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  1. Knew this before the playoffs even started, but thanks.
  2. Why do we have to embrace this? He was a major jackass for years, womanizer, sh#t husband and smug individual.
  3. Great point. A friend invited us to the Broncos-Browns game in December at Mile High, and we went as a neutral fans. Great experience, but it was my first up-close time with Browns fans... and what a pack of d#cks they are. Starting fights in the concourse, the stupid dog barking, the low-class yelling at the vendors and getting a kick out of being a bad visiting fan base. I used to pity those pricks because I didn't know any better. Now I know and I hope Baker and Odell's egos clash and send them back to the basement. They deserve it. #woof
  4. Well it seems the board’s resident Debbie Downer has found his new temporary fixation. I don’t think the AAF is the greatest thing ever, but I do appreciate someone taking a risk to establish a developmental league for people that enjoy football. I’ve enjoyed the games, and I don’t think I’m alone.
  5. Totally disagree on kickoffs. I think they play an important role when it comes to field position. Plus it looks funny without them.
  6. Really surprised so many people want this league to fail. Every other major sport has some form of minor league system, but this is a “joke” or a bad idea? I don’t get it. For those who have had their fill of football...don’t watch it. Sure the AAF didn’t dot every ‘I’ and cross every ‘T’ when it came to a game plan, but It looks a hell of a lot more thought out than 99% percent of the other start up attempts. I bought tickets for the April 6th game in San Antonio and thinking positively there will be a game to go to.
  7. I like it, so far, but it feels strange without kickoffs. I think the field position should at least have a chance to be improved (or worsened) by the returner’s decision. Plus you never know when someone is going to bust one.
  8. Daryl Reaugh just called Nashville’s uniforms “Radioactive cat urine yellow.”
  9. Sorry, but many here had no clue what was going on. No pretending at all. We were told we might get a soccer team..people got excited...then many realized we might be, again "stealing" someone else's team, which is never a good feeling. I'll reiterate what I said before, a lot of these behind-the-scences dealings, the Precourt group etc,. have nothing to do with the people of Austin.
  10. I’m not a huge soccer fan, to be fair, but I fail to see how this makes Austin a villain. Precourt and his ilk, apparently the city council and others made this arrangement, largely leaving the Austin populace out of everything. There were many rallies on both sides, and it became a regular story on the nightly news. No one was ever trying to “steal” Columbus, except maybe the Precourt group and I’m glad the situation worked out the way it did. Trust me the MLS will do well here. People who reject the “big-cityness” of Dallas and Houston, and aren’t drawn to the big 4 will line up to see something international and cultural. Surprised to hear Houston is lagging in attendance. I went to a match a few years ago and it seemed packed to me.
  11. Sister lives north of Philly and I visit quite a bit. My brother in law is an Eagle-hating Steeler fan who turned me on to WIP. It's happening.
  12. Love these Philly blowhards that bailed on their team mid season talking smack out of nowhere. Geaux Saints.
  13. That didn't define the game, (and I agree with your assessment of the call)... look at the stats. The Chargers got shafted way more than Philly
  14. I think Baker Mayfield is a sociopath.
  15. Can't wait to hear the excuses in Houston tomorrow. * SPOILER* It's never their fault.