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  1. Yes they do, but not as a primary logo, it's a secondary logo. That logo is not used by the Detroit Tigers, plain and simple. The Tigers missed the deadline on changing their primary logo in 2005. Since it was still classified by MLB as their primary logo, it was used on the 2005 All-Star jerseys, that's the only time to my knowledge it's ever even been worn by a player since their failed alternate jersey in 1995. Maybe other all-star games too, though I was unable to find pictures. I didn't search very hard. I'm not saying you can't find that logo; I'm sitting here right now with a cup from MLB.com that was made in 2007 with the logo. So according to the league, maybe it IS an alternate. I'm just saying the team itself won't use that logo for anything official. EDIT: MLB Pressbox does show the "TigerD" as a secondary logo, strangely enough. So, we're both right.
  2. Yep, I always argue that one series is a Final Series. So, Stanley Cup Final. NBA uses Finals, I believe. And I consider it to be WRONG.
  3. why is this still pinned? sheesh.
  4. the Tigers no longer use that logo.
  5. logo is way too Avalanche, jersey is way too Penguins
  6. Who needs humans when you have wind tunnels and machines that can "replicate" human sweat (i.e., a kitchen sink)
  7. dustyb58

    Hockey Player

    Can you please make Daniel Cleary white? Thanks In all seriousness, I would trim the Wings logo crest a bit. They don't have such a thick outline (except on Starter jerseys, yuck). And the white on the shoulders would go in toward the numbers more. I don't mean to be picky but I don't know how realistic you were looking to make them. I tend to be picky about the Wings look.
  8. Chelios crying? Say it ain't so! When you play hockey for 45 years, you know what works.
  9. I would never buy a Starter jersey. I always thought they were too heavy, and they always messed with the crest. The outline on the Red Wings logo was THICK. I just looked through my collection - most of them are CCM. I have a couple by Koho, I have two by Pro Player (one was a gift, one I bought on ebay for $30 like 5 years ago) and I have one Starter, an old eggplant Anaheim jersey that I got as a gift.
  10. how many :censored:ing captains does one sports team need
  11. I wish they stitched each letter on the jersey instead, it looks worse than a nameplate.
  12. PLEASE stop quoting large pictures. Especially when they've been quoted 50 times already.
  13. Can you add a "Home" link, with a list of recent updates?
  14. please change "Redwings" to "Red Wings" also, since you did it with Boston, you may want to put the new Lightning logo on the "in 08" frame when you click on the left link.
  15. That's where I bought my Datsyuk jersey. Aside from it being slightly crooked, it looks fine. I'll have to check Dunham's... I went to Dick's across the street from Southland a week or so ago and they didn't have blank jerseys. Just the weird looking ones of Dats, Zetterberg and Bertuzzi - and none of them were even on sale.