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  1. Finished in under 3 hours 10 minutes. Received many Tweets from drivers. This is the frontrunner for best.
  2. Too many "Grandpa telling stories too long" moments, and jumping over Gordon when he has specific information. This, like I said before, is mostly on Fox and their "brilliant" tv team.
  3. Two years, by his own admission. The last two years DW has been like that grandfather who tells stories and you just want to scream, "Give us the Reader's Digest version!" And because of that, Fox is why DW regressed into grandpa mode.
  4. I don't get fantasy sports. To me, it's just Dungeons & Dragons for the gambling fans.
  5. Gotham green looks suspiciously like the color the Saskatchewan Rough Riders use.
  6. I played on a club team my senior year in high school, against two suburban teams. They acted like THOSE people
  7. To us Haudenosaunee, it's more than "just a game."
  8. Several iterations of the Albany Patroons gave the NBA coaches, whether former coaches or players in New York's Capital: Phil Jackson Bill Musselman George Karl Scott Brooks Sidney Lowe Rick Carlisle Terry Stotts
  9. You forgot about the number 1 export from Kentucky: Bourbon. Bourbons Spirit(s) Coopers
  10. Rams defense was going elbow's high to the head frequently. Those should have been called as well.
  11. I voted for Zephyrs. I do hope they use the original Wings' colors of red-orange, royal blue, and yellow. Loved how they worked.
  12. I have an official, never worn, Hitmen jersey. The things you find when your mom worked for Champion during the initial run!
  13. 1981 ACHL Schenectady Chiefs vs Salem Raiders. The venue was an "indoor open space," a rink was hastily constructed (but the ice was good). Only one side had seats. No sound system. Game was played between a semi-pro team (Raiders) and team of former and current DII-III college kids (Chiefs). The game was close, but what made it terrible were the actions of the Birds, screaming at the refs and getting penalties because of it.
  14. When #DadJoke becomes a sports team name! I love it!!!!
  15. For those not liking Atlantic as the team's location moniker, the Adirondack Red Wings, Ice Hawks, Frostbite, Phantoms, Thunder would like a word, as would the Empire State Cobras and Capital District Islanders. It was going to be Atlantic or Maritimes.