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  1. Sent. Looking forward to this!
  2. Haha, that's pretty neat. If you made the template available, I would try it out. My only suggestion is to make the helmet the same style as the player-- right now the line weights of the two are inconsistent.
  3. rentz

    NFL 2060 Uniforms

    Haha, now that's what I call a turn ahead the clock uniform! One thing: The sleeve and sock stripes really don't match the rest of the set.
  4. When I was four or five, my parents bought me a Patriots hat. It had these crazy red lightning bolts on it. It was awesome. I thought the logo was the coolest thing ever. And to seal the deal, their quarterback, Drew Bledsoe, shared my name. For the first few years of my self-aware life, I was a Patriots fan. However, familial ties eventually lead to me forsaking the Pats for the enemy Dolphins. Of course this immediately preceded the Patriots winning the Super Bowl multiple times But I have stuck with the Fish through this tumultuous decade and don't intend on abandoning them.
  5. Nice job on the Bills. I would agree about using navy sleeves on the royal blue uniform, so it is consistent and as stated balance out the blues.
  6. This is pretty good. However, I'd brighten up the Orange considerably. Right now it seems almost peach.
  7. Not a fan of the Gators. (The concept and the team haha.) You said you changed the stripes for consistency's sake, but right now they have the most consistent striping you can possibly have (Orange-blue-white). The helmet logo doesn't fit really because of the green.
  8. Pretty good start. Couple things: Line weights should be adjusted, especially around the bolt. You could use the same outline scheme of the bolt on the helmet, orange-blue-white. I would flip the orientation of the bolt, right now it looks kind of like the horse is tipping over, and if it was flipped the logo it would be more contained, circular almost, I can't think of the word I want to use to describe it. Also you appear to be using two shades of blue.
  9. Thanks for the comments. I see the Titans jerseys got mixed reviews. I'm trying something new with the collars-- a sort of ancient greek pattern. I would use that for the pants stripe but I don't think it really works so I kept the current design, but streamlined it a bit.
  10. rentz

    Bull Logo

    That's an awesome illustration. I'd suggest you work on simplifying it a bit, it's a bit too detailed to be a logo right now.
  11. I tried to go with a classic look with this rebrand. The Titans have a very abstract logo, the "Flaming Thumbtack". It sucks. They have another logo, a sword which is better but still not very good. I've tried to keep that idea, as a sword is a great basis for a logo and ties in better with the team identity. It also serves as a T. The wordmark... I don't know, I struggled with it, but I kind of like it. I tried to make a blocky sort of thing, tried to make it look "ancient greek" but it looked stupid so I scrapped it, and tried something simpler. This looks vaguely Greco-Roman, and is classy I think which is sort of what I was going for with the whole identity. Obviously, the colors have been changed back to Oilers-era. It is one of the best combos in sports and I don't know why they dropped red in the first place. The uniforms are a bit reminiscent of the Oilers unis that were generally regarded as some of the best in the league. Gone are the shoulder yokes, gone is navy, gone is a stupid number font. I went with the Oregon State font because I really like it and have wanted to use it for a while; I think it fits the Titans. The pants stripe is consistent with the logo. All C+C appreciated.
  12. Absolutely beautiful. I tried something similar but yours is so much better.
  13. Here's what I think is the final update for the Jets. This is my favorite concept so far; funnily enough I hate the team. I know the Jets aren't likely to use any Airplane imagery for their logos any time soon, I felt like using a warplane, like a fighter jet or bomber, would be similarly non-PC and this is a fantasy concept anyway. Updates: Helmet has updated logo Jets wordmark on helmet bumper All black replaced with hunter green Bigger wordmark under collar NY alternate logo now on pants Socks with green pants changed Titans are pretty close to finished and will be up soon.
  14. This is excellent. I don't think it would hurt to switch the font to a standard block, and I don't really like when teams put logos above the nameplate, but everything else is pretty much perfect.
  15. There's some good stuff here, especially you having eliminated silver. The "duck wings" are indeed a unique uniform component and its a shame it's wasted on such a bad overall design currently. The numbers are an improvement though I can't say I'm a fan. I'm not too keen on the black pants, especially with black absent everywhere else but hey its your concept. Question- are these all the uniform options? It seems a bit limiting to me (by Oregon standards). I think their white helmets-jerseys-pants look is their best so I was just wondering.
  16. Here's an update. The jet now has the current hunter green as the shadow color, and I think it looks a lot better than the black. I also added some contrails behind the Jet, and tried to mimic the striping of the uniform. I'm fiddling with the helmet design, to see how that will work. I also tried to make the wordmark a bit italicized. And now for something completely different... from the team formerly known as the Titans, to... So, nothing really groundbreaking with the Titans-- just an update to their sword logo. I'm working on the uniforms; red, as you can see, is returning. All C+C is appreciated.
  17. Thanks for the comments. I kind of agree the Jet looks a bit awkward on the helmet, that's probably because of the strange angle it's at-- however I think it looks better than the wordmark. I understand that you're not a fan of black; however, I tried to do it in a way that wasn't simply "black for the sake of black" and used it sparingly. But a darker green isn't a bad idea, and if I were to swap black with Hunter Green it would sort of be a combination of eras for the Jets which would be kind of cool. I'll see how it looks. dgnmrwrw, I agree about the wordmark being italicized... unfortunately I don't know how to skew in Inkscape to make it appear italicized. The font has been edited to the point that it's pretty much custom so I can't simply italicize the font. if anyone knows how to do that, I'd appreciate it if you could tell me!
  18. Good job with these man. I don't have any requests but these look nice and are very original.
  19. The circle-I would look very nice with this, I think.
  20. The New York Jets of New Jersey. I feel like the Jets identity is the weakest in the NFL. Their logo is an oval with NY, Jets and a football in it, and it's not like it's iconic so their is really no reason for its poor design. The pinnacle of their logos, I believe, was the original during their first season, with a logo that actually included a Jet in it. This rebrand was a bit of an attempt to further integrate the team name Jets into the identity. The logo is a commercial airliner, rather than a stealth jet or fighter plane because the team was originally named for Shea Stadium's proximity to LaGuardia Airport. You may also note that Kelly Green reclaims its rightful place as the primary color of the Jets... and black has been re-added, as well. The Wordmark is an updated version of the older one with the Jet-stripe theme. The uniforms are quite similar to their current set, which I think is one of the best looks in the NFL. Most of the elements are similar but tweaked to be modern and convey a sense of speed and motion. The numbers are sleek and angular, which I think appropriate for a team named the Jets. The shoulders remain white with a double stripe, but now the stripe is USC-esque to work better with modern jersey cuts. The pants still have a double stripe but it widens near the bottom which sort of gives it the appearance of flight. All C+C is appreciated.
  21. Very cool idea... I'm definitely planning on entering.
  22. Try PNG... gif has made it into a bitmap and the sigs have minimal colors.
  23. Some excellent work... though I would've preferred the files not to be JPEGS. Tier 1: 1.B 2.C 3.A Tier 2: 1.B 2.A
  24. Here, I'd like to offer an opinion-- I see nothing wrong with what chestnutz did. This is a fun competition; why not encourage the most participation possible? I can honestly say I really wish I could've participated this round but I've been really busy with school work, which is why I only entered the first two.