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  1. you need to mask the sox logo. to do so, make a perfect circle around the sox logo using the ellipse tool and holding the shift key. position the circle so that it's precisely along the edge of the circle of the sox logo. select both the circle and the logo and hit ctrl + 7 (or option + 7 if you are on a mac, which you should be, but that's beside the point). voila! clipping mask! Voila indeed! Joel and Robert - Thanks for the help! It's always great to get advice from two of the best!
  2. Yeah, I'm using Illustrator, and no, I'm not using vectors - in that example, I just took the two from the main site. If they're vectors, I can fix it, but that's why I have the problem - because they're rasters.
  3. either delete the background, or combine [ctrl+8] the outermost shape with the area you want clear (or stripe to show thru). This still didn't help me, because when I press Control + 8, nothing happens. Here's a very basic example of what I'm talking about (again, basic - don't pick on the little guy!) How do I get the wordmark to show through the white box that's around the primary Red Sox logo? I have this problem over and over again, and I once found on a site that there's a special way to save the image and then put it back together, but I found that to be extremely lengthy and figure there has to be some kind of option to make the workmark image show through.
  4. Here's a decently simple question: I have made a blue striped background for a signature I am making. I want to take a logo and put it on top of the stripes, but the logo has a white background to it. How do I get rid of the white background so the logo goes right on top of the stripes?
  5. That's true, now I feel like I'm crying over spilled milk. Anyways, enough of the chatter, back to the help topic for those who need it!
  6. No, a family friend actually had a copy of it and I just gave him $25 for the ability to put it on my computer. It was just the CD, and he didn't seem to know much about it, so I rolled the dice. That's all.
  7. ...So, if I don't have Photoshop, I can't do anything with it? Somehow, if that's true, it feels like a waste of money...
  8. This is what I would like to do, and I bet it's kind of advanced, so work with me a bit. In the above picture, I want to remove Tony Allen so that I can make myself a wallpaper. That is, take him completely out of there and away from the court and a player who looks a lot like Darius Songaila, etc. Then, when I put him onto another background, I want it to be just him and have no white box around him or anything of the sort. Can someone show me how to do this? It would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Can someone help me with this? Let's say I use the Line Segment tool to create two seperate lines (in this case, spokes on a wheel). Between those two spokes, I want to shade in the area with a different color -- I've used green for the spokes, but want to fill in the area in between with a blue color. I've tried to select the two segments and Fill the area with blue, but nothing happens. How do I color this area in?
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