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  1. I was wearing an A's hat in an Olga's near my house and a lady came up to me with a huge smile on her face explaining that she was a big A's fan and that she was from either Oakland or San Francisco, can't remember which. I politely nodded and agreed to being a fan all while enjoying the 2006 ALCS in my head all over again.
  2. whoever designed those uniforms must be really into 70's style furniture because that's the only way i can see them being able to justify using that disgusting color.
  3. I like this logo a lot, I just wish U of D had more than just basketball to even get remotely excited about lol.
  4. i'm not sure why but i'm really digging that alternate.
  5. That's what she said!-Michael Scott i'm gonna go ahead and point out the 2 things wrong with that. obviously, that joke was totally forced. oh and yeah, i'm not sure if you're aware that the saying "that's what she said" wasn't originated by The Office.
  6. michigan isn't in phil steele's top 50. big whoop, he didn't make a pornstars top 50.
  7. lol lucky to win 4 games? i'm not sure what you're smokin' sodboy but please, do share.
  8. we are talking about the same jersey right? white with red stripes on the front and "detroit" written across the center, so it's not really much of a logo.
  9. well i didn't really mean an exact carbon copy of that old wings jersey in reebok edge form, play around in paint and come up with something that's your own. your more recent concepts have shown some promise so just trust your own creativity. oh and the black jersey...i am stereotypically not feelin' it.
  10. jake, i personally think your best bet on a red wings alternate would be to go in the direction of the throwback they wore in 91-92 season. i love that jersey and really can't see anything else working for my wings.
  11. i'm sorry but that double winged logo looks like science got a hold of it if you know what i mean.
  12. best: NBA - Cleveland Cavaliers MLB - Boston Red Sox NFL - Minnesota Vikings NHL - decided not to be a homer and pick the Phoenix Coyotes worse: NBA - Houston Rockets MLB - Colorado Rockies NFL - Buffalo Bills NHL - Anaheim Ducks i picked the best because i thought they were the best and i picked the worst because i thought they were the worst lol.
  13. lol 10 years? you can't be serious. i know they really need a change but i don't think they've needed one for 10 years lol.
  14. yeah i really can't believe the rams aren't on this list and that the bucs old helmet is that frickin' high. i think the saints deserved to be on this list yet the philadelphia stars got a spot instead. oh well.
  15. that louisville chill logo looks like it came off of a flavor-ice package.