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  1. I cant believe everybody on these boards missed the fifth anniversary of this topic last week. I guess it'll stay open for at least another four years and then some, waiting out this Rams design with lots of new thoughts about how bone can actually work.
  2. "It was on Jan. 13, 2019 that a coyote roamed through the streets of Nashville and ultimately found its way into an exhibit hall at the Music City Center." Between this and the Sabre tooth tiger skull, Nashville really gets excited about naming teams and mascots after animals that have wandered around downtown. I'm completely expecting a baseball team named the Rats, Raccoons, or Bachelorettes.
  3. The logo for this year's Super Bowl is totally disorienting. It reads as L-I-V with the Trophy between the L and the V, which is last year's Super Bowl. Looking back at the logos on the mainsite, it just makes last year's all the more awkward looking in retrospect.
  4. KC's NWSL team announced their new, temporary logo today. It will only be used for their first season until they decide on a full name/brand.
  5. I didn't know Flying Elvis had a day job.Tough times all around!
  6. The NHL read this post and said, 'We can do better.'
  7. It'll take some time to adjust to it, and I loved the originals, but these look good. What isn't good is how it makes the already weak C/puck/flag shoulder logo stand out even more and look worse with that big black dot.
  8. My business and only source of income survived a 65% drop in revenue this year and I made it through the year without a corporate or government bailout, tax dodges or other accounting tricks, and I still don't wear a hat that says 'COMCAST' on both sides of it. I'm also not complaining about it and am vaguely proud of surviving the harsh economic climate, the withered customer base, lack of sales opportunities and the bitchy complaints of the Holy Maskless Protectors of the Constitution. I'm also not a billionaire, millionaire, or anything close. But hey, 2021 is almost here, so let's concentrate on that.
  9. At this point, it may be off topic, but aren't teams adding the ads to the helmets as a 'make-up' to the advertisers as a payback for lost revenue/exposure from playing in a bubble, no fans, etc.? As in, the teams aren't getting any additional money from the advertisers for doing this? Also, mindlessly supporting billionaire owners for putting ads on uniforms in order to prevent their 1/32nd share of a professional sports league in North America from folding tomorrow and potentially wiping hundreds of millions of dollars of their investments off their ledger is a noble idea. More people should get behind them.
  10. Anti-mask Greg Norman hospitalized for covid. https://sports.yahoo.com/greg-norman-posts-hospital-picture-saying-he-has-covid-19-son-also-tests-positive-150318316.html
  11. I'm not sure anybody should believe just how much teams are actually losing during the pandemic. Sports teams lie all the time to lowball players, get better stadium deals, raise ticket prices, etc. According to this interesting worldwide list of annual revenues by sports, the NHL stands fifth in the world around 4.57 billion euro (5.5 billion USD). So the 150m loss per team would almost wipe out 83% of the league's revenue. Granted, this may seem truer for the NHL than other leagues. 100m in salaries and basic operating costs, rent, etc sound alike it could easily get to 150m and above, but that doesn't take into account income like existing sponsorships, and really, TV money. Any give backs/reductions shouldn't ultimately lead to losses, just reduce the profits. The NFL has bent over backwards to make sure every game is played for their TV partners, because that's the real money in all of this. Now, if owners are including their bookkeeping tricks (debt management, paying off initial investments, etc), then that should be on them, but Hollywood is just as great at hiding profits (look up Empire Strikes Back profit) Also interesting in that revenue list is comparing the revenues of the European hockey leagues with massive amounts of advertising to the NHL and see its probably pretty necessary, whereas in the NHL or the other big leagues is just padding the bottom line. Edit: Just saw the NHL's NBC contract is just $200m for the year, not sure what the other countries pay. So, the NHL is pretty screwed.
  12. I don't miss the constant cutbacks to fans after every single play. It seems like those shots have only gotten used more and more over the past few years, and a lot of them just zoom into the most demonstrative fans thinking they're reality TV stars. They just come off as an empty exclamation after an incomplete pass on a 2nd and 8 early in the third quarter. For the most part, I have enjoyed watching the games on TV and seeing a lot more of the players and activity on the field, and hearing the QB's audibles has been interesting. The fake crowd noise (booing an offsides call in an empty stadium) and the commentators continuous comments about the QB's audibles has been jarring.
  13. Isn't minor league baseball the cheapest and easiest way to maintain and build a national fan base? Look at all the small towns and regions that are/were part of baseball with no major league team for hundreds of miles. It just seems so crazy they are actually going this scorched earth route yo save a few dollars. Over the past few years, baseball has fought hard for their right to pay minor leaguers less than minimum wage, and convinced minor league teams (some now banished) to support and push the 'Save America's Pastime' act in a congressional spending bill to do so. (Its now being reviewed by the Supreme Court). I grew up with baseball and still enjoy the idea of the game, but damn the people who run baseball must really hate it.
  14. Can't wait to see crappy corporate logos incorporated into the airbrushed canvases of the goaltenders' helmets.
  15. Mafia League Baseball is really flexing some muscle.
  16. I'm not saying its perfect, but I'm so tired of seeing reproductions of bad digital traces of the old logo. Here's an old printed t-shirt.
  17. MLS has this same issue with 'FC', except its also indefensible as a name.
  18. Businesses love discovering new revenue streams with no cost attached only to shelve them after a year or so, because why not?! Next on CCSLC: 'I hope ticket prices drop because of the extra revenue from the helmet ads' Repeat over and over: Owners don't care about you, your childhood memories, aesthetic tastes, franchise histories, your favorite players or any players in general. Owners care about making more money.
  19. I guess I just doubt that he shaves the middles of his head and he's actually bald.
  20. These guys were just after my youthful wrestling phase, but whoa. The guy on top looks like a bald accountant heading to an (Oakland) Raiders game. It's his 'free' weekend away from his wife and he's going to the game with a tax client from a construction company. They both have really dumb names for their fantasy football teams and are both comfortably and stereotypically white middle class, but man, they really hate those Broncos. The costumes and the game expenses are all a tax write-off.
  21. Would anyone really care if about 16 different teams just self-declared themselves champion this year, ala UCF? College football basically ran this way for well over 100 years, so it's not unprecedented under any terms.
  22. In honor of Kobe, every Lakers superstar has to wear two numbers to make every jersey retirement just as awkward and to ensure future Lakers will be dipping into three digits in about 20 years.
  23. City nicknames should be reserved for every unique local brewery that exists in every American city that brews 'worldwide tastes' with 'locally sourced ingredients' that serves 'the tastes of the community' and 'carries on the proud tradition of American brewing'. On second thought, they would actually be a perfect fit for MLS.
  24. We've already seen the Dallas Stars' new uniform in the Elsinore Brewery Beer League.
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