowhere asked Jacob Chycrun his thoughts on the Kachina jersey and he said the players love them and want to wear them more. So maybe something brewing.
  6. B-mer

    Winnipeg Jets

    Any opinions on number options or anything else?
  7. B-mer

    Winnipeg Jets

    just another view of the home...
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    Winnipeg Jets

    @vtgco I can understand that. I think in a real scenario the lighting would help differentiate the blues. I want to keep the striping consistent between the arms and hem, and also don't want to get too many stripes if i were to add. I did try a couple changes with just the numbers... first is making outlines silver to get a little more of that on the uniform. second is making the numbers on the road set aviator blue.
  9. B-mer

    Winnipeg Jets

    I've been mulling over the Jets for a bit. I feel it's time for them to do something with their uniforms. As I searched for ideas I noticed that most Jets concepts have navy/red/white as the primary color scheme, maybe silver too. I didnt come across many that kept the aviator blue, so I wanted to try and come up with something that kept that, perhaps brought it to the forefront. This is my starting point. It's not a far jump from their current set, in fact i see it as almost a blending of their home/away and alt jersey. But, this would be them making aviator blue their main color much like how Nashville turned their identity into the gold team.
  10. I somewhat agree. Love them, Reminds me of my high school’s old unis a little, but not sure If it’s a fit as a full time jersey for them. Also I kind of like how you had the sleeves in your prediction version of this with the stripe at the cuff.
  11. My favorite for the Avs is the Pride set. Really nice. Ducks is a good call back to their rebrand, though I kind of like how they’ve moved to include more orange. on the Pride jersey I feel the gold stripe is completely lost in the orange. I know you’re emulating the original striping pattern but I don’t feel it works. I think you’d need to swap the gold and white stripes, and make the orange between them black.
  12. yeah i saw that. I meant something more like this ram, modern and badass. I can see something like an update to the Sabres 'goat head' logo coming from what you did here.
  13. i think you should make a buffalo logo similar to that style, good for Sabres or Bills.
  14. Love those edited ones. Thanks.
  15. nice job. I'd like to see the first orange one with the black and white reversed for the stripes and yoke. That would make it more Flyers-y with their old sock pattern and the color balance more like their real uniforms.
  16. I dunno. I’m not feeling the Jets. I feel a round yoke on the road would look better, and I kind of want to see the modern jet on the small logo on the pants for the home and road. The Honor is great.
  17. i think i like it more without the key line. Maybe put it on a white or yellow background for the contrast.
  18. Came out amazing. Awesome job.
  19. Looks good. No real complaints or feedback. Well done.
  20. oh nice. I saw this on twitter and didnt realize it was you. I love this so far. It's a great ram logo. I want to use it for a fantasy hockey team!
  21. Finally! Been waiting for you to post the next one. Overall these are great. The Wild are a team for me where you can just have endless concepts and options for them. They have a great color scheme and logos. Home and Road: Not huge changes but nice. While i do like their current striping, adding that extra arm stripe works well for them. I also think the main logo on the green jersey is not an issue so this looks a lot cleaner than their current home. Only potential change could be to make the green stripes in between the wheat stripes red. Not necessary though. Pride: very interesting, great color combo. Something is not completely fitting for me though. I almost feel like the red in the logo is throwing the rest off. And maybe adding a yellow stroke to the numbers could help? Honor: Perfect. I made this myself for my EA game, but i used a winter classic collar with no laces. Seemed to fit the feel of the jersey. EDIT: One thing i noticed, if you are shooting for accuracy, is the pant stripes they had were actually red, gold/wheat, red. Unless it was a conscious decision to reverse it, then nevermind.
  22. I don’t mind it on the side as much as when it’s on the back. Small thing but drives me crazy.
  23. I’m not sold on the home and road, but they’re not bad. Loving the other two though. That D logo is so good it’s a shame they don’t use it more.
  24. What’s tough is it’s really similar to Ottawa. But it looks good.