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  1. I caught a couple ballgames this weekend, and the Yankees announcers made it sound like it was an order from management to better frame pitches. With the lack of baserunning or any action on the basepaths, I guess it just solidifies the boredom of the 'three outcomes' and the negative aspects of analytics which takes the soul out of the game. Also, catching the Giants-Padres tonight was very easy on the eyes.
  2. The moribund franchise without a fan base known as the New England Patriots saw control of the team handed off from Billy Sullivan to Victor Kiam in 1988, then to James Orthwein in 1992, then Kraft in 1994. They also almost moved to St. Louis, Hartford and rumors of Providence? and probably 74 other cities in that time as well.
  3. I'm sure Sporting KC really doesn't want to lose its hard earned base of hardcore fans its built up over the years in the Ozarks to some upstart on the east side of the state.
  4. I've only heard baseball going this route, the NHL seems set at 32, along with the NFL. Maybe MLS will add another 16 teams, but it seems only baseball is going to come out of all this forever radically changed, from teams to rules to playoffs, etc. The NHL may change a couple seats at the table, but unless they're in a way, way worse situation, I can't see any changes amounting to the cumulative changes from around 1995-2000. The league started the new century in a radically different place than they did the decade before with relocations, expansion, rule changes, etc.
  5. The cost of contracting four teams would be huge, wouldn't it? Wouldn't all the teams basically have to but the contracting teams out? Wouldn't 'suspending operations' be more apt, letting the owners still 'hold the team' for some time without fielding a team before just selling the franchise to another billionaire or folding as a last resort? Is the NHL (and major sports in general) just an operation that is too big to fail or is bankruptcy and vanishing franchises a reality?
  6. Well, things could get interesting for the NHL next season, the very real possibility of no travel between Canada and the US could make for a seven team all Canada division, with 3 eight team divisions south of the border. CANADA: MON, OTT, TOR, WIN, EDM, CAL, VAN EAST: BUF, BOS, NYI, NYR, NJ, PHI, PIT, WAS CENTRAL?: CAR, TB, FLA, NSH, CHI, DET, CLB, STL WEST: MIN, DAL, ARZ, COL, VEG, LA, ANA, SJ Rough call for that eighth western team, sorry Wild! The NHL could plan to play the first half of the season in division, 42 games each team. (Canada x7 each opponent, US teams x6 each opponent). This may buy them some time to figure out a second half of the season (unless arena dates need to be plugged in by a certain date), allowing time for covid rates to hopefully slow/drop, or just schedule another 42 games for each team in their division.
  7. It'll just start an ugly trend with the Giants renaming themselves NYC United, igniting the trend and the Jets then going with New York City City or something equally dumb as only the Jets can. There will be at least three endzone painting errors in the first two seasons when the groundscrew accidentally paints 'NYC' in the end zone instead of 'City' in their stadium in Jersey. Also, the NFL would really be divided between teams naming themselves 'FC' for football club and 'SC' for sporting club. This could truly be the actual divide that destroys America, which would only complicate things for the 'United' clubs. And then there's the matter of the XFL3...
  8. I'm not saying it's ideal, but I really can't muster up many tears for the corporation that just plunked down 650 million dollars on a hockey team. Twitter is a cesspool for countless other reasons first.
  9. You think if there was any MLS team being put up for sale with the possibility of a rebrand, Utah's entry would be the first mentioned, but I guess not!
  10. This isn't about the owners taking the sides of the players and saying their strike is legitimate, its about making the owners choose to lose millions of dollars by not having playoff games or making a couple of phone calls to other rich white folks in power they are connected with who could potentially start to make changes in political and social circles. If the NBA just votes to close up shop, everybody loses and nothing improves. The players have leverage right now.
  11. Not in the Big 12, once Big Man on Campus Mike Gundy reads any of their tweets!
  12. An interesting article in the Guardian today about MLS, attendance, TV ratings/contract, and its future.
  13. How does the base color of this sandy grey road uniform compare to the grey uniform they had in the mid to late 80's before the switch to blue and orange? I always loved that shade of grey and thought it worked really well with the brown and orange they had. These new ones look spectacular as well. I'd say it's surprising teams don't use more unique shades of grey (and powder blue (more/less saturated)) but then again, it's not really something uniform manufacturers or teams seem to really care about
  14. Wow, I never would have guessed Nikespeak is a 23 year old.
  15. I know it was entirely out of their control, but do you think Miami's and Nashville's teams would have loved to have a full inaugural season instead of three games in March, a four month delay, then a fanless tournament where one gets booted out of, with the uncertainty of a (fanless) season that may or may not be played next? Who knows what happens next with the pandemic, how America handles it, and how long and severe the effects on sports are for the next few years (looks like most major sports will already probably have to radically adjust their schedules next year, who knows after that). Giving the teams more time may settle some of the business end, but also make for a smoother launch if/when things calm down. It may seem wildly cautious for any number of reasons (finances, business, etc) but everybody thought it was crazy when the first basketball games were cancelled in March too.
  16. This looks like one of those 'performance' paintings where some bearded guy in a tie dye t-shirt dips his brushes and hands into impossibly viscous paint, making sloppy, seemingly random marks all over a black canvas to a medley of Jimi Hendrix songs, then flips it over at the end to reveal it's a portrait of Ghandi.
  17. And the late entry for a name worse than Real Salt Lake has been added to the record.
  18. You mean there's a regular season coming up after this tournament thing? Is it going to be played in Florida or at home stadiums? I honestly didn't know about this. Now a message from my cynical side: these ads are also horrendous, good luck getting them off the jerseys in the future. Luckily, Adidas will probably be able to crank out a league wide template that fits every team. Look out WNBA uniforms, here comes MLS! I've never understood the near constant changing of jersey designs for every team in the league, especially when they've been adding teams for what seems to be an endless number of years already. I know, money, I know, but if the league needs to sell that many jerseys to make a difference (honestly, how many jerseys are each team selling in a year? A real number? 2,000? 5,000? 10,000? 20,000? It can't top out much past that in their wildest dreams), doesn't that show there's some serious fundamental flaws in the funding/income of the league? Doesn't the constant churning reduce each team's 'brand'? Sporting KC had nice argyle ones a few years ago that were super popular and it seemed like they owned it, but they switched and switched and switched. I think Dallas is red and white stripes? I remember Philadelphia having nice initial jerseys that got watered down fast. I'm not anti-soccer or anti-MLS, at all. I was a season ticket holder in the now dark ages (98-02) with a bunch of friends, going to games was super fun, affordable, and the soccer was mostly entertaining to watch. I guess I'm a casual fan at best now. Again, I don't hate soccer or denigrate it or its fans, but I've just never understood the constant changing of jerseys. For a sport so bound to traditions and fan bases, supporters groups, etc, it seems counter intuitive to just keep substituting schlock for schlock every couple of years.
  19. No to mention that when most of them were built, cities weren't like today's 'urban playgrounds' filled with old warehouses converted into expensive lofts, ax throwing businesses, artisan pickle shops, and businesses and residents lined up and clamoring to move in and experience 'city life'. The renaissance of the urban core in America is a relatively new phenomenon over the past 10-20 years. During the late 60's and early 70s was when lots of cities experienced white flight when white residents left for the suburbs, destroying cities' tax bases. Building two stadiums in the 60s or 70s would've been a huge expense for any city surrounded by crumbing infrastructure and evaporating tax base.
  20. Sounds like a Nike/green problem.
  21. The Diamondbacks and Devil Rays always felt odd and almost as an afterthought as expansion teams. When the Marlins and Rockies entered the league in '93 there were cities bidding against each other for the two slots (I remember reading the Sporting News and hearing about Buffalo's bid). It seemed like a true open ended process that ended with baseball selecting the two best cities (even writing that makes my younger self feel very pollyanna). When '98 expansion came around, it just seemed like baseball said, 'here's two more teams, and they both have convoluted names and identities'. Then Arizona ended up with 54 uni combos and Tampa got a gradient logo. Edit: Here's a look at the 1993 expansion process, which was drawn out and started in 1985: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1993_Major_League_Baseball_expansion The 98 expansion actually had 27!!!! applicants, but only lasted a year: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1998_Major_League_Baseball_expansion
  22. How do people in North and South Carolina get along? Obviously, SC is not getting a pro team anytime soon, so do NC folks resent getting tagged with the 'Carolina' moniker? Is there a real chance for SC folks to root for Georgia or Florida teams if they aren't included in the name? Is the Carolina naming thing more of a 'suggestion' from a sports league's marketing team?
  23. That Royals cap looks like a 'Free Cap Night' promotion. I'd like to see another angle just to make sure there's not some insurance company sponsorship patch on the back.
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