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  1. The next update is for the Demons. Full disclosure: I used Microsoft Word for help with this one. Added gradient helmets. I think this may be the best look in the league now. Primary Uniforms Alternate Uniforms I love to hear feedback, and prepare for 4 more teams coming at some point before the NFL season starts. Paint on!
  2. Great afternoon everyone! I have another update on a couple teams, so let's get right into it! The first update comes in the form of a new logo for the Tritons! Primary Logo This will act as the primary mark for the Tritons. I have used it to update the uniform sets as well. Primary Uniforms I added the new logo to the pants. I have utilized it on the alternates as well. First, the updated logos for the alternate. Alternate Primary Logo Alternate Helmet Logo Alternate Uniforms I added the new logo to the sleeves in place of the old logo. Next update will be on the next post!
  3. jmoe12 brought up some good points, and I've got an update for 3 of the 4 teams. First is the Tritons. Primary Uniforms I increased the size of the helmet logo. I compared the primary logo with the Florida State arrow logo and decided to keep it the same size. Eventually I think I will add another logo to the mix. The next update is for the Demons Primary Uniforms I switched the order of the outline colors on the home numbers. Super simple, but fixed an issue. The last update is for the Sentinels. Third Logo Alternate Uniforms I added a third logo which I made before I posted the team originally, but it went unused. I have added this logo to the alternate jersey as the sleeve logo. As always C&C please!
  4. Thanks for your feedback, it is very useful! I will see what I can do and post an update.
  5. For paint, make everything huge. Make your outlines super thick. That is the only way to make your design have clean looking edges using that program. Your idea is good, and with the proper execution, you will have a great looking logo.
  6. The next team is called the Sentinels. Primary Logo Secondary Logo Primary Uniforms Alternate Uniforms Please let me know what you think! Is anyone out there? Anyone?
  7. This next concept is for a team called the Demons. Primary Logo Primary Uniforms Alternate Uniforms
  8. Second concept is for a team called the Tritons. Primary Uniforms Alternate Uniform Let me know what you think, and paint on!
  9. So I took jmoe12's suggestion and moved the numbers (and chest stripe) up higher. I also created an alternate uniform! Updated Primary Uniforms Alternate Uniforms As always, C&C is welcome and appreciated!
  10. Thank you! I agree that the numbers are low on the back, but they look funny on top of the stripes if they are not centered.
  11. These concepts are for an upcoming fantasy football league, as always created using MS Paint. C&C is welcomed. The first team is the Mutineers. Primary Secondary Uniforms Let me know what you think!
  12. This is dope. I really don't have any suggestions for improvement. Well done! (Nice username btw.)
  13. I've been following this thread, and let me say it has been nothing short of breathtaking! My only complaint is the uniforms of Tampa Bay United. Being from that area, I love the color scheme and the badge, I'm just not a fan of the primary. I think the colors are out there enough, and a bit more classic jersey style would work to kind of calm the set down.
  14. If you want to join my fantasy league, look at the locations avaliable in the Continental Football League thread in the Graveyard, then reply to me the uniforms, location, and name of the team.

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