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  1. Clearly a fan concept or a Photoshopped image created for the original article. Here's the "leaked" image on the left, and the publicity still for Oklahoma's Pro Combat uniforms from last year on the right: (They even gave the model a spray tan )
  2. They could always put the stadium into the Lombardi Trophy itself, like the Cotton Bowl did this year.
  3. For comparison, here's the game ball with the simplified logo...
  4. The Hornets were never in Oklahoma City, they were based in Charlotte. (Unless you mean during the '05 season when the Hornets temporarily played a few games in OKC and San Antonio, IIRC, due to damage from Hurricane Katrina.) The Hornets moved a bulk of their operations to Oklahoma City in the aftermath of Katrina and for two seasons played most of their home games in the Ford Center, with a limited number of games in New Orleans once the arena there was repaired (as well as a couple at the PMAC in Baton Rouge and the Lloyd Noble Center in Norman). There were no home games in San Antonio, you're probably thinking of the Saints. As for the Thunder uniforms, I like the home whites but agree with those that dislike the wordmark treatment on the road blues. I'd prefer placing the "City" below the numbers as it was on the OKC alternate uniform worn by the NO/OKC Hornets.
  5. This isn't the first time Fresno has done this with their New Mexico Bowl patches. Interestingly enough, they also did this last year in their loss to Colorado State.
  6. IIRC, the story behind the Nike Enforcer uniforms Navy wore against Army last year was that they were based at least somewhat on the Marine Corps dress uniforms. Looks like this year they continued the theme and got a home blue jersey to complete the set. As much as I like the classic black & gold Army uniforms, I have to say I'm a bit disappointed that they're not wearing a road version of the camo Enforcer uniforms they wore a year ago.
  7. Wow, how much more black could that be? None. None more black. I'm assuming they originally wanted the helmet to show Baby Jay with a dog collar around its neck and a leash, with a Missouri player's arm extended out holding onto the leash and pushing a Nike "Beast Mode" glove into the Jayhawk's face to sniff it.
  8. How quickly everyone forgets local ownership was responsible for selling the team to us evil, marauding Okies.
  9. The generic red jerseys are supposed to be throwbacks to what TU wore in the 1950's (except in 50's, they didn't have the block "Tulsa" on the front). They were first worn at last year's home opener as part of the celebration for the opening of renovated Chapman Stadium. Not sure why they kept the throwback jerseys for this year, or why they would mix them up with the modern pants, though.
  10. First time for the blue pants since they went for the New York Giants look a few years back. They have a set of white pants that are very similar the silver pants, but I think they've only worn those once (only time I can recall seeing them was against Missouri last year in Kansas City when MU wore the gold jerseys). Before the redesign, KU had a set of blue pants when the Jayhawks wore navy blue in football.
  11. Not the first time TU has tried something like this. From 2000-02, they wore blue helmets with a gold Denver Broncos-esque stripe. Jersey & pants were all-Vegas gold at home and all-white on the road. What followed in the Steve Kragthorpe years was far superior, probably Tulsa's best look ever.
  12. Yes, they had a couple of plain white sleeve stripes during the mid-90's. Also, the pants still had the thin crimson stripes in addition to an "OU" logo on the hip. Here are some photos from the 1995 Bedlam game...
  13. It actually screams "High School Football" to me. With the white helmets with cardinal & gold stripes, and the Redskins-esque jerseys and pants, Iowa State's new uniforms are are awfully reminiscent of those worn by Clinton High School in Oklahoma. I'd also say that Clinton's white-red-white combo is better than Iowa State's white-red-gold. And as if that isn't enough, Clinton's mascot (Red Tornadoes) is very similar to ISU's Cyclones.
  14. For a small favor, could you invert the colors on the helmet? Like, changing the gold shell to red and changing the "Iowa State" and the cyclone to gold? I was just curious... I also made a reversed version of the logo so the funnel is facing forward on both sides...
  15. Tried my hand at modernizing the gold ISU helmets from the 80's...
  16. I strongly disagree. Why even a cardinal? What do cardinals have to do with cyclones? Why associate a strong force of nature with an animal I killed as a 7 year old with a sling shot? Since when do cardinals have teeth. One of the dumbest logos ever. I was referring to the color of the helmets, not the bird-in-a-blender logo.
  17. I loved ISU's cardinal helmets and have no idea why they would want to ditch them for something so bland, unless Chizik was a huge fan of the plain white helmets at Texas. Perhaps they should go with a modernized version of one of the gold helmets they wore during the 80's and early 90's.
  18. I'm a little surprised that K-State's pants are virtually unchanged. I was dreading that the traditional stripes might be gone, or some unnecessary black trim would be added. I still prefer the two stripes on the sleeves for KSU, but these look solid just as long as they don't mess with the helmet. Here are a couple more angles...
  19. University of Tulsa's new jerseys... For comparison, here's TU's previous uniform set. It's a shame that these are being replaced by yet another Nike template job.
  20. 1. "NOLA" stands for New Orleans, Louisiana. 2. The event is in New Orleans, and the Hornets' team colors are very much inspired by the traditional Mardi Gras colors. Also, most of the recent All-Star events have featured colors inspired by the host city's team, why should New Orleans be any different?
  21. I'm probably biased, but I've always loved the Bedlam Series logo for how it symbolizes the Oklahoma/Oklahoma State rivalry without following the usual "Title sponsor + Wordmark + School logos/helmets = logo" formula. Here's the old Red River Shootout logo before the name was changed to something more politically correct...
  22. For anyone not wanting to go to
  23. And Title IX claims yet another victim in the world of collegiate wrestling... It's good that Oregon is getting back into baseball, but it's a real shame that they're cannibalizing wrestling to do it. Fielding a wrestling program doesn't require much funding, and putting together even a decent program is mostly a matter of finding the proper coaching. It's looking like it might just be a matter of time before college wrestling is limited to just a handful of schools like Oklahoma State, Iowa, Minnesota, Iowa State, Missouri, and a couple of little guys like Lehigh and Cornell.
  24. I think West Virginia really needs to ditch that number font, or at least modify it to be a little more conservative and reduce the amount of space between numbers. Cal has had essentially the same uniforms for the last few years, but I think they look considerably better because they don't have that weird italicized spaced-out number font.