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  1. yeah I actually re-designed that Super Bowl XX logo from scratch... I figure they might get upset over that had this thing gone mainstream lol. Even though it's youth football, I wouldn't put it past anyone getting upset over name and logo infringment issues. I actually did an album cover for a Sacramento , CA label in 2001 and it had a Sacramento King logo I remade on there. The Kings sent the label a cease and desist order once the product hit store shelves and they got wind of it.
  2. I actually have been developing a line of uni's... small scale... I don't have the actualy design software, just play it by ear basically....
  3. Slapshot: You have a more detailed template for a trojan style jersey? When I say detailed.. I mean measurements as far as the trojan stripe etc... thanx in advance.
  4. very true fellas... Just trying to collect tips and knowledge from everywhere I go.
  5. Fiasco!: that looks really good. I'm actually being asked to do a billboard design for a youth football team. I believe they are requesting a 1" - 1" scale... So basically you're designing 1" = 1 foot ? I've never done a billboard that's why I ask. When you design it at the smaller size, you're saving as a tiff or eps? thanx in advance for your answers. They want to offer a cross promotion of my logo and contact info.. or just straight up $$$$... How much is fair to charge these folks for the Billboard design?
  6. Here's a cover I did for a youth football Super Bowl program book.... maybe you can gain some ideas from it.
  7. I'm definitely loving many of the designs on here... Does anyone actually do uni designs for a living?