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  1. This is simply their 1998-2006 jersey in yellow. Still their most iconic look.
  2. Here is the Cape Breton Eagles 25th Anniversary logo...
  3. Very serious question, quite possibly the most serious question ever asked on this forum... Will the Islanders Reverse Retro logo have only three stripes on the stick or four?
  4. The sleeve numbers on LA's RR would look better if they were purple with a yellow then white outline.
  5. The Screaming Eagles then actually went to this exact template in 2006!
  6. Not that many people here would notice, as it's purely coincidental, but the striping on this Vegas Reverse Retro is almost exactly the same as the striping worn by the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles during the years Fleury played there from 2000 to 2004.
  7. Based on the new teaser video, it looks like they only perforated sections of the numbers, to give the illusion to appear beveled with the white or silver layer under it bleeding through. This is made more evident by the brief glimpse if the main logo itself, with the perforations pretty much lining up with where the bevels are in the logo.
  8. Some teams probably had third jerseys planned for release this offseason, regardless of everything getting delayed by Covid. It's possible the Reverse Retros weren't meant to be unveiled until close to the start of the season, or a ways into it. (Similar to how there would always be one or two teams that never unveiled their's until US Thanksgiving.) This Stars jersey coming out tomorrow is likely a new third jersey. A Reverse Retro of their's is likely coming much later.
  9. If I had to guess, that looks like it might actually be Charlottetown's new home jersey as the sleeve and waist striping matches that of the white jerseys (just different order of colors) that I've seen in person two weeks ago when they played the Eagles here.
  10. I'm hoping the Stars go with either of these options for their retro...
  11. I re-edited my post to show my jerseys again from a different URL. Actually here's one more idea I'd like to see, a variation of my other concept...
  12. So this is what the Habs are rumored to be wearing... This is the reverse retro I'd like to see (or a variation of it)...
  13. It always intrigues me how much people will debate about how much the Canucks logos may or may not have anything to do with Canucks, but nobody beats an eye at the current logos of the Golden State Warriors.
  14. So with little fanfare, the Cape Breton Eagles also changed their name and number fonts. Names are single color black on white and white on black, but the numbers are now yellow with a single black outline on the white jerseys and white with a black and yellow outline on black.
  15. The Canadiens also do, though the red shoulders kind of make it not as noticeable.
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