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  1. abc Network new logo I like it very retro
  2. Can you say GAP or Old Navy. Wont surprised me if they go back to the old logo
  3. https://images.app.goo.gl/YW6ZJyZZMpn54vvr9 They did sort of
  4. I'm going to missed the classic but I like it they kept it clean & kept the font
  5. Can't wait for thier "REAL" logo LOL
  6. I like the new one especially since staple now look like a hockey net. Perfect for the Kings LOL
  7. I just saw a new Staples commercial and they're still using the old logo. I assume STAPLES changed thier mind
  8. Or the new Cleveland Barons. I may used this as my Fantasy Hockey logo
  9. I like it didn't do much nice & simple
  10. It's a great logo... If they were a baseball or football team
  11. USA its your turn. I like Staples Canada new logo better but this logo is perfect for the LA Kings
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