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  1. I've thickened the lines on the scroll and inkwell as suggested and they do look much better, thanks. For the suggestion of removing the containing shape, how would I go about working with the point on the scroll? Should it cover the text or go behind the text, or should I have the text just work around it (perhaps rather awkwardly)?
  2. Hello all, I was recently elected the president of the Connecticut Sports Writers' Alliance, which is pretty self-explanatory. In my duties of updating the web site, ctsportswriters.org, I couldn't help but shake that the image appearing as our logo looked quite a bit outdated. I tried to modernize it a bit, because it's an organization that's been around for 70 years and it's not something that I think should be screwed with too much. Here's what I've come up with (the old logo, of course, on the left): One of the things I can't seem to shake is that the top of the loop on the scroll should be shaded, but I can't get that down right. I also don't want to have too much visual clutter, so I've decided to reduce the size of the inkwell and feather to fit the outline. Can someone help with that? I've also toyed with having the bottom point of the scroll protrude out the bottom left corner of the border, somewhat resembling the shape of Connecticut. Again, would that be too much, or a nice subtle touch? I would greatly appreciate it if any of the experts here can provide their thoughts. Thanks, -Zac
  3. Given that they're supposed to be affiliated with the local university, I'm willing to bet that they went this route to avoid having to pay royalties. People might not warm up to a team called the Michigan Titans with blue and maize, but they might to Team Michigan with the same color.
  4. When this thread first loaded, all I saw on my screen was the helmet and no hint of the uniform. I thought, "Hmm...intriguing." Then I realized that you left the helmet the same, and then made the rest of the uniform nothing like the helmet. The helmet works. Use it as inspiration. And line up your blues and yellows.
  5. ZBoyer

    PR Bearcats

    More snarl. It looks like it's yawning, or objecting to something someone is saying in a coversation. Add some nose ridges and point the corners of the mouth, perhaps. There's vicious ... and then there's passive.
  6. Didn't see this anywhere else, so when I stumbled upon it tonight, I figured I'd show it here: Pretty classy, in my opinion. I like 'em.
  7. Neat logo. I like it, actually. As said, there's not a lot you can do with the name "slaughter." Good name for the team as well, especially given the morbid, disturbing history the name comes from. Everything about this package, so far, screams "major league" to me. Too bad it's not.
  8. Could be worse, given the logo. Could be "Terror Dactyls".
  9. Oh well. Still think their logo is one of the best, even with the blue and orange.
  10. How about mentioning not just mistakes in logo facts - how about the logos themselves? I've e-mailed Chris several times about the UConn logo displayed being the one they stopped using in 2003 with the updated Husky being used afterward, but no dice. Will someone finally correct this?
  11. This is the most I can find on the UConn women's jerseys - they actually look a LOT like the volleyball team's new look, only with navy stripes instead of the red. http://www.uconnhuskies.com/sports/WBasket...rdlerMeghan.jpg
  12. I'm thinking the UConn men might have new uniforms as well. I've seen their practice gear and it's completely different from that of last season - everything has the word "Connecticut" instead of UConn, so it wouldn't shock me if they went with the 1991 throwbacks full-time or if they just adjusted their current look to have the state name.
  13. 1. 5 2. 2 3. 6 Honorable mention to 7 for me.
  14. lol, I'm fine, thanks. I'm not. Congratulations, kid. I was upset to lose both you AND Hanley in the same trade and this makes it even tougher.
  15. I just thumbed through the media guide and there's not much. There's a picture from 1991 and one from 1997, but that's about it. I also took a look at their historical supplement and there's nothing there. The media guide is online at their athletic site in PDF form if you want to take a look for yourself - 2006 UConn Football Media Guide - but if you really, really want them, I know there are old-time media guides back at the office from that era that I can bring home and scan in for you.
  16. agreed. It looks too purpleish. I kinda like what they have now, and they use the red very minimal. I third that. But I think that's the only fault that I can find with the jerseys. All of the combinations together look nice, so I will give you that much. Solid work.
  17. ZBoyer

    New Logo

    Looks a LOT like the University of Maryland-Eastern Shore.
  18. I'll give the dude a ton of credit. To have a uniform down to the details like that - the cleats, the high socks, the pants even - was a pretty good move if he was trying to sneak onto the field. Of course, the outdated uniform overall couldn't have helped him, but he was probably given a couple extra seconds given that he wasn't some doofus in a red flannel shirt or something sticking out like a sore thumb.