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  1. The Browns are having a really strange offseason. I don't like the trade of Kamerion Wimbley (though I don't know what picks they got for him), and while Quinn needed to go, they got close to nothing for him. Ben Watson was a good signing. I definitely wouldn't want Delhomme or Seneca Wallace as my starter (though Wallace is a Madden superstar), so I imagine they will go QB in the draft. However at 7 the realistic choice would be Clausen, as Bradford will probably be gone. I imagine they may avoid a Notre Dame QB this time though, and after that the selections look pretty slim-- McCoy, maybe, or Tony Pike, who's an Ohio guy.
  2. That is an excellent render of a bear, but the eyes bother me for some reason. It might be the fact that they're white; bears eyes are typically in shadow but yours reads as a highlight. Still, good work.
  3. Hi. This is a minor concept, but it's just an idea I had... I'm not sure how well it translated. C+C welcome. If you want one like this I can try, but I honestly can't crank these out like some other sig threads because it is a bit time consuming. If you want one, you'll have to link me to a pre-cutout pic.
  4. May I introduce you to Chris Creamer's Sports Logo Community.
  5. I don't know... the logos would suggest otherwise. But if the trophies do have the negative space, I would imagine they would look pretty weird at any angle except straight on.
  6. rentz


    Eh, I don't know. The Emperor penguin which is probably the archetypal penguin has markings pretty similar to what he has, so if that was what he was going for it's pretty accurate. Anyway, the beak should probably be addressed-- the mouth makes it a bit of an anatomical impossibility, and while being cartoony is okay, the beak shape is realistic enough you might as well fix it. I also don't really like the eye, but I guess if you are going for cartoony it works.
  7. Wow, can you imagine this jersey on a modern template? But anyways, these are great. Wonderful quality. Really gives a glimpse into the past.
  8. I don't know, this seems like a pretty reasonable topic, the way he presented it was pretty simplistic but it is still a relevant topic. But I seem to recall Goodell making a Kennedy-esque prediction, saying that we would have a team in Europe by the end of the decade. So if it doesn't happen before then I guess they'll just film it in a studio.
  9. You know, there are certain angles at which the Viking's jersey looks pretty good-- for example Tavaris Jackson in the picture earlier on this page. I think the shoulder stripe looks pretty nice, especially as an allusion to the horn on the helmet. But then I notice the stupid side panels, the dumb number font, and the stupid segmented-pants stripe illusion that doesn't work half the time when they go mono white and the other half it just looks terribly unbalanced. That reminds me of something else-- I really hate side panels. I don't think I've ever seen a football jersey that side panels added to the design.
  10. I like this a lot. I really dig the little cowboy silhouette.
  11. rentz

    Orlando Ospreys

    Well, honestly I guess that is kind of the look I'm going for. The feathers on an osprey's head head have a tendency to stick up a bit, especially towards the back, which is quite different than, say, an eagle or hawk, in which the feathers lie down pretty flat on the head. But I appreciate the comment. Here's an example, not the picture I used for reference but it shows what I'm talking about pretty well.
  12. rentz

    Orlando Ospreys

    Here, Fixer, I have GIMP which works with Davidson's helmet templates, not as well as photoshop but it is serviceable. So here's a very rough mockup on a photorealistic template. As far as the pants stripe goes, I know it should preferably resemble the shoulder stripe but I'm having trouble doing it in a way that doesn't look ostentatious. The throwback kind of developed off an idea that I had to do an O with an inline, so it kind of looks like two O's, one inside of another. The wordmark developed from that, and then I kind of threw the jerseys together, so there was a significantly less amount of work in them than the regular set haha. But I'll try to make it better and more authentic I guess.
  13. rentz

    Orlando Ospreys

    Thanks for the comments. Nothing too drastic for the logo, just tried to smooth it out so it flows better. I added ORLANDO to the wordmark. I still am not that happy with the wordmark but it looks pretty good and I'll stick with it until I can find something that fits better. I'm glad people seem to like the helmets-- I wasn't sure how people would feel about them. I decided to go with gold helmets/pants. I think white/brown/white is the best look, but I think that using the gold balances the set out a bit more. I considered doing white/brown/white for home and white/white/gold for away, but then there really isn't consistency between the two. I also updated the shoulder stripe a bit, and added TV numbers. C+C welcome.
  14. That's completely irrelevant. No one is saying the name doesn't work. The problem is 'Bobcats' is a terrible name. It just sounds amateurish, almost diminutive. You can talk about brand consistency but the reason those teams won't change is that they have an established history. The Bobcats really don't, and are one of the more irrelevant teams of the league. I think it can only help to change the identity. Not to "Flight" or "Dragons", though, because those names suck too.
  15. So... I've been following this thread for a while, but haven't seen anything regarding new jerseys (besides new alts/throwbacks for a couple of teams) Does anyone know if any teams are going to get new jerseys next year? It seems like we knew about the 49ers, Jags and Lions much earlier last year. Also, I agree with some about the AFC/NFC logos. I don't think they are an improvement, but they are growing on me. My initial reaction was terror but I think they look pretty nice (especially now that I see them in a pic that isnt HUGE like the first one). I think the main problem is that the diagonal-star thing just works better with the N than the A, and trying to shoehorn the stars into the A just looks forced. There's no reason they couldn't have used the new font with the stars on the outside.
  16. That looks pretty good! Bit bizarre seeing blue stripes and stars on red (I know there is a US Soccer logo with that but it still doesn't seem right to me). I would make the ribbon-thing (not sure what it's technically called) bigger and perhaps overlap the shield. Of course I don't really know the 'rules' of soccer logos so my advice may not be very good.
  17. I'm not a fan. They seem so... fat.
  18. rentz

    Orlando Ospreys

    Hello. I've been working on an identity to use for my fantasy football team this year. The nickname I'm using is Ospreys. If you don't know what they are, I'm pretty sure it is the animal the Seattle Seahawks are based on. It is a fairly large bird of prey hunts almost exclusively for fish. Here's the logo: The colors are brown and gold, which I think is a great combination but you never see it anywhere (you barely ever see brown at all). The wordmark I'm not sure about, I may replace it with something a bit more distinctive as I'm afraid it is really generic right now. As for the uniforms, I'm a bit stuck at the moment because I'm not sure whether to use white or gold helmets/pants. White is a bit more reminiscent of the colors of the bird, and I like the mono white look, but gold uses the colors better... so I'll take C+C on which way to go. or The thing that is probably most striking is the helmet. I love Eagles/Rams/Vikings type helmets, and I have always thought that the distinctive stripe across the eye of an osprey would look great as a football helmet. I think it looks good but I'll see what you guys think. The stripe idea is carried onto the jersey as the shoulder stripes. I didn't want to be too outlandish with the jerseys so I have a standard block font and a pretty normal pants stripe. And for kicks... throwbacks! All C+C is welcome. EDIT: For some reason photobucket is shrinking them a bit so they seem a bit blurry... to see them without the blurriness, drag the image into your address bar.
  19. rentz

    BC Lions

    Man, I'm glad someone bumped this because I missed it the first time. This is really nice! For the primary, I feel the mane is rendered a bit too simplistically. By clumping bunches of hair together it honestly looks a bit tentacle-like. Also, I think that it might be best to eliminate the two-tone orange, especially because you don't appear to use any dark orange on the jerseys. I think if you used black for shading and made some of the outlines heavier in certain places it would look a bit more dynamic. The jerseys look really nice, but for some reason black numbers on an orange jersey kind of bug me, especially with white pants and helmet, because it upsets the balance of the uniform. But this is a great looking set! Sorry I missed it the first time!
  20. Huge improvement. I like both but I still prefer B.
  21. You should probably lose the highlight color. I think it overcomplicates it. If you go with a or c, you would have 4 shades of the same color in the logo. To be honest you could probably lose the shadow color also and just have a two color design, but three colors would definitely be enough. I would go with b.
  22. I think it would look better if he had eyes and if his mouth was a bit larger. But nonetheless awesome work! It looks great.
  23. Just a few things I think would help this a bit... The brim is at a bit of an awkward angle in front of his face. You should try to make the curve a bit more natural; it seems to go at about 90 degrees right now. The hat itself is cartoonishly small, which in part is what makes the brim look so large. The hat part should appear large enough to fit on his head, it just seems to be resting on it. You probably need to add a beard to complete the facial hair, which was very distinctive. This a pretty good pic for reference. I'm not sure what Jezus_Ghoti is talking about with the thing sticking out of his mouth. I think he may be misinterpreting the moustache. But the eyes, I think, could stand to be a bit less cartoony. In general, I don't know if a three-quarters profile such as this is the best way to go with a football logo, especially if it's going on the helmet. Generally side view logos look best on the helmet. Nonetheless this is a pretty good start and I hope you finish this project. I'm glad you're taking the Buffalo Bill Cody route with this identity (I'm actually related to him funnily enough) because I feel it is so obvious even if the Buffalo Bills organization doesn't realize it.
  24. Thanks for the comments. I really like that one 1stDownCreative, I had made one sort of like that but without the white in the middle separating the letter forms. It looks a lot better your way and I wish I had thought of that haha. Yeah the windows resemblance was one of the things that bothered me about my old logo. I also really liked your bird idea, probably because I really like birds haha. But anything I tried that made it more birdlike would either kill the letter shapes or the ambigram, so I couldn't find anything that really worked. Well, I've made enough AR concepts in my sketchpad/inkscape for a hundred designers with my initials, but I've narrowed it down to the two that I like the best. The first is a modified version of one I had before, but the diagonal line works better than the horizontal in separating the shapes and makes it flow more naturally. And here they are in color. The font is just a placeholder, I probably won't use gill sans.
  25. I have wanted to update my personal logo for a while now. I want it to be a bit more geometric. I've come up with some designs that are directions I may want to take this in. I'm just in high school, so I'm not actually a graphic designer, but as it is something I may potentially pursue as a career I suppose I might as well start now. Some of these are a bit abstract, so if you can't tell they are my initials A R. All C+C appreciated.