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  1. Everything is in a better location than Tropicana Sam's Club. Awful stadium, awful location. Honestly, I'm surprised it's worked as well as it has and that ain't saying much. That being said, as I've stated numerous times on these here boards and elsewhere (like the official podcast of CCSLC) baseball will never work in Florida. You can build all the stadiums you want wherever you want, but it won't matter. The only thing dumber than putting a team in Florida was putting two teams in Florida.
  2. I shudder to think about how much money the four of us have dumped into this thing over 9 years. We've been in the red since day one. We're still in the red on appx. day 3,000.
  3. FWIW, over the nine years we've been doing BASS, I've done multiple podcasts unrelated to CCSLC as have my co-hosts. We've never promoted them here because they have nothing to do with CCSLC. BASS is hosted entirely by CCSLC members and it's very CCSLC-centric. BASS is also born of a podcast that was the original official podcast of these here boards, the Logocast. Do we have listeners outside CCSLC? Yes, but BASS is a podcast that is produced by CCSLC members for CCSLC members. Anything past that is just icing on the cake. All that being said, I'd be willing to give your show a listen. If it's well produced, has good sound quality, and is engaging, I'd be happy to help you promote it via BASS on our non-CCSLC outlets. Frankly, my biggest concern is that you'll be like most people who decide they want to do a podcast. You'll do a show or two , realize how much work it really is, and bail on it. Doing a show for 9 years isn't as easy as it looks. Trust us on that. Hope that helps.
  4. These red based (and Reds based) Indians uniforms lasted exactly one season.
  5. Nothing turning a gorilla loose wouldn't solve.
  6. I think this guy pretty well summed it up.
  7. Don't get mad at me for asking, but how so? I'm genuinely curious to hear your answer.
  8. I see one of those "brother I never knew I had" shows in their future.
  9. You could say the same thing about Ernie Banks. A more modern example might be Ichiro.
  10. Mostly by hack Sports Journalist-Americans. I'm willing to risk it.
  11. The access would still remain equal. We'd just lose the dick waving. I'd call that a win all around.
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