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  1. I remember there being talk about having a 4 Ball league, only 4 players per team. That might work, in places like Nashville, Columbus, Albany, Anaheim.
  2. Ryan has been an outspoken opponent, so to speak, of plate racing and how it causes cars to leave the surface. There's a video of a compilation of him leaving the ground. He has a degree from Purdue in Mechanic Engineering and has been critical of those engineers NASCAR has hired to fix the problem. Pack racing looks cool and all, but it's not safe! Thank God for the safety features implemented by NASCAR - the Newman Bar addition to the cockpit roll cage (Yes, his suggestion), the HANS device, SAFER barriers, better seats, including LaJoie seats, designed by Corie's dad Randy.
  3. Except the three games May 15-17, 2007 they played at Ballpark at Disney's Wide World of Sports in Orlando
  4. Your 2017 World Series Champions: Houston Astericks!
  5. This has to be the worst officiated playoff day EVER! Missed offensive pass interference in Minn-NO game, then a lame LAME excuse put out by the NFL, typical CYA Missed unnecessary roughness call in Sea-Philly game, the one that sent Wentz out. Also, Danny Kanell can eat rocks!
  6. Tri-City ValleyCats of the NYPL were not on the list, which leads me to think that they'll be one of the replacement spots for Binghamton and Erie. Troy is across the river from Albany, the Albany-Schenectady-Troy metropolitan area has 1 million+ people (Goes from Hudson to Glens Falls/Lake George to Amsterdam to Pittsfield MA). The Mets could move their EL team to Brooklyn.
  7. The city council and mayor of Schenectady NY coming to an impasse over the construction of a multipurpose arena, one that would have housed the Tri-City Comets of the American Basketball Association, circa 1974. The facility would have more than likely housed World Hockey Association and later American Hockey League teams, Major Indoor Soccer League, and indoor lacrosse teams as well. In 1977, "upset" residents of Schenectady at a meeting with proposed Eastern League team owners and city officials voicing their concerns that a baseball stadium would bring a teenage drinking element to the park and too close to their quiet neighborhood. Despite the over 30 teenagers and myself, speaking for my father at 13, telling these people that NOT having the park why there were gatherings of teenagers, the city officials delayed construction of the park. The owners moved their White Sox affiliate an hour north to Glens Falls.
  8. New York Islanders are named after the state and the island.
  9. “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Roman philosopher Seneca. Justin Haley's win is the personification of the quote.
  10. New York-Penn League's Tri-City ValleyCats, based in Troy NY, need to get in on this food fights! They have Cambridge NY and Saratoga NY within an hour of the ballpark, where Pie Ala Mode, the Club Sandwich, and potato chips/Saratoga chips were created/invented!
  11. FIFA isn't MLS or USL. They mandate it be played out
  12. Rob Stone made himself look like the total "Participation trophies are good for the esteem of the players" parent when he suggested the US could have throttled it back. I am so glad NONE of the former players on the telecast agreed with him, all of whom basically told him to STFU!!