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  1. I'm not totally opposed to incorporating gold into the Falcons' color scheme, but without a heavy emphasis on red, it's going to come off as Saints+red, or Jaguars with teal subbed out for red. EDIT - or Ravens with purple subbed out for red.
  2. How firm is this rule, if Ty Montgomery stayed a RB with 88 when changing teams from Packers to Ravens to Jets?
  3. Also hindering the endzone appearance: the Eagles using black end zones on Monday night. Paint can only cover up so much, and even less so when there's wet conditions in Philadelphia.
  4. Does the NBA even do any tests for legibility when they create jerseys? Both in-arena and on TV? Because how would this pass?
  5. Thinking the turf-colored backgrounds for the end zones and the more interior placement of the yard markers is a concession to needing to turn Mercedes-Benz Stadium around from SEC Championship Saturday to home Falcons contest Sunday. Where the college numbers are normally located is where you see two small perpendicular lines between the yard marker and the sideline every ten yards. LA Memorial Coliseum goes to the trouble of painting two sets of numbers depending on whether it is a USC or a Rams game. Messiest had to be the Katrina year where the Saints called Death Valley home.
  6. 2013 and 2014 weren't that long ago, Bulls. Why lie in the tweet about the logo being on the front?
  7. The BiG gets lost at distance on the navy caps. It's Marlins-level tonal obfuscation. Can this be avoided? Yellow front panels on the road alternate cap give off a Boy Scouts Scouts BSA vibe. Two possible additional ways: Make the logo royal, but still use navy as a cap and uniform base? Wouldn't be the first time a logo color wasn't featured in the team's uniform color palette. Thicken the yellow outlines within the logo. Fear here is that we get logo bloat. RIP in peace, wheat-underlined M.
  8. Educated guess is that it's this but with a white base instead of navy?
  9. Nearly two years with THAT end result? Looks like they just took NFL pro bowl uniforms from the orange versus lime era, added to a basketball template, and recolored a Magic logo.
  10. Is this right here the crumb that allows those Navy Philadelphia alternates to be both legit and not in use in 2019-20?
  11. Please improve your templates before 2021 Nike, if this is indicative of what is on tap for MLB.
  12. Sloppily filtering Lockervision for Philadelphia seems to indicate that when they wear this set at home, they only wear it on Sundays. What are they, the Lakers?
  13. Pinstripes with neck/armhole trim may not be unprecedented, but could be a first for a full button-down.
  14. White at home, color on the road - used to be the mark of a professional basketball operation. One with enough resources to have two sets of uniforms. Nike got its wish by converting the league to primary/secondary/tertiary a la soccer. The transitional period where there is a history of the old designation is predictably rough. You even have people refusing the Nike-speak and still equating white with home and color with road. Opinion time: white on the road should only be used if no other uniforms provide sufficient contrast to what the home team wishes to wear. Feel like this is the compromise between sticking with tradition and the free-for-all that currently exists in uniform choice in the Association.
  15. For a player who wasn't a spring training callup and even made an all star team as a Phillie, John Kruk managed to sport 4 different numbers playing for the Fightins.
  16. Both '47 and New Era have been experimenting with NBA ligatures. Some Sixers examples to add to an already-crowded logo ensemble for Philadelphia ...
  17. That is how Nike and Fanatics handle things in the NBA at least Fanatics Nike
  18. Chiming in on the 1-color NOB requirement. For the Celtic leak, maybe do the name in white, because doing it in the same color as the trimmed number makes it look like they forgot to outline the names.
  19. Though that does undo the strangeness of the Liberty being owned by Joe Tsai (owner of the Nets) yet playing in the Knicks' G-league barn. Maybe less Knick color in logos/uniforms to further distance the Liberty from previous Knick connections?
  20. Vanderbilt tweaks on their whites noticed at SEC MBB media days: - shoulder striping eliminated - narrower wordmark on chest - black numbers trimmed in gold (change from gold trimmed in black) - anchor logo on waistband - side design simplifed - bottom of shorts striping added overall, an upgrade from before
  21. Ladies and gentlemen, your Notre Dame Yellow Jackets!
  22. Kobe Bryant - though there was a number change by the time the Laker style was thrown back to.