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  1. Lucas Oil Stadium Staples Center (Lakers game) Lincoln Financial Field
  2. Here's all of them, including a few that I just went on tours in: MLB Dodger Angel McAfee AT&T Petco Chase Busch I Miller US Cellular Wrigley Great American Progressive Fenway Yankee (old one) Camden Yards Tropicana Turner NBA Staples (Clippers game) TD Banknorth (stadium tour) Conseco (stadium tour) NHL Staples (Kings game) NFL Raymond James RCA Dome (tour) Georgia Dome (tour) M&T Bank (tour)
  3. This week's winners: Chicago Houston Indy Minnesota New Orleans Jets Carolina Washington Denver Dallas Philly Seattle New England Giants
  4. I will be shocked if the Colts hold the Ravens to 10 points. Heck it wouldn't surprise me if we lost to them on Sunday. Also Carson Palmer isn't starting vs. the Jets. No chance Cincinnati beats the Jets this week.
  5. Cleveland Browns (version 1): no Super Bowls Baltimore Ravens: won Super Bowl XXXV Cleveland Browns (version 2): still no Super Bowls
  6. This week's winners: Tennessee Carolina Chicago Green Bay Indianapolis San Diego NY Giants Philadelphia Denver Buffalo Dallas New England Jacksonville Minnesota
  7. I may be in the minority here, but I don't see why the Lions should drop the black. I think it gives the uniform a much needed "pop". They should, however, ditch that hideous black alt for good (I know they're not using it this year, but that's only because they're using the throwback alt for one of their 75th Anniversary season).
  8. As much as I like your LA-CHC prediction, I don't see much chance, even with Manny, that the Dodgers get past Chicago. Their pitching staffs are about equal, but the Cubs' offensive firepower is much better than the Dodgers. LA only has Manny (and I guess Andre Ethier) as legit power hitters, while the Cubs have 5 guys who hit 20 HRs.
  9. ALDS LAA def. BOS 3-1 MIN/CHW def. TB 3-1 NLDS PHI def. MIL 3-1 CHC def. LAD 3-2 ALCS LAA def. MIN/CHW 4-3 NLCS CHC def. PHI 4-2 WORLD SERIES LAA def. CHC 4-1
  10. I'll just post winners... Cincy Tennessee Denver New Orleans J-E-T-S Tampa Bay Carolina Jacksonville San Diego Buffalo Dallas Philadelphia Pittsburgh
  11. My rankings: 1. Dallas 2. NY Giants 3. Denver 4. Tennessee 5. Philadelphia 28. Houston 29. Cincinnati 30. Detroit 31. Kansas City 32. St. Louis
  12. Almost forgot to add the other two games... Dallas over Green Bay San Diego over NY Jets
  13. Wow I had an off week last week. Anyway here goes for Week 3... Atlanta over KC Carolina over Minnesota Chicago over Tampa Bay Giants over Cincinnati New England over Miami Washington over Arizona Tennessee over Houston Buffalo over Oakland Denver over New Orleans San Fran over Detroit Seattle over St. Louis Cleveland over Baltimore - upset special Pittsburgh over Philly Indy over Jacksonville (just barely)
  14. Crap. Though for some reason it might not bother too many people if the Kings left, as they have sucked for a while. I'd probably just jump to the Ducks if they ever left LA. But let's hope they don't.
  15. Actually I have a better idea for them... I think they should simply put "NEW YORK" in both endzones... one in Giants' font and one in Jets' font. They're the only stadium that should have the NFL logo at midfield, because they have more than one team. I think the Panthers should put their logo at midfield, or else put an alt logo (IDK if they have one, maybe they should get some sort of Carolina blue alt logo) the NJSEA will not allow "New York" to be put in the endzone. Back in the astroturf days, when the Jets changed to their current logo and uniform set, they had their logo zippered in at midfield. The NJSEA made sure the "NY" in the background of the jets logo was removed. They're serious in Jersey, man. Then I'd just put "JETS" in one endzone and "GIANTS" in the other, or just have the throwback-style endzones with those lines, like in Green Bay.