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  1. Damn. I wish I'd known that before I went and opened my mouth. I probably didn't like most of the people who tried it and ended up in hell anyway so whatever.
  2. For me, it's not a pass. It's a I'm simply going to ignore them and focus on the outstanding primary uniforms. I'm doing the CCSLC equivalent of this.
  3. If we had a belt for the CCSLC Callback of the Day, you would have just won it.
  4. Yes. You click on the page number you want to go to. They are located at the top and the bottom of the thread.
  5. Overruled due to Rule of Funny. That too.
  6. Fair enough. Unfortunately, you don't get a vote. Your dissent is noted and ignored. The Majestic XII have spoken.
  7. My guess is we're going to see a lot of mix and match.
  8. I'm nominating this for POTD. (Hell, the bolded line alone is POTD worthy.) Can I get a second?
  9. Dare I say it, I almost like the Chargers new uniforms better than the new Browns uniforms. Almost. (As a Browns fan, I'm contractually obligated, etc.) I'm not crazy about the two mono-blue looks, but the rest? 10/10. Outstanding.
  10. No need to apologize. You shared your opinion. Some of us agreed with it, some of us didn't. If anyone was truly offended then that's on them.
  11. And some mods are just joking around. That's why they use this silly thing all the time. Anyway, show me some posts where you were "mocked and belittled." If it's as bad as you're saying, we'll take the appropriate action.
  12. People don't hate the Falcons new look because it's modern. They hate it because it's ugly. The Pats are half pregnant and they're getting a half pregnant response. "Persecute?" Seriously? One of us is being a little melodramatic and for once, it isn't me.
  13. Well, you're my opinion. There are aspects of the CCSLC culture that I don't like. The difference between us, I suppose, is I'm not interested in screaming at the ocean. Especially when I'm wrong.
  14. In other words, people are disagreeing with your opinion and you don't like that very much. Believe me, I know the feeling.
  15. Oh please. People get mocked and derided for way more than that around here. That aside, I've seen just as many people get lit up for liking traditional designs. We're on a forum talking about jerseys and sock stripes. Let's stop pretending this is the Harvard Speech and Parliamentary Debate Society. People are going to disagree about silly things.
  16. I'll see your "all of this" and raise you an "all of that." Well said, my friend.
  17. Monochrome What my esteemed colleague and fellow old guy said. The blue monochrome is my only issue with the new Pats uniforms. Throw some silver or white pants in there with the blue jersey and we have a deal. Just my opinion, but other than all white, monochrome uniforms are awful.
  18. Don't you think it's a little unfair to paint the entire community with such a broad brush? There's a reason that the blue pinstriped suit has been around forever. There's also a reason why you probably aren't wearing a 70's leisure suit or 80's parachute pants right now. Today's "fire" is often tomorrow's punchline. Point being, it isn't entirely about old is good and new is bad. It's about people not signing on for tomorrow's punchline today. In other words, the blue pinstriped suit is always going to work. We know what happened to leisure suits and parachute pants. FWIW, there are quite a few modern designs that I really like and there are quite a few "old-fashioned" designs that I really don't like. What matters most to me is whether or not I think a uniform looks good. Period. This community disagrees with me all the time. I don't care and I never take it personally.
  19. Agreed. The move to the matte fabric is what finally turned me on these uniforms. I kinda liked them before, but now I really like how the midnight green works so much better with that fabric.
  20. Being someone who loves 95% of NFL throwbacks, one would think I'd be on the kelly green train for the Eagles, but I actually prefer the current colors. A Cunningham era throwback would make for a cool alternate, but if the Eagles do anything, I'd like to see them do a throwback inspired look in the current colors.