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  2. I’m assuming MLB takes over the entire Globe Life, Texas Live district and makes it part of the bubble. So, yes I understand about bars and restaurants, but if it’s under baseball’s control I don’t see the problem.
  3. Inside is nice. And the area around it has tons of restaurants, bars, hotels etc. I think it will work well.
  4. World Series in Arlington TX? Is this really happening? Weird, but I’m okay with it.
  5. Dallas drew well in the XFL.
  6. A national radio station just made a reference to the stadium being referred to as the "krackhouse," and the die-hards as "krackheads." Made me laugh.
  7. Why would Dallas move? I thought they did well in attendance, and the game I went to felt like a sellout.
  8. I think the helmet is fine. The dumb rubberized/gradient numbers and the whole "bone" approach is where it really goes off the rails.
  9. Eduardo Perez sounds just like Kraft to me.
  10. Why is Robert Kraft calling KBO games?
  11. Ceedee Lamb to wear #10 for Dallas, even though Jerry offered him 88.
  12. So Tampa rescued their look, and Atlanta ruined theirs. One dropped a hideous font, the other released an equally horrible one....chrome/silver mask, faux trendy matte-satin look, gradients....and what the hell a couple of corndogs.
  13. Sorry, not a Bucs fan. Had no idea...thanks for the update.
  14. Nothing on the team website, hope it's true.
  15. Any idea when these new uniforms (by team) will be released?
  16. Entertaining game.
  17. The Renegades font reminds me of Back to the Future.
  18. Dallas crowd was great. Really loud and in to it.
  19. The Dallas game looks promising. According to the Ticketmaster seating chart, it looks like it’s around eighty percent filled.
  20. Headed to the Dallas-Houston game Sunday. Thinking the crowd should be decent for an interstate rivalry in the making. Plus both teams appear to be above average talent wise, so we’ll see.
  21. I like the Renegades road set a lot better than the home version. Numbers are a little hard to read, but that’s a minor complaint.
  22. Hey, they gave Steve Largent a flaming toilet plunger.
  23. Dallas has a great helmet, but needs to rework the color balance. I think swapping the jersey color and yokes would go a long way.