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  1. Not bad, but I 'd bet most people aren't even going to notice that they changed
  2. Been wondering this myself. If the ACC & SEC keep their plans to play fall ball, are the winners (let's say Clemson and Alabama) supposed to sit idle until June waiting for the other conferences to finish their seasons so they can then begin the playoffs?
  3. I guess the pandemic has really slowed things down. I feel like this thread would normally be up to 60 pages by now.
  4. Those gray pants make this set SO MUCH BETTER! I hated the new uniforms, but throw those gray pants in there and suddenly I really like this look.
  5. The sleeves look like an ad for a radio station. LA’s Hottest Country, 99 KLAR, The Beach.
  6. Could it be a Richter scale pattern to simulate the tremor that the fans will trigger when their team takes the field? Or something dumb like that?
  7. The gradient jerseys will make the fat guys look like they have an actual spare tire around their waist. It’s genius!
  8. What happened to the blue & white color scheme they were supposedly changing to?
  9. Like how Army annually dominates the NCAA?
  10. Is it just me or does it look like there are 2 sets of black pants? The guy in the middle looks like there's red & white stripes, but the other two in black pants look like just a red stripe.
  11. The only thing that looks good is the throwback. I'm scared that gradient jerseys will become the next fad and we'll start seeing them everywhere.
  12. So what was all that talk about the numbers being huge and Oregon-like, and there being a lime green color and the NY logo? 137 pages of nothing.
  13. This is a good looking uniform for North Texas, Eastern Michigan, or Ohio University but it just doesn’t say New York Jets to me despite, ironically, spelling out New York and Jets. I don’t hate it. It’s one of the better Nike redesigns but I still think it’s a downgrade. The best scenario to me would have been to just make all the greens match on the old uniform and maybe lighten them a bit.
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