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  1. Let me preface this by saying that I'm only half "NA" and my family hasn't lived on a Rez since the 1870's. My opinion does not carry much weight with these issues. That being said, is there one "catch-all" name that would honor "NA" people? Probably not. The question becomes this; by honoring one Nation are you inadvertently dishonoring another? For example, what might work with for the Onondaga may not work for the Cherokee and so on. As much as I admire your intent, I think the more prudent move would be to leave "NA" inspired team names to the past. Not saying they were all bad, just that it might be time to stop trotting out new ones.
  2. There is a firm grasp of the obvious and then there is taking the obvious and choking it to death.
  3. The headlines about the team getting popped write themselves. OK, that cracked me up.
  4. Get back on topic, boys. There are plenty of fine places to have your current discussion and this place isn't any of them.
  5. Pretty sure that's not what OldSchoolVikings was referring to. Experience is a wonderful thing.
  6. I'd be willing to bet good money that you're the only person in this thread who thought of that.
  7. I'm blaming @IceCap. On our podcast, he said that he really liked the name Red Wolves and here we are.
  8. At this point, I think we all get it.
  9. Another factor to consider is that it's "indoor" season in Florida, Arizona, and Texas. That may have something to do with the surge in cases we're seeing there as well. Things were bad in the "Union" states back in March and April and then we saw improvement as the weather warmed up and we weren't locked up indoors. We're kinda seeing the same thing play out in the south as it gets really hot and people are spending more time indoors. (There are plenty of legit sources out there who say that the virus transmits much more easily indoors so yell at them if you disagree.) Whatever the reason, the NBA playing in Florida is probably not the best idea right now. Then again, I think all sports should pack it in for 2020 and try again next year. I'm not crazy about every game I watch being nothing more than a stark reminder that we're in the middle of a pandemic.
  10. Despite the fact that I usually lean heavily towards traditional looks, I don't really care for stirrups at all. When compared to the full length pants look, I think stirrups look kinda silly. I'll head on over to the city gates now to get ready for my public stoning.
  11. I seriously doubt it. As I said in my previous post, Florence is all about the "Y'all" bit. FWIW, my entire family is from Kentucky. I've heard "Y'all" more times than I can count. I've never heard a Kentucky hillbilly, relative or otherwise, say "damn yankees." They call us Ohioans "buckeyes" and it's not meant as a reference to Ohio State. No idea how they refer to people from other states, but if it's "damn yankees", I've never heard it.
  12. If you're familiar with Florence, the name makes perfect sense. My Mom used to live in Florence. When I was there, "Florence, Y'all" wasn't just on the water tower, it seemed like it was everywhere. No idea if it still does, but the city used to have an annual "Y'all Festival." Anyway, I love the look and the name. Well done.
  13. It always bugged me that they didn't do a dirt warning track. SInce, you know, there would be no warning if you're tracking a ball in the outfield if the surface is just painted brown. Don't know if you guys already knew this, but the warning track at Progressive Field is not dirt. It's some sort of weird rubberized surface. At least it as when I was on the field a while back. Found that out because a friend from out of town wanted to do the stadium tour thing. The warning track looks like dirt until you get pretty close to it. I found it very odd. It may be dirt now, I don't know.
  14. Sleeves on football jerseys. MLB games that were played in under 3 hours Mel Allen doing TWIB MLB Game of the Week on NBC MNF on ABC with Frank, Howard, and Dandy Don (Look it up, youngsters. You'll be glad you did) Super Bowls that started before 6:30 PM
  15. I can assure you that this thread is a genuine request for feedback. Full disclosure, I just made a suggestion that addressed one of your concerns.
  16. That's exactly the kind of thing I could see happening here. Less restrictive rules aren't the issue. The optics of an NHL or NBA team having a player test positive and then only isolating that player while letting everyone else play would be pretty bad. Especially if another player ends up testing positive down the road. That team would take a real beating in the media for being irresponsible. So would the league. I know a lot of us want sports to come back, but I can't see a way to do it that doesn't risk losing entire teams over a positive test. Golf and NASCAR are the only two sports in which you could lose a participant and be no worse off for it. Everything else is a PR and competitive disaster waiting to happen.
  17. That's how I see any return to play. Just my opinion, but the smartest move the NHL and NBA could make would be to call it a season and try again next year. Can't remember if I've said this already in this thread. Apologies if I'm repeating myself here. If one player on a team tests positive during a playoff series, wouldn't that player's team, or maybe both teams, be out for 14 days because of the exposure? Let's say it happens three games into a five game series. Do the rest of the playoff teams hit the pause button and wait? That's what I believe is the biggest obstacle facing the leagues if they want to try to come back. It seems like everything else works, but I have no idea how they would handle a player testing positive in the middle of a round. Testing isn't 100% accurate so it's entirely possible that a player or two could slip through. That being said, I could be way off base on this.
  18. With all moderator votes in, the suspension has been set at one week.
  19. Member has been suspended for repeated violations of board posting rules. The length of the suspension will be determined once all moderator votes are cast.
  20. Calling out the entire community is not only wrong, it's offensive. "Potential biases?" You decided the potential was there for the entire community to have a mindset from 1974 and just went with it? How is that appropriate? This is a good time to trot out a CCSLC classic. Think before you post.
  21. That's going way over the line. I've been here for 15 years. Not once have I seen anything that even remotely supports that statement.
  22. Well, that was weird. I thought I wouldn't miss having fans at the race since you really can't hear them anyway, but their absence made it all very strange.
  23. Of all the places I thought I would get my daily reminder that a Cleveland team blew a championship, this thread on these here boards wasn't any of them.
  24. I would have gone with it sounds like a Bon Jovi lyric. Yours is better.