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  1. They did sort of
  2. I'm going to missed the classic but I like it they kept it clean & kept the font
  3. Can't wait for thier "REAL" logo LOL
  4. I like the new one especially since staple now look like a hockey net. Perfect for the Kings LOL
  5. I just saw a new Staples commercial and they're still using the old logo. I assume STAPLES changed thier mind
  6. Or the new Cleveland Barons. I may used this as my Fantasy Hockey logo
  7. I like it didn't do much nice & simple
  8. It's a great logo... If they were a baseball or football team
  9. USA its your turn. I like Staples Canada new logo better but this logo is perfect for the LA Kings
  10. I was hoping for the return of the original logo
  11. Cool they changed thier logo NBA style LOL
  12. Yeah they should've done that long time ago. I'm glad they brought backthe Red/Yellow