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  1. https://www.houstontexans.com/photos/2020-texans-home-uniform-schedule#37e62ab4-bd16-4a48-83e3-2d4effc1c4fa So the Steelers are wearing white at home?
  2. For the Vikings jerseys...no outline on the number on the throwback jersey. Why add the Norseman logo to the sleeves of the jerseys and if so, shouldn't it be facing forward on both sleeves?
  3. Does anyone know where I can get pictures of the number sets used on the new jerseys? Colts, Browns, Falcons, Bucs, etc. Thanks in advance.
  4. Vikings wearing purple in New Orleans. https://www.vikings.com/photos/equipment-staff-readies-uniforms-for-sunday#2ab537c1-278f-4a5f-b6ff-616ecbca5101
  5. White pants. Always. End of discussion.
  6. I just want to pile on and bring nothing new to the table. As a Vikings season ticket holder, I love the update. Skol!
  7. I'm sure that it is a Nike created font and it is not available, but can anyone identify anything close to the new numbers on the Oregon State jerseys? Thanks in advance...
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