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  1. Thanks I'll try to touch them up on the week end, and just for the record the New York Jersey looks like it was created by a blind clown , i will never make a mistake like that again.
  2. I Need to fix up the Nashville one still And the NYR one is not really that great, it was just an experiment. Colorado: I used The Chicago Winter classic Template For this one COLORADO Toronto:I went for a rotro look for a 3rd jersy I fixed the striping on the sleeves TORONTO Florida: I got rid of the navy FLORIDA New york: I was just messing around NEW YORK LA Kings: I fixed up there last logo (the logos on the sheild are different) LA KINGS Tampa Bay: I re did their Logo TAMPA BAY Nashville: I made their primary colours (now navy,black and yellow) different and I'm not sure about the socks i made NASHVILLE C&C please
  3. kaydawg13

    KaTo's signatures

    Hey, Where did you get your sig? If you made it could you make me a canucks one?
  4. Hi guys + girls, I am a newbie and designed a sig c&c please, requests are welcomed if you want one. http://s365.photobucket.com/albums/oo93/ka...roncoselway.jpg Copy and paste it I couldnt get it to work as a link or photo
  5. Hey these are awsome could i get a thomas holmstrom one with this picture Holmstrom picture or a hodgson one with this picture Hodgson pic
  6. You're right but Minnesota Wild are based in a state and so are the Panthers, Avalanche and Devils. So why not have one based in a whole province? But he asked if we has ever wanted a team in our home town, not in our state/province. And kaydawg13, maybe post your "sakatchewan" concept in your first post. Just a thought. Here's what your first post probably should have looked like: ---------------------------------------- Hey guys! Have you ever wanted an NHL team in your home town? I do, so I have made a concept for a team based in Saskatchewan. C&C please. [picture of concept] ---------------------------------------- Not tring to be mean, but you should already have something made to show off before you start a new thread. I didnt know about this, Any ideas for a logo??
  7. Did you want this one or the original? These are great thanks alot
  8. Will these work Thanks, these are great
  9. could i get a vancouver canucks one with this logo http://www.sportslogos.net/logo.php?id=mo4s55icd2yfae5f644c thanks
  10. Ever wanted a NHL team in your home town, I do so i am working on a saskatchewan one right now. Go Canada Go I dont have a logo, or an idea for a logo any ideas?? http://i365.photobucket.com/albums/oo93/ka...saskachewan.jpg
  11. kaydawg13

    The NEW 'NHL'

    All really cool but i think that you should change the Quebec team to A saskatchewan team, I am working on a jersey for a saskatchewan team and logo, i will post it when its finished.
  12. could you make me a vancouver canucks one and a saskatchewan roughrider one, thanks