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  1. Come October you won't see it anymore. During hot September weekends, some teams actually think it gives their guys a cooling advantage. White unis soak up less heat than darks. I remember a bit of this from last season too but not too this extent. Hell, if I played in Arizon, I'd opt for white too. Matt
  2. Just as well Jon. One more 5-11 year and you'll be looking for a job in college ball anyway.
  3. You know, I'd never want to see a major league team doing something like this, but how many of you had heard of the AquaSox before this thread. Not me. The goal of minor league owners is to get people in the seats. This is a hell of a way to draw attention to your team, especially when you're trying to attract families and kids who don't care that they're seeing second rate baseball. I'm backin' it, and since Bill Veeck is no longer with us, I doubt I'll have to deal with something like this in the majors. Matt
  4. Looks like they have a comic book artist on board for illustration. Even the "simple" ones are a little noisy and few logos are bold enough to come off well on helmets. Could be a fun game though. Matt
  5. I'm backin' it. I prefer the poster alternate better but all in all I dig it. Reminds me of vectorized Peter Max artwork -- a welcome and poppy diversion from the traditional banner laden quad-tone logos. Matt
  6. Dope. Really excellent job. Have you seen this? Matt
  7. I believe the Bulls introduced this logo while Denver was still using the big D, and there's definitely some influence there, but neither the Broncos nor the NFL would have a case in court. One would have to practically recreate the Bronco's logo and either call themselves the Broncos, or field a professional football team. The precedent for trademark infringement is a very gray and but this case doesn't come near it. Matt
  8. Okay guys, here's my first concept for your comments and criticisms. I developed this for an unsolicited submission to the NBDL for their new team in Tulsa Oklahoma. The team's identity is based on a common nickname for the oil workers that flocked to the town after the discovery of black gold in 1897. Admittedly, I'm a traditionalist. Inspired by some of Ian Baker's posts, I started off with a complex wordmark and array of color ideas, but I just didn't like it as much as this simplified version. Not many teams in basketball have patch style logos anymore. I chose the colors based solely on preference. Because of the city's oil ties, black was a given. I picked the light blue because the Tarheels and Panthers pull it off so nicely. The logo was inspired by a statue erected in Texas to honor oil workers. In fact, the name of the statue is the Joe Roughneck Monument. I initially created the shape on the shorts to render an old syle oil tower (Houston Oilers tribute) but when I added the struts, it started to look like laces. Not what I wanted, but I do like the silhouette look. Q: What's with the alternate? Why is it all black with no trim or anything. A: Because alternates are dumb but this one will make them look like they play for the Oklahoma state penitentiary - instead of an NBA prospect league. Let me have it:
  9. I'm working on two concepts right now. Albuquerque Roadrunners (aka Runners) and the Tulsa Roughnecks (term used for oil workers). I would have loved to have done an Albuquerque Dukes concept but I'm certain the city would want to reserve that for renaming the Isotopes. I'll post hoperfully this weekend. Matt
  10. I'm rather new to the forum but I'm surprised that no one has taken a stab at the NBDL. Recently, the league pushed into four new cities. I'd love to take a stab at branding one or two of these if anyone would like to start a contest. We could even contact the NBA with the winning proposals. Matt
  11. I would rock a Bullfrogs hat any day. Matt
  12. The silver is kinda' bass boat looking. I've always hated the glitter look. The stripe however is dope. It's an homage to the rich Polynesian and Samoan tattooing culture. I liked it last season and would love to see it on a white helmet. Matt
  13. Amen Brother! I never liked the black either. It's supposed to be Dodger Blue and Giant Orange... No mention of black in the original formula. I am, however, part of the anti-alternate school. With that said, I'd like to see the home whites (sans pinstripe) with the Mets script, the road grays with NEW YORK, and a home white alternate with the interlocking NY. All in all. Dope design. Matt
  14. How about a "Mats" alternate!?! -Matt
  15. Thanks Poot, Yeah, that's the bootleg version of Dennis Ortiz-Lopez's font. He created propietary font for the Boston Red Sox that got renamed MLB Tuscan by someone. He's also done fonts for the Astros, Brewers, and Pirates. He's really good but not exactly what I was looking for. It kinda' looks like he took Impact and added tuscan style serifs to it. I'm going for a more hand drawn feel, like when letters were cut out for jerseys with scissors. =) Matt Now if I can just finish the lower case letters.