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  1. Looked better when they tried it in the late 90s.
  2. Correct, sir. Similar number font, too.
  3. You're right, they're all identical squares with little red Xs inside white boxes. Thanks for leaving Somerset off that list. I don't know what other colors a team called the Patriots should use.
  4. If they're smart, they'll go blue. I don't see them wearing the same color alt as the local rival. Plus A.C. left the league, so we're required to fill in the missing navy.
  5. Oh great, another Atlantic League team using blue. *sighs* I think the York part would look fine on a road jersey, the home though I'll have to wait and see on the final product. Congrats on the Barstormers win this year, btw.
  6. The Yankees ended up signing with WB/Scranton and I heard the Mets are going with New Orleans. Not 100% sure on that with the Mets, though.
  7. Darrell May wasn't a full-timer but he wore stirrups with the Yanks last year.
  8. Um, turn the darn things over when putting the sponsor on, how's that for starters? Apply to all except New York.
  9. Is he going to beat another woman? No, he's going to go bat .190.
  10. Giants Stadium, along with the other Meadowlands venues, is owned by the NJ Sports and Exposition Authority, not the Port Authority. And who were the NY/NJ Knights? I've heard of the New Jersey Knights, but not them.
  11. Cornhuskers sounds like a fit. The stadium is deisgned to look like a barn in addition to the miles of crops that are grown up there.
  12. Nope, just a Notre Dame alum.
  13. I was thinking that since Newark is the Brick City, they could tweak the unis to brick red.
  14. Red with white outline. Ah, those were the days. You know, when they'd WIN a home playoff game.