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  1. Or the new Cleveland Barons. I may used this as my Fantasy Hockey logo
  2. I like it didn't do much nice & simple
  3. It's a great logo... If they were a baseball or football team
  4. USA its your turn. I like Staples Canada new logo better but this logo is perfect for the LA Kings
  5. I was hoping for the return of the original logo
  6. Cool they changed thier logo NBA style LOL
  7. Yeah they should've done that long time ago. I'm glad they brought backthe Red/Yellow
  8. Thanks im new to posting LOL
  9. Here we go again but after 30 logo change I think El Pollo Loco got it right
  10. Its all right but also surprised I thought they were just gonna have the Bullseye and get rid of TARGET
  11. Knew it. I already saw 2 more Target with the lowercase
  13. I was at the mall this past weekend buying Hockey Cards and I noticed the Target wordmark is in lowercase. Is this Target new logo or it just random?
  14. My guess is to promote Burger King to Doordash
  15. I saw that this morning and im with you hope Burger King bring back the old logo full time
  16. I wonder which wordmark the Rams will use
  17. Won't be long until I see this at STAPLES Center
  18. I love it hope it's a sign that they're going back showing classic game show from the 80s. I was starting to think Game Show Network was becoming a ghost station
  19. Exactly that was annoying. I don't mind if they used College Football graphic for MNF
  20. I hope I see new ESPN Monday Night Football graphic
  21. I agreed especially during a Power Play or a Goal. It'll also look good on NBA & MLB if they were on NBC
  22. Bravo BJ. We're just having a debate and discussion about the Browns uniforms.
  23. Make sense and unique just like the 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates
  24. I like it the Browns should use the elf as their logo