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  1. So what was all that talk about the numbers being huge and Oregon-like, and there being a lime green color and the NY logo? 137 pages of nothing.
  2. This is a good looking uniform for North Texas, Eastern Michigan, or Ohio University but it just doesn’t say New York Jets to me despite, ironically, spelling out New York and Jets. I don’t hate it. It’s one of the better Nike redesigns but I still think it’s a downgrade. The best scenario to me would have been to just make all the greens match on the old uniform and maybe lighten them a bit.
  3. That explains why I like them. I generally haven’t liked anything that Nike has done in the NFL. The Vikings being the lone exception.
  4. Were the Bills not a Nike redesign? I think they’re way better than all of those.
  5. Except for the fact it had been used before, therefore NOT original to the Pilots. Unique (at the time), yes. Original, no.
  6. The Seattle Pilots were not the first to use blue & yellow. Here's your 1937 Boston Braves And also worn by the Phillies for one year. 1938: Also, you listed the 2002 Houston Texans, but wasn't Buffalo still primarily Navy & Red at that time?
  7. It kinda looks like the football covers the bottom part of the E and T in JETS. So with that, let me be the first to introduce the 2019 New York JFTS !
  8. I'm probably in the minority here but the "We All We Need" and "We All We Got" in the collars really bugs me. I would think that a university, a school, that teaches things like proper English would insist on something better than that,
  9. I realize these new uniforms are using red and not orange, but my eyes keep telling me they look like the Mets.
  10. Miami's jerseys look like they're made of corduroy.
  11. What's up with them going without a helmet stripe?
  12. I just don't see anything here that could be called an improvement.
  13. Arkansas’ Cowboys unis looks great. The only thing I think would look better would be if they had used a red logo on the helmet instead of a white one.
  14. Without reading 120+ pages, I'm sure lots of folks agree with what I'm about to say. The new helmet looks really out of place. They should have stuck with the gold horns until they could do a full uniform refresh. The entire uniform is a mismatched mess now.
  15. Those Oregon unis look like gray sweatshirts with iron on numbers.
  16. If I'm White Sox management, it's '76 throwback day every time Sale pitches for the rest of the season.
  17. The thing I don't like about it is that it isn't obvious that there is an N and a D under the bird's head. The bird covers the white space in both letters and the green under the feathers goes outside the boundaries of the N. Plus the way this is designed, it almost has to go on a white helmet.
  18. As a fan of the Ravens since 1996, I never once made the connection to Nazis, goth rockers, or bikers. I'm not sure how anyone could even come up with something like that. I will say that the original uniforms were terrible and are much better now.
  19. I think you're right.
  20. What I'm having trouble with is understanding why, if Paterno knew about what Sandusky was doing as far back as the 1970's, why did he keep him on the coaching staff for 20+ more years? Is it possible he just didn't believe the accusations or was he so focused on football that nothing else mattered. I'm really having a hard time understanding this.
  21. NFC East - Giants NFC North - Packers (put the Bears in any other division and they'd easily make the list) NFC South - Saints NFC West - 49ers AFC East - Bills AFC North - Ravens (would have said Steelers if they still used the block numbers) AFC South - Colts AFC West - Raiders
  22. Truthfully, I'm not crazy about 5-7 bowl games either. I'm old school like you and feel like we should probably have about 10-12 bowl games like there used to be. Actually, on one hand I don't mind the idea of more exhibition games (more football!), but I wish there was more distinction between what is essentially a "real" bowl game. With the way the new playoff model is unfolding, I'm hoping that those six bowl (and maybe 8 or 10 if the bracket expands) come to be viewed as sort of the benchmark for a successful year. My ideal system would be an 8-team playoff and 10 bowl games. That means that the top 28 teams are left standing at the end of the year, giving great quality football to all of the bowl games.I think adding more teams into the playoffs would extend the season too much What if they played the first round this weekend? It would give us some meaningful games to watch instead of bowl games featuring teams with 5-7 records. Everybody outside of Army & Navy will have had 2 weeks of rest, and it would leave enough time to rest up for the next round. The scheduling for the next rounds wouldn't have to change and wouldn't extend any deeper into January than it already does.