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  1. New York Islanders are named after the state and the island.
  2. “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Roman philosopher Seneca. Justin Haley's win is the personification of the quote.
  3. New York-Penn League's Tri-City ValleyCats, based in Troy NY, need to get in on this food fights! They have Cambridge NY and Saratoga NY within an hour of the ballpark, where Pie Ala Mode, the Club Sandwich, and potato chips/Saratoga chips were created/invented!
  4. FIFA isn't MLS or USL. They mandate it be played out
  5. Rob Stone made himself look like the total "Participation trophies are good for the esteem of the players" parent when he suggested the US could have throttled it back. I am so glad NONE of the former players on the telecast agreed with him, all of whom basically told him to STFU!!
  6. Classic "Nothing to see here," right? LOL
  7. For the record: I'm not a Blues fan. I love hockey, love the Cup Quest more. This is just such Bill Nye Word manure!
  8. "It's not reviewable." "We're going to have to wait until the GM meetings for this to become reviewable." They made the "Steve Avery" rule the day AFTER his shenanigans. Waiting for the NHL to do something by the next game, like Bruins-'Canes.
  9. Finished in under 3 hours 10 minutes. Received many Tweets from drivers. This is the frontrunner for best.
  10. Too many "Grandpa telling stories too long" moments, and jumping over Gordon when he has specific information. This, like I said before, is mostly on Fox and their "brilliant" tv team.
  11. Two years, by his own admission. The last two years DW has been like that grandfather who tells stories and you just want to scream, "Give us the Reader's Digest version!" And because of that, Fox is why DW regressed into grandpa mode.
  12. I don't get fantasy sports. To me, it's just Dungeons & Dragons for the gambling fans.
  13. Gotham green looks suspiciously like the color the Saskatchewan Rough Riders use.
  14. I played on a club team my senior year in high school, against two suburban teams. They acted like THOSE people