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  1. There’s a time capsule in the space needle that supposedly has the top 5 names... but it won’t be opened for 50 years. Likely: Kraken, Sockeyes, Steelheads. Possibly Totems, Metropolitans. I still don’t know why Thunderbirds wasn’t in stronger competition.
  2. I’m getting very excited about the prospect of a light blue alternate with the space needle anchor logo on the front and the S-Kraken on the shoulders. Perhaps that could be the Stadium Series uniform....
  3. So I am a Seattleite... and I‘ve come around. I used to be almost violently against Kraken. It seemed too minor-league, as well as an eye-rolling attempt at social media buzz. But when the report came out that they were leaning that way, and partly because the logo and graphics package blew them away, I held out some hope. This confirms that report was right. I love the primary logo. The secondary logo. The colors. The fact that in the end they didn’t stray too far from Seattle’s blue-green color tradition using red as an accent. I’m ready to be a Krak-head. Seattle has been deprived of top flight hockey (and now basketball) for far too long. ”Release the Kraken” may be a played out old meme but now it’s our meme. And I just personally love ironically using dead memes. And while I think they wanted to stir up buzz with an outlandish name, the Kraken has been around for ages and has a pretty solid record in maritime legend. Makes sense for Seattle, in addition to being a city with a large population of Scandinavian descent. And as for the sweater, just take my money now. Lordy.
  4. For the most part, these are great unis, albeit a little generic. My main issue is not having the curved white stripe for the nameplate. That IS the Hawks’ most iconic look. I also despise sponsor logos with contrasting/non-team colors. Those need to be banned ASAP but Silver already sold out the league. Kudos to the design team for not giving into more “ATL” silliness. And the players will say they love anything, that’s the dumb thing about social media hype videos. Of course the Falcons players (for example) aren’t going to admit their new unis suck in public. Most players will just play along, and honestly they don’t care nearly as much as we do about the look, as long as they are collecting a paycheck. If my work had uniforms I could honestly care less what they look like as long as it isn’t completely absurd.
  5. Edmonton Engineers. Keep the EE logo, and I’m fairly sure trains had to play some role in early Alberta
  6. Swap out the red for green and you have a beautiful Sonics jersey.
  7. I’m cool with this as it will trigger the most annoying fan base in the NFL. After all the war may have started up north but it was won in the mid-Atlantic. Also I’m scared that they could end up as the Washington RedGolds or something awful if the league panics. Thanks for putting that option out in the universe, CFL. I like Washington Maroons but since the official color is Burgundy that may be a bit too erroneous.
  8. I really hope someone from the Sounders, MLS or Adidas follows this thread. I was all-in for buying a new Sounders jersey with 2 stars... until they came out with that atrocity of a design. They are actively pushing people away from buying their product. It’s so frustrating. And we used to have really cool, unique thirds but MLS took that away since us and Portland were probably the only fanbases that cared enough to buy that many jerseys. So now I hold out hope for a good new secondary in 2021. Hopefully the return of a true Sounder blue shirt for the first time since the club’s rebirth in MLS.
  9. I’m now concerned Iceland won’t get back to the World Cup... that crest and kit belong there. Errea dropped the ball on their last design.
  10. I’ve always appreciated how tight of a relationship the Spokane Indians have with the Spokane tribe... if the Cleveland Indians partner with a local tribe in the same way I don’t see an issue with the name. It’s insane to me how long Chief Wahoo lasted... clearly a caricature and I’m not sure why some people were playing the history card when the team is historically quite bad and possibly even cursed (blown two WS Game 7s).
  11. Hard pass... I love my Sounders and don’t even really understand why it has to be Seattle Sounders FC. The FC isn’t all that necessary to the brand.
  12. This is why I’ve been hoping for light blue and forest green. A unique departure from Seattle’s standard blue and green color schemes
  13. Ugh, I hope this is wrong. I hate the super dark blue/black that a lot of MLB teams use on their hats (Mariners included!)
  14. Rob Thomas wonders what it’s like to be the rainmaker.... Climate Pledge Arena is the most Seattle name ever because it’s endearing but still covers up the cancer that is crony capitalism in America.