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  1. Nothing personal, but can all sports franchises and sports fans just stop with this 'use the colors of the city/state flag' thing that has boiled over out of control the past few years? That Atlanta flag is practically the same design and colors as about 2/3 of the state flags and the flag has no inherent visual originality that reads as 'Atlanta', and I doubt that flag is as ubiquitous, beloved or original as the Chicago, DC, Colorado, and New Mexico flags. Of course, there's also the entire mess with Texas' love affair with its flag...
  2. I think it's going to look like a weird Pittsburgh Penguins black-yellow-khaki color scheme.
  3. The name of the bar and grill in the stadium has been changed, no word on the lawsuit's status just yet.
  4. With the grey and blue cap, and those vertical white and blue stripes, it looks like somebody with a sense of humor just stuck a Rams logo on a Lions hat.
  5. Nobody cares about NBCSN's ratings because they won't carry games after this season, and the channel won't exist after this season.
  6. There was a short HBO series of offbeat things captured by filmmaker John Wilson that was entertaining,he did an episode about the Mandela effect. Here's a clip from youtube:
  7. Why doesn't Utah just make green/gold/purple and purple/light blue versions of the red rocks jerseys and make that their entire set? They could own the gradient design, cover all their eras and make their fans happy while being relatively unique as long as Denver doesn't use their Atari breakout skylines too much.
  8. I kinda expected the Yanks to try the reverse pinstripes look, ala the unused version from the 70s, but after the White Sox city uniforms, I'm preparing myself for something really terrible. I wonder how tasteless Nike can go with the Mets playing the Yankees on the 20th anniversary of the Twin Towers. Guess we'll find out!
  9. Funny you ask, Canada just allowed it! US teams fly in on a private jet, no public interactions, quasi bubble....
  10. Vegas picked sixth in their first draft. The balls didn't bounce their way that year.
  11. Says a lot about the wreck the Rays' visual identity is when over the past couple of pages navy blue, indigo, forest green, light blue, kelly green, yellow, royal blue, gold, neon green, indigo-blueish-purple, powder blue, seafoam green and even gradients have all been suggested solutions to their lack of identity. It's quite an accomplishment in 23 short years!
  12. With the final four established by regular season points, here's a look at the possible brackets: If Montreal wins, the final brackets are set: #1 seed - winner - COL (82 pts) VEG (82 pts) #2 seed - winner - CAR (80) TB (75) #3 seed - winner - BOS (73) NYI (71) #4 seed - winner - WIN (63) or MON (59) Things are a little less clear if Toronto wins (necessary series results in parenthesis): #1 seed - winner - COL (82) VEG (82) #2 seed CAR (80 - CAR W), TOR (77 TOR W, TB W), TB (75 TB W, WIN W) #3 seed TOR (77 - TOR W, CAR W), TB (75 TB W, TOR W), BOS /NYI Winner (CAR W WIN W) #4 seed BOS/NYI Winner (TOR W) or WIN
  13. It's as if they bought a bunch of old 70s Bad News Bears uniforms and heat pressed a few new patches for the new wordmark on those. I'm beginning to think my initial thoughts on this redesign were totally wrong.
  14. too bad, those Scouts uniforms were amazing.
  15. I have no idea about on air changes, but just checking in on ESPN's website and seeing so much NHL coverage over the past few weeks shows just how much exposure the league lost by jumping to the Lance Armstrong and Car Auction channels. Its also nice to see the NHL listed on the header as well, it was amazing how successfully ESPN buried the NHL over the past few years.
  16. I can't wait to tune into Disney Princess NHL Hockey!
  17. Maybe Kansas City can get rid of its horrible SC on its logo now too.
  18. If you have to tell somebody you're world class, guess what.
  19. If these were ever adopted as full time uniforms, within two years a full black alt with black lettering/numbers would be introduced and would become the full time jersey within a year and a half after that, relegating this to the dustbin of Marlins jerseys featuring color.
  20. I think fantasy players buying merchandise is a stretch. The NFL benefitting off fantasy with more eyeballs watching bad or insignificant games or higher season long TV sales is probably more realistic profit areas than a guy in Tacoma buying a Panthers jersey because Robby Anderson had a good fantasy day back in week 2.
  21. I remember the early 90s when it was reported beer sales were so high at Toronto's NLL games they were more profitable than Maple Leaf games. Toronto, Buffalo, Philadelphia and Rochester had solid attendance and the league at least tried plugging teams into logical spots, no matter how poorly run or marketed they were. Now Toronto is in Hamilton, and the original Philadelphia Wings are in Albany, the original Knighthawks are in Halifax and the league is adding teams with 'Panther City' as a name. I guess at least they outlasted ArenaFootball!
  22. The NHL has just spent the last twenty years consolidating their control over minor league hockey and the AHL, why would they break up the party now?
  23. As somebody who doesn't totally hate the new logo, I think you really did a great job on that head! I'm not a fan of the legs/puddles/cardboard cheese plate in the original.
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