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  1. and class, we know what people say about opinions, dont we? /yes, the poster is an ass, in case you were wondering Typical Yankees elitist attitude. DON'T FEED THE TROLLS!!!! Since no one else has mentioned them, I like the Reds home pinstriped jerseys and I am certain that they will keep them for the forseeable future. Yankee fans think everybody likes them, but not everyone does. New Yorkers think the rest of the country likes them, but not everyone does.
  2. Laettner stepped on the chest of Kentucky's Aminu Timberlake, and was assessed a technical foul in the 1992 NCAA Tournament. He also stepped on Donny Marshall of UConn duringa game intentionally. Yeah, sounds like a real nice guy and a role model. He's a punk.
  3. Who said anything about Coach K leaving Duke? We should be so lucky.
  4. Suprised MLB let him be a candidate. No surprise that he won. Why does that surprise you? MLB always trots Pete out when it suits them. Remember the All-Century Team and Baseball's Greatest Moments events?
  5. That's funny. I guess The Ryan Express rules Texas.
  6. Those look almost as hideous as the All-Star Game jerseys this year. Must have come from the same designer.
  7. Exactly, 6 times coming in 2nd place, winning the NL Manager of the year when the Marlins won the NL and the World Series, losing to the Angels in the World Series in 2000 and letting his kid run amok while the ball was still in play. Dusty has to go.
  8. pooter

    MLB Cities

    It is like spelling the word "the"..."teh". I see it spelled "teh" alot, but that doesn't make it correct. Lay off. He fixed the damn problem. Nope...
  9. pooter

    MLB Cities

    It is like spelling the word "the"..."teh". I see it spelled "teh" alot, but that doesn't make it correct.
  10. I hope that they do go with this type of cap. I am not a fan of the low-profile cap at all, along with the "baseball-slacks" look, but I do like the BP fabric of the caps. Assuming that they do change the fabric, is it better to leave it in the 5950 high-profile style, and let the ones that like to destroy their hats by wearing them in the shower, cutting the backing material out, etc., and curving the brim with rubberbands to make them low-profile and appease fans of both the high and low-profile caps... Or...making them the low-profile style and lose the high-profile crowd business?
  11. The numbers on the '86 Astros jerseys were not up that high. They were down in the stripes.
  12. Remember, they did it last year too. Might not look so bad with a darker shade of green and a black trim instead of white.
  13. Absolutely. I hate the low-profile caps. They look look like a yamaka with a bill.
  14. Oh no...Does that mean that there is going to be another thread like the New Sabres Logo??, Possible leak... one with a 1,000 replies speculating on what they are going to look like until they are revealed?