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  1. Dear Rays, Please annihilate the Astros tomorrow. Sincerely- Every Texas (non-Astro) fan who is sick of these blowhards.
  2. Forget the superstition stuff, but I wish the Cowboys would lay off all the weird uniform combinations. Most fans I know prefer the traditional whites.
  3. Never said they were the baddest anything, just makes sense for me region.
  4. There really is a group known as the Texas Rangers...I don't get the issue. Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Plano or Grand Prairie Rangers sounds ridiculous.
  5. Right. Cause if it's not California...who cares.
  6. Knew this before the playoffs even started, but thanks.
  7. Why do we have to embrace this? He was a major jackass for years, womanizer, sh#t husband and smug individual.
  8. Great point. A friend invited us to the Broncos-Browns game in December at Mile High, and we went as a neutral fans. Great experience, but it was my first up-close time with Browns fans... and what a pack of d#cks they are. Starting fights in the concourse, the stupid dog barking, the low-class yelling at the vendors and getting a kick out of being a bad visiting fan base. I used to pity those pricks because I didn't know any better. Now I know and I hope Baker and Odell's egos clash and send them back to the basement. They deserve it. #woof
  9. Well it seems the board’s resident Debbie Downer has found his new temporary fixation. I don’t think the AAF is the greatest thing ever, but I do appreciate someone taking a risk to establish a developmental league for people that enjoy football. I’ve enjoyed the games, and I don’t think I’m alone.
  10. Totally disagree on kickoffs. I think they play an important role when it comes to field position. Plus it looks funny without them.
  11. Really surprised so many people want this league to fail. Every other major sport has some form of minor league system, but this is a “joke” or a bad idea? I don’t get it. For those who have had their fill of football...don’t watch it. Sure the AAF didn’t dot every ‘I’ and cross every ‘T’ when it came to a game plan, but It looks a hell of a lot more thought out than 99% percent of the other start up attempts. I bought tickets for the April 6th game in San Antonio and thinking positively there will be a game to go to.