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  1. They must be using the same brand consultants as NHL Seattle
  2. I could see Adidas non-jokingly pitching this to them
  3. Orange isn’t pointless if they are going away from Bucco Bruce. It differentiates them from the 10,000 other red and black dominant football teams. Nike’s minimalist phase has got. To. End. This is feeling like the Jaguars, an upgrade, but a meh one at that.
  4. As bad as this is, and it is pretty bad, I will still be thanking God if we can get rid of the navy helmet/royal jersey combo. One of my all-time pet peeves in sports, up there with the green Cowboys pants. Having said that, Kroenke will probably find a way to keep it.
  5. How on Earth is this not the primary!?!? It’s like the morons in the board room looked at a bunch of options and purposely chose the worst one.
  6. Here’s an interesting little picture from the team’s transit story on NHL.com. Obviously a (edit: Bruins) jersey but NHL Seattle has previously centered on black and red for most marketing materials... and yet here are green and gold sweaters. Could just be a nod to the Sonics/Storm, or maybe our first indicator of a change in colors?
  7. Yeah, that ain’t happening. Seattle has a long and important history with the Sonics and it’s a travesty they aren’t still here. Thank David Stern and a handful of incompetent city politicians
  8. I love Thunderbirds, and am also 100% sure if the Seattle hockey group did too they could strike a deal. It’s free money for a minor league team, and it’s not like WHL teams are cash cows. They could even change to “Kent Thunderbirds” to reference the actual city they play in. Having said that, I don’t see it happening, even though it’s my favorite as a Seattle area resident. Too much noise surrounding the other names. Plus they may believe they’d sell more merch with a new brand... the T-Birds already have pretty awesome branding.
  9. Yikes. Probably not significant, but have they paid any attention to the football league that is currently playing? I’m pretty sick of teams trying to force fierce. I don’t get why Orcas (which are fierce and very relevant to the region), Seals or even Otters aren’t on the table. Is anyone else worried they are starting to overthink this to the point where it will be something awful?
  10. MLS should allow Seattle a third kit this year, while we have the gold star. They really don’t want my money with that joke of a new primary. Of course, maybe the team comes through with another gold star next year.
  11. It’s really only because we won a Super Bowl in the current set. That’s it. The Seahawks should move back to gray helmets ASAP (and then they can actually wear throwbacks!) and gray pants would be ideal too but for some reason people are in love with the monochrome. But the best combo currently is their super bowl look of blue-white-blue. To bring it back to the topic on hand, the Buccaneers has a perfectly fine Super Bowl winning set too. It’s time they went back.
  12. This is true. Plus the Sonics will have a license to print money whenever they return (It’s an absolute travesty how the NBA has treated Seattle, but the team will be welcomed back)
  13. Nothing tops my high school, whose football coach used to complain about the marching band using the field prior to the football team. The. Band. Pretty sure band shoes are flat as a pancake on the bottom.
  14. That’s so good I would buy a hat even if it’s not an officially sanctioned logo
  15. Kraken is awful, and I feel a lot of the people pulling for it on social media are not even from Seattle (except Mayor Durkan, but she’s the personification of Seattle’s Tesla-driving rich people who refuse to pay taxes to help the poor). Since we’re resurrecting old memes, folks, just go ahead and name Leeroy Jenkins Head Coach and the Budweiser frogs as mascots. The Seattle Kraken: “WHAAZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPP”