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  1. Bronco II was not the original Bronco. It was a smaller version. That being said, the horse never changed, to my knowledge on either model.
  2. I know I should know this, but what is the font on the NHL.com site in the Scores, Standings, Schedules, Stats, etc. dropdown links?
  3. 4 super conferences using the pod system fits very nicely into a national 16 team playoff. Each conference could have the 4 pod champs play in the first round. Two winners play in the second round for a conference championship, setting up the final four (conference champions) very nicely. I could see these four supercons breaking away from the NCAA to do this.
  4. Looking for ideas on the font for Pacific Coast...............I found LHF Flash Script thats sort of close, but wanted to hear other ideas.
  5. What's the closest approximation of the Jackson Generals' 'JG' logo?
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