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  1. So what was all that talk about the numbers being huge and Oregon-like, and there being a lime green color and the NY logo? 137 pages of nothing.
  2. This is a good looking uniform for North Texas, Eastern Michigan, or Ohio University but it just doesn’t say New York Jets to me despite, ironically, spelling out New York and Jets. I don’t hate it. It’s one of the better Nike redesigns but I still think it’s a downgrade. The best scenario to me would have been to just make all the greens match on the old uniform and maybe lighten them a bit.
  3. That explains why I like them. I generally haven’t liked anything that Nike has done in the NFL. The Vikings being the lone exception.
  4. Were the Bills not a Nike redesign? I think they’re way better than all of those.
  5. Except for the fact it had been used before, therefore NOT original to the Pilots. Unique (at the time), yes. Original, no.
  6. The Seattle Pilots were not the first to use blue & yellow. Here's your 1937 Boston Braves And also worn by the Phillies for one year. 1938: Also, you listed the 2002 Houston Texans, but wasn't Buffalo still primarily Navy & Red at that time?
  7. It kinda looks like the football covers the bottom part of the E and T in JETS. So with that, let me be the first to introduce the 2019 New York JFTS !
  8. I'm probably in the minority here but the "We All We Need" and "We All We Got" in the collars really bugs me. I would think that a university, a school, that teaches things like proper English would insist on something better than that,
  9. I realize these new uniforms are using red and not orange, but my eyes keep telling me they look like the Mets.
  10. Miami's jerseys look like they're made of corduroy.
  11. What's up with them going without a helmet stripe?
  12. I just don't see anything here that could be called an improvement.
  13. Arkansas’ Cowboys unis looks great. The only thing I think would look better would be if they had used a red logo on the helmet instead of a white one.