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  1. This could lead down an ugly rabbit hole, but most departments are in debt because they pay their coaches millions a year and spend hundreds of millions on the facilities arms race. They make enough money to pay players if they really wanted to. You just wouldn’t see crazy locker rooms, practice facilities and huge athletic department staffing
  2. I’m sorry, but has anyone here actually looked at this logo? -The unnecessary thick outline and pentagonal border that a child could draw in ms paint -The also unnecessary “capital” W in Watford when all the other letters are already capitalized -The ugly moose -The weird black/yellow split -The way the colors somehow look uglier together, even though red/yellow/black can look decent if used right This is absolute trash. It’s like a bad fan concept. Any professional designer could create something better.
  3. Ugh... Adidas’ leotards for football are NOT where Nike should be heading. UA gets it right so why can’t the big boys?
  4. I don’t even think that’s as bad as Watford... plus it has a 90s-esque nostalgia to it that can at least be appreciated ironically
  5. RIP to the worst logo in major professional sports. I’m so happy.
  6. Move that stupid club World Cup badge to the middle. Why can’t Adidas figure this out? They got it right with the German kits post-WC
  7. Here’s a topical one: The Sun Life ad on the Raptors jersey is horrific. Looks like the patch was glued on, and the sponsor’s logo looks like it was designed by a five year old. Awful.
  8. It bugs me how frequently schools are jumping to “Sharks” when there are a whole bunch of good animals that almost never get used as mascots (giraffes, rhinos, hippos, hyenas, etc.). I know a lot of those aren’t native to the area of the school, but not every school should be the Wildcats or something similar.
  9. The Breaking Bad kit. The yellow Postbank background completely ruins whatever aesthetic they were trying for. Death to ads.
  10. Given that Washington’s athletic department is obsessed with the dated turn of the century font they have, I wouldn’t expect Adidas to upgrade anything. They’ll just apply it to a template that is completely stretched out over the pads.
  11. Still stand by my theory that Nike intentionally makes OSU’s uniforms subpar to assist Oregon. Oregon State has had such a hard time getting their graphic identity right. I actually really liked the interlocking OS and the font that came with it but for some reason that was never embraced. And just stick with the traditional Benny Beaver already. Everything about their identity since the mid-00s has just been trying too hard to look “tough”.
  12. The cathedral numbers look better from a distance. What an upgrade, I’m saying like 9.5 out of 10. About time someone got it right.
  13. Oh, they will overthink it. I have a long-running theory that Nike intentionally makes subpar designs for Oregon State and Washington in order to make Oregon look better. Kind of joking, kind of not
  14. Sounders in the nightfall kits. This is essentially what I thought Miami would look like, so maybe they do come out in pink primaries