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  1. Heh heh... glad he finally saw the light and that you seem to have made it out of the ordeal with most of your sanity intact.
  2. There are quite a few suggestions for fonts that are that elusive combination of good and free here:
  3. 'Klosterbrauerei Ettal' means the brewery at the monastery in Ettal, which the Interweb tells me is a town in Bavaria. 'Gegr.' is short for 'Gegruendet', which means 'founded' or 'established'. Not sure if they're talking about the monastery or the brewery. </geek>
  4. Thanks! I'm not the original poster, though.... I too am interested in how he finished up handling the situation.
  5. Okay, following up my own post after a couple months to show I was actually mistaken: FutureBrand *ripped off* FF Dax and FF Meta and hoped no-one would notice.
  6. Free versions of DIN are available here: There's only the regular weight, but you can beef it up with a stroke if need be.
  7. You should probably be able to find something acceptable here:
  8. It wouldn't be too difficult to get a similar effect using the Find Edges and Cutout filters in Photoshop -- kind of like this, but less involved:
  9. City Medium: ...also known as Square Slabserif 711:
  10. Foundries do custom jobs all the time -- it ain't cheap, but big clients like UPS can afford it. Their Website isn't forthcoming, but I'd be willing to bet FSI were the ones who modified Dax at the behest of FutureBrand, or at least worked closely with them. Sometimes the face remains exclusive for a number of years, at which point it's released for public consumption. Not that thinkkre8tiv's client seems to be willing to wait that long....
  11. We all know this, but perhaps he needs to be shown: Perhaps the nice folks at FutureBrand might be able to convince him.
  12. Kind of late to this party (as usual), but I'm partial to The Font Thing: It only works with TTFs; but hey, it's free.
  13. Fort Worth is known as 'Cowtown' because of the huge stockyards on the north side of town, now a big museum (they still drive longhorns down the street twice a day for the benefit of the turistas). I suppose the bull is their way of throwing a bone to that other city down the road.
  14. How about Option C? Put your numbers on a layer by themselves. Ctrl-click to select. Select... Modify... Expand.... Enter *twice* the width of your desired stroke. (The selection will expand evenly on either side of the original number.) Create a new layer underneath your numbers and fill it with your stroke colour. Merge if the mood strikes you. Voila! No more rounded corners. Eriq, your avatar's making me hungry....
  15. Not to bring this thread back from the dead, but just thought y'all would like to know the story behind the green helmets: The gold helmets were not only late coming back from getting the reconditioners, but when they took the gouge guards off, the gold paint came with them, leaving the mustardy-coloured shell underneath. Instead of playing with skanky-looking helmets, they went with the green ones. The gold helmets should be back Real Soon Now , and the plan is to go gold at home and green on the road -- at least for this season. I'm with some of the other posters here -- I was like 'Where's the gold?'
  16. Hey, that's pretty slick -- I had to look at it for a second to see the state outline. (Am I the only one thinking 'WGBH' when I see that, though?) In Texas, the Lone Star shows up a *lot* in logos and such, probably because it's a lot easier to work into a design than the state outline. Same deal with Pennsylvania's keystone.
  17. CZzyzx41 raises a very good point -- the 'look up your family's coat of arms' places really aren't a great place to start looking. You'll finish up with a coat of arms, this is true; but it's only the arms of someone with the same last name as you to whom you may not even be related. (It is not surprising, however, to see people with the same last name having similar arms, as pcgd found.) It's also entirely possible that your family don't even *have* a coat of arms. Back in the Day , only the richest families were armigerous; the overwhelming majority had more important things to worry about, you know, like eating. Most major countries have their own versions of the College of Arms, but most only grant to their own citizens or subjects. The UK's College of Arms is perhaps the best-known... getting arms granted is a long, expensive, and difficult process, so it's no small deal. But we play by slightly different rules in North America. The USA has no heraldic authority, so it's perfectly acceptable to 'assume' arms of your own design. It's probably a good idea to make sure your design isn't a duplicate of someone else's and is in fairly good taste, but if you're interested enough to design arms for yourself you're probably careful enough to take those steps. In Canada, the process is fairly similar to the UK, but modernised a bit: It's been a while since I've really read up on such things, but I believe the South African heraldic authority grants arms to foreigners, if having a nice grant is really important to you and you have money to burn. Anyhow, there's more really good information here: ObDesign: I designed a shield for myself a while back but can't seem to get the blazon to match, so I may have to tweak it a bit. I'm still taking suggestions for the motto, crest, and badge, though.
  18. Hey, that looks pretty sweet -- I'll have to try that out. I use Photoshop at home, but am stuck with the GIMP at work, so this should make my life much easier. Thanks!
  19. You're very welcome -- glad to help!
  20. Is it just me, or is there a bit too much white (Yellow?) space between the 'Sprint' and the stylised pin?
  21. You've been using the line tool? Ouch. I'm not familiar with Elements, but this works in standard-issue Photoshop: Assuming what you want to outline is by itself on an otherwise transparent layer, Ctrl-click on the desired layer in the Layers palette. This will select the layer's transparency. (You could use the Magic Wand here, but from my experience Ctrl-click gives better results.) Go to Edit... Stroke... and select the stroke width and colour of your choice. Have fun!
  22. Sorry to bring this thread back from the (mostly) dead, but I'm extremely anal-retentive when it comes to stuff I design -- I've gotten better recently, though; I think I'm learning to let go. And I'm sure this is coincidental, but I think it's time to pay my power bill:
  23. BlueFlag

    FedEx logo

    It's only called a 'bow tie' cos that's what it look like. (Kind of.) GM founder William Durant saw the design on some wallpaper at a hotel he was staying at and liked it so much he used it as the logo for the new company he was starting with Louis Chevrolet. Now let me Google this so you all don't think I'm out of my mind... aha!