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  1. Really just thankful the Olympics didn’t fall into the absolute trash “branding” trap that ruined Super Bowl logos
  2. I find it hilarious that Arkansas State wore essentially an Oregon uniform and is getting crapped all over for it. Meanwhile Oregon could literally come out on the field dressed in monochrome lavender with puke green helmets and and be praised by people for their ingenuity, which would then also be debated by both sides in a 300 post thread. Nike and Oregon have us all on a leash and we should stop taking the bait.
  3. Perfection. So there’s no chance OSU goes to it full time.
  4. This would make a great change/alternate uni for use on the road like football (soccer) teams use. At home, in college football, yikes. Wear your school colors.
  5. This is like the thing with the Yankees’ caps (and a lot of MLB caps)... they are really really really dark navy blue. They look black to my eye, but they are blue. Oregon’s unis were dark dark green, even though they look black in certain lighting. Speaking of black, it’s gotta be only a matter of time before someone does a Vantablack helmet, right? (Or Black 2.0 or 3.0)
  6. I don’t envy New York. Your choices are an energy drink promotional squad and a team affiliated with Man City, the team currently purchasing every trophy in England with oil money. I love how people talk about the “financial realities of American soccer” without recognizing that MLS is clearly a Ponzi scheme. Can’t wait for the next 10 expansion teams.
  7. Nike annoys me in how they’ve approached this. They used to put the logo in a silver medallion to denote Nike “elite” teams which I believe were the ones that had made Final Fours. Well all of a sudden George Mason goes on that magical run and guess what they stop doing? I was excited for Gonzaga to join too after their F4 run but of course they don’t get the “elite” treatment either... and they won’t now since the refs fouled out Zach Collins and they lost the title game to UNC. Cool idea in theory but basically this is another way for Nike to put the blue bloods up on a pedestal. Something to denote Final Fours regardless of uni manufacturer would be cooler.
  8. Love UGA’s uniforms, even the black ones, but I do have a small beef with unnecessary gray pants. White would pop better. Same issue with Kansas although they have bigger issues. I blame the NY Giants.
  9. This is still my favorite college football uniform of all time. And I’m a Wazzu fan. Within a couple years Arizona began devolving into a full on Arena League team. Their athletic department should be sued for malpractice.
  10. I refuse to respect anything about KU’s athletic uniforms until they finally disavow that awful Trajan font
  11. I don’t know what you mean... I can clearly see the swooshes on the shoes and the one centered on the collar where most other teams put their actual school logo. It’s Nike University.
  12. Bowling Green used to have a perfect modern look and threw it away for no reason
  13. Can’t get flagged for a penalty if the ref can’t tell what your number is. Eddie_murphy_thinking.jpg
  14. That’s a HUGE ad. I mean it’s not Paddypower, but it dominates the front of the shirt. Terrible look for Villa