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  1. Mars Attacks! Burning Cows intro Maybe the designer was a really big fan of Mars Attacks!
  2. As an added bonus, the white insets on the away uniform look like a double layered piece of fabric in this video.
  3. Who chose this pose to model these? Not every model/graphic has to be Superman flying over a linebacker, but this doesn't do the design any favors all scrunched up. On second thought, maybe I'm just too worn out on this design already and his socks are simply sixteen inches too high, making this set look even more haphazard. I'm going to make myself a drink.
  4. I'm glad the NBA style championship tag on the back of the neckline is there to remind me of how nice the Rams looked when they won their Super Bowl.
  5. "The 'heartbeat' stitching on our nameplate patch serves as the literal seismic bond between the passion of our fans and the Rams history in Los Angeles." Close?
  6. I do live in KC, so I know my way around the metro area I think they're moving to Olathe when the arena they are building there will be finished, which is just another 15 minutes fown the road. I'm not sure how handcuffed they were on the logo (due to NHL copyrights and Native American restraints), but the logo?/wordmark? is Oklahoma City Thunder level simplicity. EDIT: Oh, looks like they have an actual logo:
  7. The Kansas City Scouts are officially back! Well, not in the NHL, in the NAHL. And not actually in Kansas City, Missouri, but Shawnee, Kansas.
  8. What if they pull all the yellow from the bone jersey and it's just blue and bone, like the red and white Giants jerseys? This should be fun.
  9. It's amazing what a bright shade of green will do. And as warm/lukewarm as my like is for the Jets new look is, I'm still celebrating they didn't keep their drab olive green that their last uniforms morphed into and went the whole jingoistic military jet motif.
  10. So the Pats' redesign has resulted in a discussion of the merits and failings of brutalist architecture, and the delayed Rams uniform unveil has erupted into a heated debate over the feasibility and long term prospects of the Chargers and Bills playing in their respective current cities. The quarantine works in mysterious ways.
  11. Okay, so the failure aspect of this entire thread is one big failjack with limited results, but here's a rebrand that cost the already successful company $35 million to roll out and another $20 million in lost sales. The story behind it is pretty interesting as well.
  12. So is the Vegas draft hat the same exact logo, but surrounded by 2020? It's kinda like the gold 50th Super Bowl Trophy surrounded by the 5 and the 0. Also, every draft pick got a whole box of hats from every team in the league!
  13. Well let's just start the Chargers' five year clock now! Man, I hesitate to wonder what everybody here would be doing during the pandemic if there weren't an unusually high number of unveilings this year.
  14. Don't forget the gradual steps the Jets uniforms suffered on an annual basis, from the shoulder stripes being cut short to become weird rectangles with triangles cut out of the base, the green gradually turning to a horrible drab army green, followed by every single use of green being mismatched . All of that is well documented in the Jets thread, and ultimately destroyed a popular and classic design into obsolescence.
  15. If that is the actual helmet, the new horn looks way worse in practice, all I can see is a big crescent moon with some thicker Panthers center stripe above it.
  16. Yup, this black set really ties the whole rebrand together. It's what I think of when I think of the Jets. It turns out it was even what I thought of the Jets before they introduced a black jersey too, I just didn't know it until Nike made it clear this is what the Jets are about. Classic!
  17. Guys, a good friend of mine has seen the new Chargers jerseys and this is close, but not quite right. In the real ones, the Nike swoosh is purple.
  18. Those Cavs warmups make me sad for the homogenized, leaguewide warmups used today.
  19. Looks good, minus all those ads. Also, with a minor tweak, this identity is ready for the one-off, what if night as the Coney Island Soft Serves.
  20. I can't tell if that middle pirate is supposed to be Bucco Bruce or some long lost relative of or alternate timeline Pat Patriot. Maybe after winning the revolutionary war, Pat Patriot decided to retire down in Florida and took up plundering as a hobby.
  21. What nobody is talking about is how all shiny materials actually went extinct in the early 2000's. Wake up sheeple! It's not Nike's fault they were hunted to extinction! They're just doing the best they can with the resources that are left on this planet.
  22. The Guardian wrote an article today about the Rams logo! "With the rest of the sports world on hold, the Los Angeles Rams had a news cycle all to themselves last week. Unfortunately, it had nothing to do with football" It's a basic, but entertaining look at the logo, unveiling, and backlash.
  23. If they went orange and pewter, lots of people here would be calling them the Tampa Bay Browns.
  24. My first impression when I saw the logos revealed was that they could use the little bolt icon running down their pants stripes just like the Seahawks use their abstract Seahawk icon repeating down their pant stripes.
  25. Just go all the way already. Jaguars style two-toned helmets, but utilizing all SEVEN Rams colors now, (front to back) dark blue to royal blue to grey to white to sol to light orange to dark orange with the broken up horn gradient logo serving as the cherry on top. It's simple, as long as you don't overthink it. I made a quick mockup in photoshop but couldn't bring myself to share it.