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  1. I’m certain I didn’t imagine all those national championships I won at ODU on ‘14...
  2. So, uh...
  3. That’s because this was the first time the higher seed won. Ohio State’s the only playoff team to win a national championship wearing a colored jersey.
  4. Can't run down a link, but FSU is removing the NOB for Mike Martin, Jr.'s first year.
  5. FSU rolling with garnet/white/garnet at Louisville.
  6. Nah, what they need is primarily white numbers.
  7. If they have, it'd be new this year. That's what it looked like last season, too.
  8. Liverpool's third isn't significantly different from the home keeper kit (at least in terms of color.) And they've already gotten one Liverpool leak wrong. Not saying this one is, but I'll wait til I see it on sale first.
  9. Carolina brought back the one hat of theirs (navy) that I actually like.
  10. Duke finally debuting the blue Disruption uniforms from last season