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  1. Finally somebody. Kings need help in a few different areas, and defense is one of them, but they're definitely headed in the right direction. A good veteran like him is a nice thing to pick up. Handzus at 32, Ivanans at 30, and Sean O'Donnell at 37--who has kind of lost it over the last couple years--are the only guys they have over 30. Scuderi will have to take on a big leadership role. Lots of potential I think with this young team.
  2. Maybe not too simple, or small, but it worked for the alliteration. Tell me what you think.
  3. Miller and Fox are STILL calling games, or they get the duo back together for that event? It's still them. They're awesome.
  4. This really has nothing to do with anything but has anyone noticed that the Lightning logo on the shoulder of the Norfolk Admirals in NHL 09 is the old one? Just throwing that out there.
  5. No but I was gonna ask about this when I saw that logo as the small Panthers logo on the top of I saw it during the highlights of their game on NHL on the Fly on the Network also so I guess that makes sense now.
  6. no At least you're kind about it . I like it everything looks great.
  7. This is pretty cool. I hadn't heard anything about this until today, and it kinda caught me by surprise. But now that is appears this is gonna happen, it feels like everything just worked out. If Torre wasn't available, Grady I assume would have stayed. They just said the Dodgers apparently parted ways with Grady who was already sort of skepticle about next season. I feel like it'll be a great fit.
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    NHL Signatures

    Chicago and Buffalo next.
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    NHL Signatures

    Philly and New York next.
  10. kingssss

    NHL Signatures

    Senators one I may need to fix up a bit.