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  1. That helmet looks great! For the white jersey, I honestly want to say to flip the flag on the waist, because I feel the colors lend themselves to an easier transition that way (Black-Red-Yellow-White, Darkest to Lightest) But you obviously can't just flip a flag. So I would say move the stripes to the shoulders, maybe do a shoulder-yoke type thing. Honestly I'm just saying this as someone viewing the design purely aesthetically; you should take aawagner's advice and research some more. Nonetheless the idea for this concept is very interesting.
  2. Yeah, I have to agree with dgnmrwrw about the posters. The colors, shapes, fonts, use of negative space... everything is brilliant! Thanks for the link GFB.
  3. It looks alright. The logo is not placed on the helmet well at all.
  4. Thanks for all the comments. I had been fiddling with this for a while and while I knew it wasn't complete, I couldn't figure out what I needed to do. That's why I love this forum, it helps to have a fresh set of eyes look at it because I've found they more easily spot problems and abnormalities than I do. So yeah, the feathering was an issue, so I've sought to fix that. I made it mostly red. Hopefully that fixes the balance issues of the logo. I've found that the logo looks infinitely better on a red background than a white one. While that is problematic for a primary logo, it is okay I think because it would be on a red background (helmet, merchandise, etc) most of the time. I agree that the way the shoulders terminate is a bit awkward. I'm having trouble fixing that. I think I may try a full-body Trojan logo to be used as an alternate. While it's quite ambitious I think that the head logo within the context of that would make a bit more sense because I'm concerned the shoulders/armor is not reading properly. I'm scrapping the USC monogram. It seems to have worked a lot better in my head that in practice. For the script logo-- thank you steve for your honest comments! I don't really do scripts very often so I'm not exactly familiar with how to do them. I'll certainly look into how to make it better. I essentially traced this logo, and tried to modernize it a bit. But your comments are appreciated, and I'll try to implement the things you said. For the jerseys-- I was surprised how many people found the pattern to be intrusive! I've seen it done on several concepts before to positive response. It is based on the cuff pattern of their mascot. To be clear, I don't think their jerseys need a change-- they have one of the best sets in the NCAA. I just figured if I was making a concept I'd give the jerseys a try. But anyway, I won't post an image because it would be such a minimal change, but I would have the jerseys basically be what they have now with a red facemask and a single pant stripe. Here's an update of the primary: C+C appreciated.
  5. Wait, do you know anything about WWII? WTF does blitzkreig have to do with London? Anyway, I agree with steve. This is honestly not how the concept forum works. You will find people won't jump at the chance to make a logo simply because you want them to. And I recall on one of your other threads when someone did post a concept, you responded rather critically and harshly. Undoubtably the logos are rather lacking. But a big element of design is inspiration. I rarely choose a team, and come up with a design or logo after. I usually have an idea for a logo first, if that makes sense. So basically what I'm saying is that if I try to make a design only knowing a name and team colors, it will probably be very lacking.
  6. I agree. Your work is absolutely top-notch, and beautifully rendered, but there are some reoccurring elements that I feel could be varied-- the aforementioned triangle crests, the half-silver wordmarks. Personally for the Monsters I think the circle used in the primary logo would look better than the triangle, even if you omitted the wordmark. For the primary logo, the moon looks too detailed. I feel you could reduce that to white and silver; you seem to be using many shades. But the concept is excellent. This series produces some of the most consistently great concepts I see on the boards.
  7. You should make the back claw much more prominent than you have had in previous versions. Look at that picture for reference. I feel that when you are adding colors/highlights, they are not really following the contours of the feathers. But this looks very good!
  8. In my opinion USC has a pretty weak identity. Their main logo is a simple interlocking SC monogram, and the Trojan logo, while it looks good on the helmet, doesn't seem to be used often on merchandise and isn't really iconic. It seems to sell a ton of merchandise, but I felt they could have a stronger identity. I've made the new primary logo, which is an update of this logo. I added shoulders and armor. I created a new monogram that I'm not sure about but I'll see what you guys think. The wordmark is an update of the one they use now. I also created some uniforms. It's become a bit of a cliche to use the cuff pattern I have used on the shoulders, but I think it looks really good. The facemask is yellow now, which I think is 100x better than grey. I changed the pants stripe from double to single, as I think it works more with the design. Honestly these are nothing mind-blowing and similar to many that people have done before, and after looking some up I've noticed that chestnutz' in particular is almost identical to my design. So, sorry for any similarities that there are but it was unintentional. All C+C is welcome.
  9. This is what I thought of:
  10. lolz. I'm sure they would have gone with your drawing. Relax buddy. I meant that the logo would be similar to what I did-- hence "mockup". Based on the past couple of logos, one can make a pretty reasonable guess about what things the logo might have included-- a state outline, stars, block and drop shadowed Roman Numerals, for example. As generic as the new logo is, the previous ones haven't exactly been revolutionary. I am going to assume that you haven't seen the past couple of logos. Every single thing you mentioned was not included in any of them (except for the state outline in the AZ super bowl.) Uhh, I don't think this is really an argument worth having, but I am going to assume you haven't seen the logos as well (even though I know that's a ridiculous and completely baseless statement). You having to qualify your statement seems to undermine your argument. And if Arizona, a state with an indistinct shape, makes a logo with its shape I would say its quite reasonable that Texas, which has a very famous shape, would use it in the logo. There are red and blue stars in all of the past five logos used in a similar manner to mine. And in XLIV, XLII, XLI, and XL's logos, block-drop shadow Roman numerals are used. So I'm not really sure what there is to be argued here. I know my mockup is not very good. It was done in thirty minutes in Inkscape. I did it out of boredom and then decided I'd add it here, seeing how there is about five pages of rage at the actual one. I thought I fit pretty well with the aesthetic of previous Super Bowls and I may have failed. But I feel your comments are unwarranted and rather condescending.
  11. lolz. I'm sure they would have gone with your drawing. Relax buddy. I meant that the logo would be similar to what I did-- hence "mockup". Based on the past couple of logos, one can make a pretty reasonable guess about what things the logo might have included-- a state outline, stars, block and drop shadowed Roman Numerals, for example. As generic as the new logo is, the previous ones haven't exactly been revolutionary.
  12. rentz

    NFL ProCombat

    I believe the original template had teal facemask as an example. The Bills are alright, you didn't need to shrink the numbers. The side panel and pant stripe do not match.
  13. Here's a quick mockup of what I think they would have gone with had they not standardized it. I tried to incorporate trends from recent logos.
  14. No, you have to keep the smile. It's one of the things that gives the logo character and not a cartoony or stereotypical "FIERCE INDIAN WARRIOR" look. It's looking better, just keep working on defining the facial characteristics more. Move the cheekbone shadow up some, and move the paint closer to the nose on the cheek.
  15. Don't you mean Roman numerals? Well, yeah, he said Roman and Arabic numerals. People tend to forget that our numbers (1234567890) are Arabic numerals.
  16. rentz

    Utah Jazz Re-Brand

    Awesome. Sax looks much better. I really love everything about this identity, the logos, colors, everything. If I could suggest one thing it would be maybe make the mountains a bit more detailed.
  17. rentz

    Utah Jazz Re-Brand

    This is awesome. I think it would work better if the sax was facing towards us though.
  18. This is just classic...
  19. That was during a preseason game last season. And man, that combo is just so much better than what they wear now.
  20. I think the problem here is that you are trying to depict two types of rays. You have the Miami Dolphin type rays on the outside and rays like the Arizona flag on the inside. I would either extend the interior rays to the edges, or just use one type. That way I think it may lose the poker chip resemblence. Overall, though, it's a great start! I like the tertiary but I think the bird is a bit geometric.
  21. I agree... and I'm in the minority but I think the Cardinals had the much better uniforms in that game.
  22. Big Mike, do a lot of people have that haircut in Alabama? I'm just asking because I recall, from the "Hoover High Football" TV show, that it seemed like everyone on the team had to have that sort of haircut haha. Anyway, because you're new to inkscape... it seems that you're adding a lot of nodes to your lines, which makes them choppy. If you can minimize the nodes, the curves will be much smoother. Also, I agree, the Bill Murray one is excellent in terms of using minimal shapes to convey the likeness. That's what I struggle with. Mine tend to be more illustrations than logos because I can render the likeness fairly well but then I have trouble taking it and making shapes that retain the likeness.
  23. One thing that has been bothering me is the highlight on the shark's tail. It just seems out of place and I think it would look better without it. Another thing I think you need to work on a bit is your outlines... for example, on the Bandits script the outline doesn't seem to follow the same curves as the script so the line weight isn't consistent. Great updates though.
  24. rentz

    Super Bowl XLIV Field

    Looks pretty good, but that Saints logo has like four outlines.
  25. I didn't realize "Moose" Davis commented here. He should start a league for white players to wear fundamental uniforms, which they like.