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  1. As long as y'all keep behaving, we should be fine. We knew going in that there would be a few issues here and there. Just my take as one mod, but I think overall it's gone surprisingly well.
  2. Sure, but the halftime shows would really be something.
  3. Good question. If Old Golds do exist, they probably aren't very popular. I have to think that they literally killed off most their customer base by the 80's at the latest.
  4. One would think, but... About two years ago, I was called a redskin by someone who thought it was funny. If memory serves, he said "you Redskin, how" with his had held up like he was an Indian in a John Wayne movie. He then proceeded to throw in "wampum" and "me this" and "you that." Hilarious stuff. My guess is he would have never said that to a "full blood" but he had no problem saying it to me. That's not to say it's still common, but it is definitely still out there. EDIT: Then again, my own grandmother used to refer to us (herself included) as "injuns." Strange world we live in.
  5. It was a reply to Gothamite. I had full confidence that he wouldn't let it wouldn't go south. And he didn't.
  6. A football team is changing its name? When did that happen?
  7. I wasn't "handwaving" away the NCAI and I never said it isn't legitimate. In fact, I said I wasn't knocking it. My point was that the NCAI isn't the be all end all voice on NA issues. That's all.
  8. Just curious, do you feel the same way about your state legislature? It's supposed to represent the entire state of New York, but I can tell you from personal experience that the folks in CNY feel like everything is geared toward NYC and the rest of the state is an afterthought. My guess is the state of New York has passed plenty of resolutions that NYC loved and everyone else hated. Or vice versa.
  9. could simply come to terms with the fact that your team did the right thing and embrace it.
  10. Yeah, there's literally no chance that I'd ask you to call me that. If you did, you'd most likely find yourself getting up off the floor. I don't care what its origin is, it's a slur and it has been from day one. Period. Just because you've never heard someone use it as a slur doesn't mean it's not a slur. And I'm pretty sure you already know that.
  11. Believing that the NCAI represents all Native Americans is as silly as believing that Nickelback represents all rock bands. I'm not knocking the NCAI, I'm just saying it isn't the be all end all Native American organization. The funny thing to me about this is how so many people seem to believe that all Native Americans think the same way.
  12. If you don't mind me answering your question, if those Nations are OK with it, I don't see the problem. At that point, it's between the Nation and the school or team. Period. If the Nation believes the name is a tribute or "builds up" that Nation's image, what else matters? The last thing we need is a bunch of well meaning white people telling Native Nations or Native people how to handle these matters. You can ask my Great-Great Grandfather how that usually works out.
  13. Here's a question for you, I am half Native American. If we met in person, would you be comfortable calling me a "Redskin?"
  14. He barely missed the playoffs in '37, but that was as close as he'd ever get.
  15. I'm half "Native/Indigenous/First nation" or whatever we're being called this week, and I'm not worried about anyone explaining anything. The name is gone. Pretty sure most people will know why without beating them over the head with it. The ones that need to be beaten over the head with why will never understand anyway. FWIW, when I drive on to a reservation, I don't see a sign explaining why it wasn't OK at the time and still isn't OK today that the people living there were forced to live there because...well....reasons, I guess. Just another perspective.
  16. History books and aren't the same thing. Point being, changing "Redskins beat Bears 73-0" to "Washington beats Chicago 73-0" in some almanac isn't erasing the history of the team. The history isn't going anywhere, just the name from this point forward. We aren't going to forget that this team was called the Redskins for a good long while. Sure, in 80 years it will be a footnote, but it will still be there. You need to let the historians handle the history stuff.
  17. Don't think I said "presented without comment" did I?
  18. If Cleveland can get used to an entirely different franchise posing as the "reborn" Browns, I'm pretty sure you'll be able to survive a different decal on your helmets.
  19. To be fair, I think it could be presented without it looking even a little bit okay. The trick would be explaining why it lasted until 2020.