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  1. Not only is that MD Anderson logo completely phoned in, it (and United healthcare) are part of a huge systematic problem where healthcare companies are blowing WAY too much money on advertising. Don’t think for a second that you don’t pay for that when you visit the doctor’s office.
  2. Do they also fire anyone in the crew for having ever worked in a union in their lives like Menards the store?
  3. This is great. I always liked the nostalgia of the old-Sonics-adjacent logo, so I didn’t think this had to be done but now that I see it I’m pretty impressed! A good redesign and hopefully another sign the Sonics are coming back after the absolutely abhorrent behavior the NBA has displayed towards my city this century.
  4. That seems like the kind of concept UniSwag would drool over with a billion emojis. I like the number font, leaping tiger and the pants stripe. I don’t like monochrome and the full shoulderpad stripes (just keep them in the UCLA-stripe zone). But overall good effort by the artist.
  5. Thanks for the info! The addition of orange is wild if true, and I suppose I have no reason to believe it isn’t.
  6. I’m expecting a purple and gold kit from the Sounders at some point, as a nod to the UW men’s soccer team that’s given us several players, most notably Cristian Roldan. Plus it’ll play well with the college kids in town. As a Wazzu fan there’s zero chance I would touch it, but I’ve resigned myself to the possibility. Meanwhile, we haven’t had a Sounder Blue kit since the inaugural MLS seasons!! (We have had the pretty nice navy over light blue kits) And they were good luck; the team usually won and Blaise Nkufo scored a hat trick in them. So hopefully the sketch was just a sketch. Given how much fans here hated the sponge-painted green shirts I doubt that will be an element. Still I wouldn’t be shocked if they go purple and gold and remove the orange. But I’m holding out hope for blue. I’d also love to see them go teal at some point a la the Seattle flag. (That would have to be a third though since it’s too close to rave green)
  7. MLS is quite likely a MLM itself... I don’t think they will ever ditch Herbalife over ethical concerns. In other advertising-based takes it still pains me to see Seattle-headquartered Alaska Airlines on the Timbers shirt.
  8. So the only redeeming element of the current set remains
  9. Ugh. You may be right, but I really hope not. At least the NBA is pushing color vs color (although they are starting to creep into increased advertising, which is very bad).
  10. They’ll never do it but Chaz would be an awesome name for a mascot.
  11. Did Adidas own Reebok back then? Because if so, intentionally cutting off three stripes as a uniform element is even more ridiculous
  12. The Panthers present a compelling case as to why monochrome suuuuuucks
  13. Ah, the mighty silver and black of Oregon. (I get it might be a BLM thing, but just make it black then)
  14. The helmet is phenomenal but hard pass on the logo-uniform