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  1. So a concept I made a couple years ago has been making the twitter rounds as the new FSU logo. suckersssss Although it will probably end up being pretty close to this because my concept borrowed parts of Florida State's graphics package.
  2. I made this update a long time ago, might as well throw it on here.
  4. This is bizarre, but when I see websites like that I get a strange, comforting feeling that reminds me of my childhood. Normally I can't stand Papyrus, gradients, web 2.0 effects and what not but when it is put together on a website like that that is straight out of 1998 I get an overwhelming blast of nostalgia. It's just the utter naivety and earnestness that gets me, like someone bought a "websites for dummies" book and scrapped together a website from the clipart and six fonts pre-loaded on to their Windows 95 computer. The only thing missing is a MIDI music file playing in the background.
  5. I think you're on the right track, but as others have said, you've oversimplified it a bit. Right now it just looks a bit amorphous. You can be abstract, but right now it's just not very dynamic - I think if you varied the line width a bit on the outline it would give more of a sense of motion and depth. Just as an example, I did a FSU rebrand a while back. It's not great, but I think it shows you can simplify and modernize the features without becoming too abstract or losing the original logo's likeness.
  6. Apparently, The Dark Knight Rises will feature a scene (filmed at Heinz Field) of a professional football game between the Gotham Rogues and the Rapid City Monuments. And a pic has leaked showing the jersey of the Rogues. I'm impressed by the jersey, as it far exceeds the typical standards of fake jerseys in movies - they are usually awful, in my opinion. They even went as far as to mock up a fake logo for the league on the collar.
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    It's pretty good - you've definitely nailed the collegiate look with the block U and the banner - but the font you used for 'Pocket' isn't working I'm afraid. Choose something a bit bolder, as right now it looks weak.
  8. What's interesting to me is that they only wore the jerseys, and disregarded the helmet and pants that Nike gave them. Anyone know the story here? I don't know if there is a contractual obligation, but I'm sure Nike is pissed regardless, especially considering that the special cleats were called out on television for making the players slip.
  9. Damn. With all of the movement in the Mountain West, it's a shame that Utah, TCU, and Brigham Young all jumped ship. A league with Utah, TCU, and Boise, as well as regularly competitive teams Nevada, Fresno State, Hawaii, BYU, and Air Force... that would be an incredibly competitive conference, certainly deserving of a BCS tie-in. And it would easily be better than the Big East and ACC most years.
  10. Haha, I think it's funny that I knew exactly what this concept would be as soon as I saw "Dan Gilbert Joke" Those Crazy Cavs and their Comic Sans...
  11. The thing I hate most about this set is when they put an outline on the Copperplate, the points become squared. Sounds weird, but that's such a gear-grinder for me. You see it happen all the time on menus in restaurants, and now apparently professional sports franchises
  12. Update. I tweaked the logo some, and tried to bring the elements together. I like the crests with elaborate almost heraldic imagery which was sort of what I was going for, but I included a version without the olive branch/arrows in case that one is preferred. I also came up with some uniforms. C+C welcome.
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    personal logo

    For what it's worth, I could tell immediately that the font is Aldo. This may just be me, but generally I feel a logo for a designer should reflect the work of the designer and not the person who made the font. It certainly looks alright and it's a good start but I think it would look better and certainly give you more flexibility if it were a completely custom design.
  14. To put some of the design elements in perspective for those unfamiliar with the seal, here it is:
  15. Hey guys. This morning as I was watching highlights of the United States' excruciating tie with Slovenia it became increasingly evident how terrible our crest is. It doesn't seem to say anything about the United States at all and really the only American iconography are the stars and stripes which are inexplicably reversed in color. So I set out to design a better logo. Obviously the logo is greatly inspired by the Great Seal. The shield itself is essentially the same shield in front of the Eagle of the great shield. To the left and right of the shield are the olive branch and arrows held by the eagle. The eagle itself is situated on the stripes in the shield. Replacing the shield on the eagle is a soccer ball. The eagle now has open talons to avoid redundancy. C+C welcome. I may make jerseys just because I hate our Miss America ones. EDIT: OH GOD I realize now there are terrible transparency problems that I didn't see because the monitor I work on is really messed up. So yeah, sorry about that, hopefully I'll get it fixed soon. EDIT 2: Fixed
  16. Thanks for the comments. You know, it does look pretty good in orange, black and copper, but doesn't really make sense color-wise for a team named the ducks. So here is an update with three color combos-- green/navy/yellow, classic Mighty Ducks, the current colors, and a sort of compromise with black and orange from the current as well as green.
  17. Hey guys. I haven't made a concept in a while, but I had an urge to today. I decided to make a new logo for the Anaheim (Mighty) Ducks because of their (in my opinion) abysmal logo history. This is still a work in progress, I'm having trouble getting it to look "right" with the shadows and whatnot. and for kicks... teal and eggplant! C+C welcome.
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    The New USFL

    Well this was a blast from the past! Thanks for the comments guys. However, generally when a topic hasn't been posted in for seven months, it's pretty much dead. So while it's nice to see the enthusiasm in the request, I honestly have no plans to continue this project. (This is Nole42 by the way; I changed my user name since this project)
  19. Haha. Sorry guys, I didn't mean to suggest that I wanted you to do the project for me or anything. I've certainly done a lot of research on my own on this topic. However, I don't personally know any graphic designers and I figured asking here would give me a look into how these concepts affect the design process that I wouldn't necessarily see in articles.
  20. Hey guys. For the final project of my AP Psychology class I'm doing a project on how psychological principles apply to advertising and marketing. So I'm going to include things such as slogans, brand-name vs store brand, etc. But I'd also like to include how design affects us psychologically. Because I know many of the users here are professional designers, I am curious to know if there are any psychological "tricks" that you use within your designs. For example, is there a fairly consistent cognitive/emotional response to things such as color, composition, etc? And how do you use this in your designs? In research I've found quite a bit on the use of words/syntax and pricing and such, but not so much on the visual element of it. So if you have anything it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  21. My first impression was that he is pantsless.