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  1. wow, i kinda thought it was simple and traditional, and not over the top like some of the new courts in the past year
  2. there is a local store in Boone that is called Mountaineer Mania, and they have this logo that they use, It would have been nice to do something like this: http://blackandgoldnc.blogspot.com/2008_02_01_archive.html
  3. jgsmith725

    Georgia Tech

    This is how I think Georgia Tech should look. Simple and Traditional
  4. Here is Appalachian States 2013 poster
  5. the helmet on top might just be the one they use for press conferences (no stripes on it) and the logo looks too small (too much blank space) . The other two don't look to bad though this is there everygame helmet: I have never seen the matte black helmet with the black "A" logo before..
  6. I dont know how legit these are but one is posted by an assistant coach for Appalachian and the other is from the beginning of a highlight video.
  7. Would you be able to take my floor concept and add it into your floor for nba2k? http://boards.sports...s-rebrand-2013/
  8. Here is more of App State new unis, i especially like the white pullover v neck Wow I wish those pullovers had a Block-A hat with them. I love the new set. Here is the pullover set with Block A hat and helmet:
  9. Here is more of App State new unis, i especially like the white pullover v neck
  10. There are a lot bobcat fans that root for them already that would love to see the Hornets name back and being from charlotte, I love having the bobcats here, would i love it even more if it were the hornets name..Yes I agree, the typefacee actually blends well with the Hornets logo, the design is the current design the wear now, i do see your point about it being orlando magic-esque