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  1. I wish they'd done plain white numbers on the home, with no gold outline. Still, it's a big upgrade over their previous look with that awful custom font. I do agree with others here that the white pants need to be burned before they make it onto the field, and the white jersey sucks because of the piping.
  2. Those Bartkowski uniforms, with the gray numbers, are absolutely the best ones the Falcons have ever worn. Beautiful. And FWIW that Falcons/Cowboys playoff game was technically January of 1981.
  3. Good grief! When will this juvenile superhero trend ever end?
  4. Yeah, the pants striping really should be bolts. The only other nitpick is that I'm not crazy about that font, especially the strange looking 4s. Still overall a really, really nice job. Much better than what they currently wear.
  5. pflava

    Detriot Lions

    Excellent concept! I do agree that I'd like to see the white and silver striping reversed on the blue jersey, because the silver does get lost.
  6. I thought this was a pretty common football template... Football uniforms past & present ...a little surprised it generated discussion. Thanks for the C&C, though.
  7. I wanted to see what the Titans would look like with a more traditional football look. So... -no Jetsons number font -no flames -no cartoon swords And though it's hard to tell, the helmet stripes would no longer be tapered in the back.
  8. I don't understand why, if heat is the issue, several of the teams wearing white jerseys decided to pair them with dark pants. The Ravens, Texans, Jaguars, Eagles and Chargers all opted for dark pants in outdoor September day games when they could have instead worn white/white.
  9. Sorry to bump my own thread, but I added a version with red numbers to match the wordmark. I think this one looks better...
  10. The back... And a blue alternate...
  11. The Rangers current uniforms bug the crap out of me, because they have the potential to be great but end up missing the mark entirely. For one thing, the multiple wordmark outlines on the jersey are a mess and all that red and white around the blue ends up looking kind of purple to me. And the red dropshadow on the white T cap logo looks bush league. I do love the font they use, though, so I kept that. Most of you probably read the rumor about the possible Rangers changes on UniWatch - more red, "Texas" on the home and road, a red alternate. I went with that in coming up with this idea. Gone are the dropshadows and multiple outlines. I went with the red jersey wordmark because red looks better outlined in blue than blue does in red (and I like the way it pops out against all the blue trim). I also like the red-billed cap - it pulls the 3 colors together and is a nod to the Rangers past. And I know we'd never see stirrups, but the striping on these is meant to balance out the red in the uniform. The red alternate is there just because they mentioned a red jersey. It's nothing special. And so.....
  12. wow, from that angle they look like WNBA jerseys He's right - they really do. Congratulations, Timberwolves!
  13. Hey, no need to sugarcoat it. Ugh, that was harsher than I intended. What I meant to communicate was that if the designer had put in more of his own work to clean up these old elements, the concept would be much better. This feels more like a cut-and-paste exercise rather than an original concept, and as such it's limited by the poor quality of the elements that are pasted in. I strongly believe that the concept would be much improved by just a little bit more original work on the part of the designer. You can't just take a bunch of 50-year-old obsolete jersey scripts, slap them onto a template, and expect to produce anything other than a crappy concept. For the most part, even teams that looked good in 1961 have at least slightly updated their logos and scripts since then. Even the best logos and scripts need periodic updating to "translate" their aesthetic qualities for the public's ever-evolving aesthetic tastes. Bottom line: I would love to see this designer take a crack at finding and fixing the problems with the old Twins scripts, and then building uniforms around his improved scripts. That could be a great concept. Actually, I'd love to be able to do a more professional looking, Illustrator quality concept, but I'm handcuffed by the limitations of Paint (hence the minor inconsistencies). All I can really do is copy and paste. And no, I am no designer - that's why I said it's not so much a concept as just the idea of them going back to their original look. I probably should have titled the thread "Minnesota Twins Idea" instead. My bad. That being said, I disagree about the script being obsolete - I LOVE that old script and tail and always have. And I think it looks better in blue than it ever did in red. And as far as updating/tweaking aesthetic qualities for the "evolving" taste of the public, lets just agree to disagree. IMO, baseball (more than the other 3 major sports) always looks better when it goes classic and old school rather than modern and contemporary. But again, that's just my opinion and I know it isn't shared by the majority here.
  14. Hey, no need to sugarcoat it.
  15. The Minnesota script is just the red one from Chris' Twins page recolored. I went ahead and made the tails under the script on the home and roads match up... Updated Twins