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  1. TNF is perfect for your extra point gorilla idea. Mic him up and put him in.
  2. You have options here and none of them are "continue to argue."
  3. 15 laps in and we've already lost a third of the field.
  4. It's not your job to enforce the rules here. If you see a violation, report it and move on. Period.
  5. Did I miss the meeting where we put you in charge of these matters? Here's an idea, how about you let the mod team take a shot at moderating. If you see a rule violation, simply report it and leave the rest to us. Deal?
  6. You made your comments well after the moderating team had issued a warning to drop the matter. That's why your post was edited. It happens. MOD EDIT: Remaining posts are edited accordingly. Bureaucracy and all.
  7. Fair enough, but from this point forward, let the mods handle the moderating. Thanks.
  8. I am, and I'll echo him. Keep this focused on uniform and logo design. This mod will echo the echo. It would be a shame to lock a 226 page thread.
  9. Not for nothing, but there are plenty of sane, rational people who believe in a "higher power." How about you dial down the ridicule by about 85%? FWIW, I won't take a knee for anyone or anything. Period. Doesn't matter if I believe in the cause or a higher power, or whatever, I ain't doing it. What does that make me?
  10. Suicide by mod. We never run short on idiots around here.
  11. At least you didn't refer to us as a suburb of Detroit like a lot of people do.
  12. Toledo is on the border of Michigan. Canada is a good 60 miles north of us. Anyway, we didn't get CBC over the air. CBC was carried on our local cable system. Apparently, our cable system made the choice to carry CBC Channel 9. I can't remember if the over the air signal out of Windsor was strong enough to pick up in Toledo. I'm sure Detroit and Windsor had the on-air carry over you referred to. In fact, when I was in grade school, the most popular radio station around was 800 AM CKLW out of Windsor. It was what us radio people call a "flamethrower." Its signal was so strong that it was clear as a bell throughout most of Ohio. Even though it broadcast out of Canada, CKLW was positioned as a Detroit station at the time. It was the undisputed champion of Top 40 radio. Today, it's a full on Canadian talk station and I'm pretty sure the signal was either turned down or redirected towards Canada because we can barely pick it up these days. EDIT: Speaking of flamethrower radio stations. Last week, I was listening to WTAM 1100 out of Cleveland - while I was driving in Spring Hill, FL which is 1060 miles from Cleveland. 50,000 watts and a clear channel will do some distance on AM radio.
  13. FWIW, in Toledo back in the 80's, we had CBC on our cable package. (It may still be there, I don't know) I cut my hockey teeth on Hockey Night in Canada. If Toledo, Ohio managed to find a way to carry CBC, I have to think it would have been easy enough to pull it off in other markets.
  14. After seeing the pics, I think all white just might be the Texans best look.