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  1. I think they can fast track a vaccine, but even then you're still probably looking at 6-8 months. As I said earlier, barring a miracle, we should start getting used to the idea that the 2020 seasons are over.
  2. Nice to know that's universal. On my team, the coach's kid threw like know and he couldn't hit the ground if he fell out of a tree, but there he was starting every game over players we all knew were better. But I digress... On topic: Honestly, I'm beginning to think we should start getting used to the idea that the 2020 sports season may be over for everyone from LL right up to the NFL. Short of a quick approval of a vaccine or some miraculous cure, this thing isn't going to simply "go away." Even when we get back to some level of normalcy, the virus is still going to be out there. Putting thousands of people in stadiums probably isn't going to be the best idea for a good long while. Even if we can fast track a vaccine, we're still probably looking at 6-8 months before it's available. That puts us somewhere between September and November. I don't see CFB or the NFL being able to get in anything resembling a season in that time frame. I suppose the other possibility would be to go back to the games without fans idea. That could work too. , I don't know. I'm just spitballing here.
  3. As a bonus, we'll get to see the exciting new way China downplays how it screwed up the world in an exciting new way. Good times!
  4. Then who was that team we were rooting for in Cleveland for 52 years?
  5. Pretty sure the FDA isn't rolling the dice on 20 people and "some guy with bad hair." Australia and India were the first to report that they were seeing success using those drugs. There are a lot of reports out there from medical professionals saying they are seeing good success with the cocktail. Granted, the medical community is saying that the best evidence they have is "anecdotal" but the numbers still look promising.
  6. We could be seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.
  7. He's an Angels fan from Whitby, Ontario which of course makes him the preeminent authority on programming sports TV for the West Coast of the United States.
  8. We got another virtual race tomorrow, boys. iRacing from Texas tomorrow at 1pm eastern.
  9. Unless we get an all clear from a reliable medical source by, say, mid-June, my guess is there won't be any football at all this upcoming season. At best, we're probably looking at a delayed start and an abbreviated season. And I think that may be too optimistic.
  10. Broadcast laws? Surely, you jest.
  11. A series of bad decisions usually means that whoever is making those decisions was already predisposed to make the worst decision of the chain. It's not like the first bad decision "softened the ground" for the next one and so on. Point being, if the NFL allows 35 helmets per team, all that means is the NFL was probably OK with 35 helmets per team all along. Anyway, I'm with you. Wear your best look and be done with it.
  12. The idea of the slippery slope is that one bad decision starts a chain of related bad decisions. The reality is that each decision stands alone. Bad decision A is not the reason we ended up at bad decision X. The "slope" could have been easily stopped at every point along the way. One bad decision does not make the next bad decision more likely or the next logical step.