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  1. Used to be 12 when they'd won 12 national titles. Now the number is 13 since they won last year.
  2. Number 2 won according to a reporter in Tupelo.
  3. Mississippi State is having a fan vote for the new floor design. I think I'd pick C. I'm not sure though
  4. Someone snuck in and took pictures of the new Mississippi State uni's. I kind of like them, although they are way more modern than State's ever had in the past. They do beat the heck of the crap they've had the past 5 years. MSU Uni Thread
  5. While I don't mind the look, as it was an attempt to go back to their uniforms from the 70's and 80's, I feel that Mississippi State is a school that needs to make new tradition as the only tradition they only have in footbal is losing. Regardless of what happens with the uniforms, I really hope they ditch the white helmets in the near future and go back to a Maroon helment with white facemasks.
  6. [quote just because their current uniforms are simple does not mean they suck. I'm a huge State fan, don't get me wrong. I just feel like we have plain uniforms for the sake of really bad tradition. The heyday of Mississippi State football took place in the late 90's. When I remember us being good, it was in the Nike Miss. State uniforms. I'm not saying go back to those exactly, but that helmet and that uniform design were way better than what they changed too.
  7. Mississippi State is what happens when you have a school with no tradition, average color scheme, and poor decision makers at high positions. They have to have the worst football design in the NCAA. Absolutely horrible. Nothing worse than the mono-maroon they've begun to wear with more and more regularity. While their look from the late 90's probably wasn't great either, it was light years ahead of what they wear now. Whatever you do, please give them the maroon helmets back.
  8. Can you do one for Mississippi State?
  9. it is two ideas in one. The first is just the general idea of the uniform, i dont think there is anything quite like it, then its also being illustrated with my high school witch makeds fro copncept #2! I want C&C on the general uniform idea and my high schools idea. I like the helmet. I really don't have that much of a problem with the uni's either, although its not my preference. One thing I would say is I feel the Fairfield is too large on the front of the jersey. I'd probably pick either the name or the nickname, and expand the number font. It might look cool with the helmet, with a black jersey and red pants.
  10. If I'm not mistaken the gold jersey in the picture is what they've worn the past few years.
  11. I'd say it's about time they busted out these gems.
  12. This is very early it appears. What do you guys think? MOD EDIT: Artwork removed at designer's request.