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  1. Pianoknight was around long enough to know the rules on inflammatory political posts. On top of that, we made it abundantly clear that we were not going to tolerate any political BS in the WFT threads. He knew all that and went for it anyway. Wanton disregard for the rules never ends well. He has no one to blame but himself.
  2. Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and bring it back. Today, we are all Cardinals...
  3. I disagree. He came at them the right amount. I disagree. He went easy on them.
  4. Other than being desperate for Vikings games, that is exactly how I would describe my experience with the 70's Cowboys - right down to the "Cowboys Broadcasting System." I had one friend who was a Cowboys fan and the only reason he was a Cowboys fan was because he was from Texas. Everyone else despised that team.
  5. Oh please. That is just ridiculous. First off, "Cowboy" is a job, not a race. Second, I'm pretty sure the military did most of the murdering of those "thousands of American Indians." Cowboys did like herding cattle, not wearing cowboy hats, and keeping the brothels in business. Finally, there are plenty of places to discuss cancel culture and these boards are not any of them. I'm asking nicely that you knock it off. Please don't make me ask again. Thanks.
  6. The Kings and Knights ranked higher than the Rangers and Habs? Sorry, I can't do a podcast with you any more. That being said, I enjoy your lists.
  7. Love it. I could go either way on the white stripes on the home jersey. Looks good with them, would look good without them. A+ all around.
  8. Best I can remember, Lee, Slapshot, Mockba (now -kj-) Brian in Boston, YH, JoshWaggle (or something like that), and I believe Chris was still a mod way back then. There may have been more, but those are the ones I remember.
  9. It's a complicated process, but I'll do my best to explain how it works. First, the Majestic XII has to decide to open the moderator books. This happens roughly every 23 to 27 months. It's called the "Twenty Three to Twenty Seven Month Quell." A combination of charts, equations, Jim Beam, and a washing machine are used to determine the exact time frame. Once the M-XII declares "the moderator books are open", there is a special M-XII committee that selects members as a possible moderator candidates. Usually, 31 members are "tapped" as potential mod candidates, but that number can be a little higher or a little lower depending on that season's quell. "Tapped" candidates will find Hartford Whalers jersey slipped under their door. Once the 31 members are selected as a potential mods, there are a series of grueling physical and mental tests in which each candidate must participate. Secrecy forbids me from being specific about the tests, but I can tell you that they're not easy. Of the initial 31 (give or take) candidates, the number that make it through the initial process averages about 4.7. Some quells may produce five or more candidates while other quells have been a complete waste of everyone's time because no one got past round one. The candidates who survive the initial process are then subjected to another series of even more grueling physical and mental tests. Again, I can't be specific, but I can tell you that part of it requires building an air compressor from scratch. Generally, 1-2 candidates will make it past round two of testing. Those candidates are then voted on by the full membership of the Majestic XII. The M-XII vote must be unanimous. If the vote is not unanimous, the M-XII will post a picture of a Cleveland Browns helmet with a random logo on it. If the vote is unanimous and a new mod has been selected, the M-XII will post a picture of an NFL helmet with a gray face mask to let the masses know that a decision has been made and a new moderator has joined the ranks. Hope that explains it.
  10. Loved Florida January thru April. Wasn’t as crazy about it May thru August.
  11. Not that much better. Oh, and Boston isn't a state.
  12. Kinda like 2nd Florida for me.
  13. A Cardinals fan. Figures.
  14. Can't we find out which American you're referring to and have a talk with that person? Could be an easy fix here.