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  1. Let's fast forward a year, it?s 2010, and you?re Hockey Canada. Who are you picking for Team Canada? Here are my picks. Forwards Sydney Crosby, Jarome Iginla, Vincent Lecavalier, Jason Spezza, Danny Heatley, Joe Thornton, Ryan Getzlaf, Martin St. Louis, Marc Savard, Eric Staal, Rick Nash, Ryan Smyth, Jeff Carter Defence Chris Pronger, Dion Phaneuf, Dan Boyle, Brian Campbell, Wade Redden, Ed Jovanovski, Jay Bouwmeester Goalies Roberto Luongo, Carey Price, Cam Ward Reserves: Shane Doan, Jonathan Towes, Patrick Kane
  2. You couldn't blame him as much in 02 because there was no other option & the situation never came up before. However, you would think after what happened in Milwaukee that Selig would have something prepared for future all star games. In 02 you couldn't see that coming, but since then you have to expect it.
  3. So how does the AL blow it this inning?
  4. I didn't complain, merely made an observation. I know calls are botched all the time, it's part of the human element that makes baseball so great. Navarro should've pulled a Pete Rose and knocked the catcher the eff out to win the All-Star game. (It was Pete Rose, right?) And I'm with Hedley here...I like the red helmet much, much better. Yep, he separated Ray Fosse's shoulder on that play & pretty much killed his career.
  5. If they don't have some kind of plan if this game keeps going Selig will officially be the dumbest man in sports. With all the crap that he took for the tie in 2002, you would think that some kind of plan would be in place for future all star games. I don't see what the big deal is with wiping every player's slate clean and then letting them re-enter the game. I mean it is the all-star game, not the world series. You can suspend the rules in order to have a winner. That's what I thought they should've done with the 02 game in Milwuakee . I think the problem is more pitchers, having a pitcher come back into a game I'm sure isn't good for his arm. Even if you could have Halladay or Saunders or Nathan re-enter that game, warming them back up & putting them back out would probably not be a good idea, or go over well with their managers if they got injured.
  6. If they don't have some kind of plan if this game keeps going Selig will officially be the dumbest man in sports. With all the crap that he took for the tie in 2002, you would think that some kind of plan would be in place for future all star games.
  7. So Francona isn't going to use Rivera? That's going to go over big in the Bronx
  8. Actually I've heard Tagliabu talk about wanting to have another Super Bowl at the Rose Bowl.
  9. Ok, some controversie here, but I'm staying all Canadian. Best Sports City: Montreal. Montreal got a bad rap because of the Expos, But Montreal has never been a bandwagon city. Montreal hockey fans are some of the smartest and best in the conuntry (booing of the Star Spangeled Banner notwithstanding). The Alouettes have sold out ever home game since 1999 and are some of the most passionate in the CFL. As for the Expos, as my dad always said, 5000 fans at Olympic stadium made more noise than 20000 at the Skydome. Anyone who went to an Expos game after 1995 were always among the smartes baseball fans out there. As for their attendance, Fans in Montreal knew that it was only a matter of time before they left no matter how often they came out once the new stadum was killed. Couple that with Loria comming in & taking the Expos off english TV & radio & you end up with bitter fans. But if the new stadium happened the Expos would easily outdraw the Blue Jays every year,. Worst Sports City: Toronto Ok, don't get me started on the self proclaimed "Leaf-nation" Leaf hockey fans are the most ignorant around. No matter what year their team is the favorite to win the Stanley Cup. As for Blue Jay fans. Most of the people at a Blue Jays game couldn't tell you the score if you pointed out the scoreboard to them. & they are way to quiet, the quote about 5000 vs. 20000 comes into play here. Toronto fans go where it is fashionable to be seen. In the early 90's it was at Blue Jays games. In the late 90's/2000-2001, It was Raptor games.
  10. Ok, Babe Ruth had 677 Plate apperances in 1927 when he hit 60 HR's Roger Maris had 684 Plate apperances in 1961 when he hit 61 HR's Therefore (60/677=0.088626) (61/684=0.089181) Under this presumption, Had Ruth had 684 Plate Apperances (0.088626x684) he would have hit 60.6 Home Runs, round up and that is 61. If each player had 690 Plate apperances, Ruth would have hit 61 Home Runs while Maris would have hit 62 Home Runs. Lesson for the day, a season is a season.All the crap about 8 extra games is BS. Maris had the record.
  11. It's just too bad that Canada never has it's best teams in the LLWS. Oh well, go go
  12. AL East: Red Sox AL Central: Tigers AL West: Athletics AL Wild Card: White Sox Tigers over Red Sox Athletics over White Sox Tigers over Athletics NL East: Mets NL Central: Cardinals NL West: Dodgers NL Wild Card: Reds Reds over Mets Cardinals over Dodgers Cardinals over Reds Tigers over Cardinals
  13. I liked the box where it was. it doesn't seem that out of place. But then again, I was watching the game in a bar with a 50 in screen, So mabey I should reserve judgment untill I see a game at home.