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  1. Clean up the number font but I really really like it!
  2. Colts-awful. I really like their uniforms as they are. I think they're simple and classic Titans-I really liked them. One of the better concepts that I've seen on here Texans-Loved the pants, hated the jersey
  3. Definitely too dark for Purdue.
  4. The Padres REALLY need to get back to the brown. They're current set is just so generic. They're is a movement here in SD to get the brown back, lets hope it goes well!
  5. I think you did a nice job with what you're allowed to work with. I love the name, hate the logo/colors. Why do they think another red or blue team is a good idea? Since you have that specific logo and color set to work with, I really like what you've done.
  6. I know you worked hard and I'd hate to be a jerk....but....well I hope to god that none of these actually show up on the field! I did like the eyes on the Panthers uniforms a lot. The bucs was hideous. The Steelers, terrible numbers. The Vikings...they need a complete redesign anyways, this concept is too similar to what they have...which is bad. I'm a Bears fan, its too busy if you add the Bear head to it, and the GSH shouldn't be touched unless its removed.
  7. The year is at the bottom of one of the side panels, I feel like that should be on the top or at least emphasized more.
  8. Its appropriate that NFC West is in a small font since its such a sorry excuse for a division.
  9. I really like that Magic concept!
  10. The Wizards nickname is pretty bad, and I'm definitely not a fan of any of those new concepts!
  11. Boo, I wanted to see the Lions throwbacks....I love em!
  12. Its not a bad logo. I dont know if Gotti would like them, but I heard Michael Jackson is a fan of the Miners.
  13. (27, Kansas City, does not have a Major League Team, but the Royals are supposedly a member of Major League Baseball, so I guess KC does have a team) haha nice